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About Huatian Precision laser Wuhan HTP Equipment Co.,Ltd. is a manufacturer of laser equipments based upon a number of key enabling industries. Consumer Electronics Packaging Industry Auto Parts Jewelries Textile & Leather Electronic Components Glass and Optical Units Medical Devices House Furnishings Hardware Consumer Electronics Packaging Industry .
Formed from leading established companies in these complementary industries, HTP Laser is a leading supplier of laser equipments to the world's major optical and processing manufacturers. The company has a great range of laser product series, laser engraver, including laser markers, laser cutters, laser welders, laser sub-surface engravers, and so on. They are widely applied in various industries, making manufacturing much simpler and more convenient. Further leveraging the combined skill sets over this broad range of manufacturing technologies is allowing the development of more complex devices, in turn enabling systems manufacturers to develop more advanced optical and organised systems.
神龙帝国76微变 Our main products:雄霸天下私服登陆器, Laser cutting machine, Laser welding machine, Laser marking machine.
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