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Tragic Hero System in Naruto World
Author :Fluffypie
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15 New Beginning


"Yuki Mitobiya! How dare you sleep in my class?!"

I slowly raised my head as a smile naturally crept up on my face. Once again, I am back in the familiar classroom. I secretly clench my fists under the desk in excitement. I can't wait to crush that-


"Yuki Mitobiya! How dare you ignore me?! And what is up with that silly grin?! Are you coming up with nasty pranks like Naruto?! You better not! Let me tell you, if you do..."

Standing beside me was Iruka with an angry face as he lectured on like before. Once again, my classmates lost interest in me not long after a glance. I could not help but feel disgruntled, but I swear this time around, I will change everything. Not only will I keep the attention of those that glanced over, I will also try my best to gain the attention of those who didn't pay attention at all.

My eyes flicked over to the shy Hinata that is still staring at Naruto. Maybe .... just maybe-

My thoughts were suddenly disrupted as my angel's face clouded my mind. My heart clenched as I remembered what she did for me in my last run.

Although I may be able to prevent past events since I have knowledge of them, but I had already resolved myself to get stronger. Staying in Ichiraku's unfortunately was not the way as the only way to get stronger was through experience on missions.

I could not help but wryly smile at the thought I had already planned to betray her so fast. Although I know that I no longer can stay by her side, I still can't forget her. *sigh* What happened to the playboy me who used to mess with all the girls I could get my hands on? Yush! I will at least try a bit, no one says that I can't have a har-


"KORAAA! YUKI MITOBIYA! It seems that you would rather space out than listen to me? Looks like I'll have to teach you what it means to disrespect Iruka-sensei!" Iruka stated with grim face as I could see him swinging his rolled up book over the palms of his hands.

Ya, no. Not this time. I don't even have to pretend this time because I have the best excuse now, my skill.

"*cough* Iruka-sensei, I was actually practicing my Chakra control," I shamelessly stated.

"Hoh? Practicing your Chakra Control? Well, did you make any progress?" Iruka asked as his lips twitched as if believing I was lying.

"Yes I did actually! Here, let me show you Iruka-sensei!" I stated loudly, trying to draw the attention of the class, and just as I hoped, those bored brats', even Shikamaru's, attention were focused my way.

Unfortunately, Hinata doesn't seem to pay any mind to me. Nor did the pink hair and blondie who disregarded me while stating that I can never be better than "Sasuke-kun". *sigh* Life is so unfair when you don't have a handsome face.

"Well? What are you spacing out for? Show me what you can do Mitobiya-kun," Iruku stated as he released a leaf on my desk while preparing his rolled up booklet to smack me if I failed.

Although I could show him clone jutsu and completely diss him, but that would be suspicious as we haven't even really been taught that yet. Although most in this class belonged to powerful clans that could teach them, I am only an orphan with no one to teach. So, although I needed to draw attention, I could only draw enough for me to gain a bit of support from the Hokage or at maybe one of these plot character's clans so that they won't be suspicious when I graduate with flying colors. There is a risk still as worst case scenario, I will draw Danzo's attention; however, I will be controlling the skills I showed so that I won't be 'outstanding' enough for that to happen.

I glanced over at the leaf in arrogance. Okay, maybe not. It's just a god dang leaf, what's the point in getting all worked up about it. I smiled as I began to absorb the Chakra in the air at a relatively decent pace. Then, I picked up the leaf, placed it on my forehead, and began to control my Chakra. Not long after, I removed my hands, revealing the leaf stuck to my forehead.

Silence descended into the classroom as I can see Iruka's hand, which was raised in order to hit me, frozen in the air while his mouth was twitching in disbelief. Not long after, sounds of amazement rang out from the classroom; however, I could hear faintly hear someone grunting a "Tsk" towards the front, but before I could look over, a loud voice disrupted me.

"Ohhh! Yuki! You can already control the so called chakra?! Please show me how to do it! Then, I'll show you! That I will become the greatest Hokage!" Naruto chanted as he dashed in front of my desk.

I could not help but be a bit surprised as this never happened in the past. Most of the time, Naruto would be bothering the rest, forgetting about me; however, it does make sense as I could be a 'new' rival for his attention. He probably wanted to learn how to gain attention, and as Sasuke ignores him, now he attempts to find me for help. Poor bloke, but alas, I can't really ignore him. He was my only friend and the savior of this world in the future. Plus, there are benefits to tagging along Naruto's trail.

"Fine, we can practice after classes together," I calmly stated.

"YEAAA! Don't worry Yuki! I will definitely show ya that I will be the greatest Hokage! Ya know it!" Naruto chanted in excitement as he attempted to dive over the table to tackle me for a hug, but with a resounding *SMACK*, he was knocked to the ground by Iruka.

"Naruto! Get back to your seat! Don't make a ruckus in class!" Iruka stated with a frown.

Naruto got up with his mouth twitching as if he wanted to retort, but decided against it as he bounced off to his seat. As I followed him with my eyes, I noticed that Hinata's eyes were flickering between his direction and mine. Oh boi, could it be that Hinata thinks that I am Naruto's friend and plans to get to know me in order to know more about Naruto? It can't be right?

"*Ahem*, it seems that Mitobiya-kun is truly practicing Chakra control. Very good, everyone should learn from him. I expect much from you in the future Mitobiya-kun," Iruka stated as he turned around to head back to the front of the room.

"So, I can sleep like him now?" Shikarmaru's voice muttered in the background causing Iruka to freeze in his track, but Iruka continued on as if he heard nothing.

After class was dismissed, I saw Iruka stroll off towards the Hokage's office. I believe it would be to report my endeavors as it would truly be a surprising find if an orphan, that had no one to teach, had fairly decent Chakra control not long after starting the school's Chakra curriculum.

My goal was achieved, so I grinned secretly as I strolled off; however, my short moment of giddiness was dispelled by an excited orange blur.

"Yuki! Yuki! Naruto Uzumaki is ready to show y-"

"Yes, yes! I get it! No need to tell me again. *sigh*," I could not help but sigh at the annoyance that I picked up, but it is one of the steps that I need to take to get stronger faster.

At least for now, I get the plus of 'eventual chance encounter' with the shy girl hidden behind the trees.

"Yusha! Let's go!" Naruto hollered as he fist pumped into the air.

*sigh* Now, I have to think of some way to teach this stubborn future hero of the ninja world with my measly abilities. Hopefully nothing goes wrong.


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