Vengeance To The Royal Ones
219 Must I Spell It To You?
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Vengeance To The Royal Ones
Author :Llaellen
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219 Must I Spell It To You?

"Do you think he finally got it?" Amber asked as she and Ashton stood in the garden taking in the fresh morning air.

"If he still didn't then he is hopeless," Ashton replied.

Amber smiled.

The two of them runaway from the dining table when they noticed that the other two already built a bubble around them, forgetting that they still have companions.

"I'm really happy right now," she then said after a few moments of silence.

Ashton looked down at her and smiled, "I can see that."

She looked up and grinned, "I'm happy that they have their special someone beside them right now."

"I can see that."

"I'm happy that we can finally call each other family again."

Ashton smiled once again.

Her smile was contagious for she was smiling so happily, one of the happiest smile she had shown him.

She stepped closer and hugged him by the waist, "Thank you so much for being here Ash. For spending this time with me and I'm sorry that I have always been so willful."

He hugged her back, he didn't answer back for she already knew what he wants to say in return.

Amber smiled contentedly in his arms.

Everything have started falling to place.

She had reunited with her brothers.

Her brothers have their own other half.

There is only one thing left to do, bring down the Price Empire.

She pulled away upon remembering something, "I need to speak with them again."

Since they spent quite a while in here already, their talks would already be over as well.

"Do me a favor, set up a camera and a sit, there's something else I have to do."

Before he could respond she already run inside the house.


Ashton chuckled, she was calling them like a thug.


"You guys are too much, you should have just told me instead of going in a round about manner," Xander complained after the six of them are once again together in the living room.

Brunch was already being made by the maids in the kitchen.

"It is not our fault you are so slow in everything," Amber retorted as she and Ashton are busy setting up something in one side of the room.


"Anyway, Samantha, congratulations," Amber didn't look at Xander but instead congratulated Samantha.

"Congratulations, make sure you don't leave your child with the father," Timothy added.

Samantha laughed as she thanked them.

"Congratulations," Alissa added.

Samantha smiled and thanked her.

"Shouldn't you be congratu-"

"Enough with that. Let's get to business," Amber interrupted once again.

This time, Xander zipped his mouth and sulkily sat beside Samantha who ended up consoling him while suppressing her laughter.

"Why did you suddenly call for us anyway?" Timothy asked.

He and Alissa were still talking when Amber started shouting and calling all of them to the living room.

"You can go and continue your business tonight in your room, this is much more important," Amber retorted rolling her eyes at him.

"Amber!!" Alissa instantly exclaimed.

Amber grinned at her before winking, "Congratulations as well."

Alissa could only shake her head for this is Amber's real peculiarity.

"Anyway, back to business. I need the two of you to open all your online accounts, social or email. Make sure that the Empire would be able to contact you," she finally turned really serious and said looking at her brothers.

Xander and Timothy instantly frowned.

"Why should we still need to have them contact us? They did that to us," Xander said in agitation.

"Calm down. I need you to do it. I am currently sending them a warning," she answered back.


Amber took a deep breath, "Just do it, you'll understand in a bit."

They were hesitant but decided to do it anyway.

It didn't even took them thirty minutes after opening them, did Timothy receive a call from Harry Price.


His answer was bland.

"Tim?!? Thank goodness I finally got hold of you. How are you, it was already too late when we found out that you were kidnapped. What's more, it has to be a country under our jurisdiction!!"

His voice was filled with worry and agitation towards the kidnappers.

Amber couldn't help but to roll her eyes as she wore her wig and her contact lens.

Timothy didn't reply and just listened but he became confused at the reason why Amber was disguising herself as Nathalie.

Well, she was Nathalie in the first place so she really was not disguising herself.

But the color of her hair and eyes were different and was being used by Amber Wood, so she needs a disguise to become Nathalie.

Thinking more would just make him dizzy so he decided to just watch.

Amber sat down in the chair and started typing away in her laptop, her speed rendered Samantha and Xander speechless.

"Yes, we were saved," timothy finally answered as he tried his best not to shout at the person on the other side.

"We have heard it was a black haired brown eyes lady," Harry asked.

"News is fast, how did you know who saved us when no one in there knewabout what happened to us?" he replied.

Harry cleared his throat, "We… We of course sent people to save you upon finding out of what happened but we were too late and those we sent interrogated the ones who kidnapped you. That's how we found out."

"Hmmm, you waited two weeks before saving us I see," he answered.

"Understand, we were informed too late," Harry replied but veins were bulging in his forehead.

'This damn guy dare top answer to me in such a way. Who does he think he is?' he thought.

"Indeed you were informed late in a country under your jurisdiction. Don't worry both Xander and I completely understands."

"Let me speak with him," he heard another voice on the other side of the phone.

"Hello cousin? Please don't get mad at us, it was indeed true that the news came to us later," Glenn spoke.

"I see, yes we really understand," Timothy answered once again.

Glenn and Harry together with Clark Price are in the study room.

There are a few others like his mother who Amber no longer remember the name. And some of their relatives.

People she no longer took note of.

A big TV was there that was also connected to the computer in the room.

"And have you any idea who saved you? We heard it was a woman," Glenn finally asked.

The portrait was sent and they were trying their best not to think but somehow she indeed resemble the brothers.

That is the reason they were in a meeting.

Which also means that all those who are present are aware of what the father and son have done.

"We didn't recognize her face for she disappeared the moment we were far enough," Timothy replied.

"The kidnappers saw her face how come you didn't ?" Glenn asked.

Timothy scoffed, "I'm amazed you were so sure of what the kidnappers have said. Were you close?"

Glenn took a deep breath, he can't blow it up.

"I just want to thank the person who saved my dear cousins."

"I see that you have contacted them," just then a woman's voice came to the TV.

All who are present had their eyes bulging, the TV was turned on and a woman was sitting on the other side.

Her features are something no one would forget.

Her face resembled someone very much.

Someone they were all related to.

Clarissa Price.

"What's wrong?" Timothy asked upon hearing Amber's voice on the other side of the phone just as he heard her speak on this side.

"Y- Y- You really didn't know who saved you?" Glenn asked trying to mask his shock.

"I already told you everything was so fast that I didn't get the chance to see what she looks like. DO you know her?"

Understanding what Amber was planning he acted even more confused and unaware of what is going on.

Amber smiled, the same cold smile she always uses on her enemies.

"Stop trying to ask them, they have no idea I have come. But you on the other hand, must have not known that I am actually alive. Ah that's right you took the bodies after all," she spoke looking straight in the camera.

"What's going on?" Timothy acted that he could hear the voice on the other side of the phone.

Glenn instantly walked away from the TV, "We will contact you again. We really are glad you are safe. We shall send someone for you so send us where you currently are."

After that he hanged up.

Buying his act of not knowng who saved them.

"Who… are you?" Clark slowly stood up with complete shock in his eyes.

Amber could actually see their reaction for she had hacked through one CCTV camera of the room.

One is enough and no one would notice it, if she hacked too many, they would surely know.

Amber's smile widened, "I have given you my identity, must I spell it to you?"


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