The Real Monster
94 Physical Laws only Bind Mortals
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The Real Monster
Author :vOnKreigerXXV
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94 Physical Laws only Bind Mortals

The laws of physics were what kept the whole universe in place. This was what was believed by many scientists on Earth.

However, what if these laws were only created to help the mortals live easier? Like training wheels that had to be put in place so that toddlers know how to ride a bike.

This was how Agni explained to me the concept of being bound not by Physical Laws.

He explained to me that these binds were not applicable to them and potentially me as I ascend later to become a full pledged Spirit.

He says that achieving this would take me at least a hundred years to just take the first step. Looking forward, he estimated that with my talent, it would at least take 2 thousand years for me to fully become a Spirit in the process called Disincarnating.

Disincarnating was the process of how a mortal who has ascended discards his physical body to be fully cut off from the physical bounds of Physics.

That was why ascending once introduced us to having a spiritual body transformation. Transforming into the spirit body would tire us out normally, but in my case, my soul became the container for my reactor skills which granted me unlimited energy if my capacity meets the requirement for an action.

In the second ascension that he taught me, I would have to discard my mortal body and do away with it. In its place would be my Full Spirit Transformation which is called Disincarnating.

Having no mortal body, enables me to harness my full soul potential through the Stats that I have accumulated over the past years. I had to start my training immediately after the fight. In fact, I begged my master to teach me hastily.

Agni became my first and real master in the arts of using my power. Since I also have disciples of my own, if I consider them as such, Isaac, Caltec, Jon and Mor should also be able to learn from me when I revisit them.

"You have to start by forgetting every burden you have in your heart and mind. Releasing them from your self is hard and almost impossible, but this is only the first step. Being unable to get past this would get you nowhere at all.

"Once you start, I will not visit you until you, yourself come to me. Meaning, do not come to me unless you have already discarded your burdens of the past. You hear?"

Agni was strict, but as he said, it was necessary to take this step for me to proceed with the rest. Just like with the first ascension. It was a test of whether you were willing to sacrifice your hard-earned stats to ascend into a bigger stage. And I passed it since I did not know anything about the stakes. I hope my subordinates also did not stop their training.

"I'll leave you to it now. Start meditating." Agni slapped my back.

I was in my spirit form right now as in this form, I felt that being washed by the Spiritual energy was better and smoother. In fact, my stats continued to rise to unprecedented levels when it reached the Trillions. And even with this, I still could not beat Agni. Just shows how powerful they are as Spirit Kings.

I might have overestimated myself when facing them after all.

After Agni left me alone in an open spot with flames going up and down, I started my training. He said I would take 2 thousand years to finish this process, but the first step is to discard my burdens and memories that I am carrying.

"He must mean I need to put this burden off myself, instead of always carrying it. It may be good to carry it to give myself motivation but if I were to move forward and achieve greater heights it becomes a burden."

Damn. Do I have to convince myself to release the memory of Ryan dying? Giselle?

"Fuck! This is not merely hard, this is impossible! Agni really was not lying! Fuck!"

Throwing a tantrum alone on the spot may make me look like a child, but damn man! Releasing this burden… I cannot even begin to call them burden!

"I can't do this!!"

I shouted and flopped back onto the floor sitting in place with my legs open far apart. I close my eyes and start to meditate.


A year later.

I've been meditating and struggling for a year now.

"I've not even gotten close to releasing my family and friend's memories and how I feel about them as I abandoned them. I just cannot. If I do, I feel as if my existence is unjustified!"

5 years going forward.



I keep calling my master for help, but he never comes. It's like he ignores me deliberately. I don't know if this is him encouraging me to forge on, or him giving up on me.

10 years passed.

I have tried everything I can that is available to me, meditating and releasing them, but every time their faces turn up in my mind, I start to tear up and my concentration and resolve is shaken badly. I still do not have the guts to forgive myself. If only I could talk to them.

A hundred years, two hundred, five and then a thousand years. Time seemed to pass faster than the speed of light and then, my Master came to me without warning.

"You're still not ready. Come on. Let's fight and loosen yourself a bit. Sitting there for a millennium hadn't helped you in the least bit." Without warning, he punched out.

I was too muddled for sitting on the same spot and crying continuously for the last millennia. I wanted to so badly turn back time and save them in advance, but something tells me that if I did that, I'd only make a copy of them in time's flow and the main flow of time would go on without minding the split timeline.

Struggling with this for the past millennium wasn't easy. I had the power to do this. The capability to snap my fingers and be brought back to a time before Safir attacked in anger. I could but the feeling of strongly regretting the result and consequence of my action still weighs on me.

I received my master's punch squarely. However, even his punch now felt only ticklish instead of painful. I don't know when, but my spirit body has been fully washed and has purely become Spirit Energized.

This did not mean that I have already become a pure Spirit Body, in fact, I can still transform into my physical body.

What this meant was that my spirit body had become unadulterated by magic energy, miasma, fusion, fission, and solar energies. Instead only having spirit energy circulating in it. However, if I transform back to my mortal form, my body would then again be a mishmash of energies that I have absorbed through the course of time.

I was naturally blown into the horizon and a new horizon set before me as I stopped myself from being dragged by the force of master's punch.

"Here's another one!" Master appeared once again in a blink of an eye and sent another punch. This time it was to my face.

Instinctively, I covered my face to guard, that's when master's voice yet again resounded.

"Of course, it's impossible for you to separate yourself from your humanity. However, that is the only way to achieve a greater height both in power and in existence.

"Don't let the laws of Physics dictate your outcome. Let the laws of physics bow down to you instead!"


The crisp sound of my master's punch and my guarding arm resounded. Before they collided though, hearing my master's words, I thought, "Physics should bow down to me. Being blown away is a physics phenomenon. A transferring of force through momentum, from the punch to hitting the target. If I bend physics to my will, then that should make it so that any force acted against me to become null."


The sound of master's breath resounded in front of me. This time, I wasn't blown away and instead stood in place. Master is right. Physics binds only mortals. I'm no ordinary mortal!

Clenching my fists, I sent the return package to master. Punching out.

However, I realized, if I punch him, then this is still me just using physics to dish out a cause and effect situation with him.

I put as much spiritual energy into my punch, and I saw master's face twitch. I see. This was the right answer!


Another crisp sound resounded, and master had to guard against my punch. Seeing his guarding stance, it seems I have succeeded in making him defend himself.

"Not bad. Continue to meditate on this instead of you moping century after century. It's depressing.

"It's not a problem of your memories, but a problem of you forgiving yourself. I know you must have felt devastated and the guilt and shame of whatever you've done is weighing on you. However, blaming yourself for something out of your control is childish.

"Instead, work harder in order to achieve what you could not in the past. Surpass yourself and you will find that not even failure, guilt, shame and a lot of negative emotions affect you. Instead, they will make you stronger.

"Mistakes are inevitable when you're weak and vulnerable, however, even us Spirits are not exempt to mistakes that we make.

"Don't be conceited in thinking that you alone are able to shoulder the world. You're not a god, and even gods are imperfect beings. They have flaws that sometimes cost the lives of billions of innocent lives.

"Forgive yourself. And swear to never let that happen again for the same reason. That's the only way for you to release your burdens.

"Remember. You are not perfect. You are but a chick in the game of life."

Instantly, master disappeared without warning. What he left me though, are words that was worth meditating about. So, I descended from the air and sat on the ground, meditating again.

"That's right. I make mistakes and I am guilty of abandoning my family and friends to their fate. I was responsible for them. I could not fulfill my promise to protect them.

"I am scum who cannot follow through my own promises.

"However, I have to remember. I must remember what happened at that moment.


Safir's attack came and I intercepted it.

"I was blocking it in hopes of giving at least my son to notice what was happening and Teleport with his mother away from Claiomh, however, I could only last a second before I would have disintegrated. Without my interception, that bastard's attack went unhindered and killed everyone.

"I remember. I remember why I decided to let go. I remember! It was for a chance to avenge them and settle the books with that god bastard in the future. No matter how long it takes!

"It's not my fault they died, it's Safir's fault for being malicious against me. My family and friends became collateral damage for no reason other than being connected to me.

"That bastard must suffer!"

My anger and resentment all came back and the grief and guilt I felt disappeared altogether. What remained was anger and the goal to achieve no matter how long it takes. I will come back and settle things with Safir, that bastard!


Overpower was released along with my outcry. The Spirit Realm was shaken by the huge amount of killing intent and intense feeling of fury and hate. To the Spirits who were sensitive to emotions, they felt my anger and hatred, they also slowly turned hostile, influenced by this flood of negative intense emotion.

"I see. You've released yourself from the burden and instead found your real goal.

"I think you are ready to undergo Disincarnating. Calm yourself first before you turn the lesser spirits into berserkers."

I heard master's voice telling me to calm down and snappily turned my line of sight towards him. I saw him, but my mind was still processing the anger and hatred I felt.

Unfortunately, I couldn't control myself well in that situation and so,


I lunged towards Master and punched out with the full force of my spiritual energy.

"What a helpless fool. Let met teach you another lesson then."




Three strikes to the head, chest, and lower abdomen landed on me via a movement I couldn't follow even with my high perception.

My knees gave out and my Overpower slowly dissipated. In turn, I returned to my normal self.

"I'm sorry master. I couldn't control my anger." I apologized to master while I has kneeling on the ground.

"No shit! You must control that fire in your heart if you are to be a flame god or whatever. Our symbol, Fire, is something that rages on and consumes everything. And so, if our tempers are not under control, we run the risk of becoming calamities instead of deities.

"I did not take you in as disciple to release you into the Celestial Realm to wreak havoc. I want you to fulfill something that I have not been able to fulfill.

"Become a Fire Deity that surpasses even the greatest of them all. The gods are only celestials. I need you to reach the pinnacle and step into the Eternals realm.

"I put my hopes in you. Now ready yourself. I shall prepare you for your Celestial Ascension. After only a thousand or so years, you have realized what you should let go and the goal you should fulfill. If you are unable to fulfill that goal, you will never reach the Eternals."

Master said. It seems I still have a lot to learn. Master himself have been stuck in this stage for who knows how long already. He has entrusted me with his dreams and aspirations. I shall fulfill my goals and then try to fulfill his as well.

"I will start now. Once you undergo this process, the gates of the Celestial will be opened. This Spirit Realm is separate from the flow of Time and Space and so we are not affected by it. Even spending millions of years here will not affect anything. Same with the Celestial Realm and Eternal Realm. We are not affected by the laws of Physics and beyond.

"We have our own rules to follow. You've only just begun on the journey to becoming an Eternal. Mortality does not apply to you anymore.

"When you first ascended, that was the first step to entering the road to becoming all powerful.

"There are levels of the Ascended. They are called stages.

"You are currently at the peak of Ascension. I don't know your circumstance when you ascended but since you could achieve entering the peak of Ascension only at a thousand or so years, that is already considered fast. There are those who are fortunate enough to Ascend without proper strength and foundation.

"You on the other hand had foundation that could be said to be at the peak of mortality.

"What you did here, absorbing the spiritual energies in the Spiritual Realm and seemingly washing yourself with it to purify your spirit body is unprecedented.

"Normally, one has to train and meditate to even begin to absorb and circulate Spiritual energy. But you only took a single day to get accustomed to it and even started to absorb it immediately.

"You have an advantage against everyone here. Even us Kings had to absorb spiritual energy slowly to consolidate it inside us, instead of just borrowing it from the Spirit Realm.

"Once you become a celestial, you will know that your advantage is a great boon.

"Well then, let us proceed with your ascension. When it is done, you will know just how weak you are as an ascended even at the peak."

Master's monologue was too long but I listened to it and remembered everything that he said. They are surely lessons that I need in order to thrive in the celestial realm.

It was then that master did a ceremony. It was a ceremony that enclosed me inside a dome of energy. I do not know when but there were a lot of spirits that came here to watch this happening.

Even the other Spirit Kings came.

I could only entrust myself to master's hands. When I awaken, I'm sure I'd have become some sort of deity right?

That was what I thought then… if only I knew and listened properly instead of becoming excited over something of the future.


The Ascension Ceremony was initiated by Agni, he performed this ritual to make Clay ascend into a real Spirit instead of just Ascending into another hybrid. A lower evolutionary path for ascension.

Agni knew that Clay took the form of a Sun deity when he ascended because he did not know anything. But his powers clearly were not for a Sun deity but for a World Eater.

900 or so years before the ceremony. In one of the meetings that the Spirit Kings held regularly.

"Hey, you guys have seen that kid, Agni took in right?" The Spirit King of Light asked Syl and Frost.

"Hmm? Yea. What's up?" Syl answered, confused about what the fuss this Spirit King of Light, Luca was going to stir up.

"Like, have you noticed his affinity then? He's not supposed to be purely Fire element but ALL element. So why is his spirit body like that of the Fire affinity spirits?"

"Oi Agni, this one's yours!" Frost was annoyed at being asked this. He also did not know the answer. After all, he hadn't come into close contact with Clay.

"He's not Fire affiliated. In fact, his affinity doesn't correlate with what we currently know to be the norm. He looks like a Fire spirit, but I sensed, not Fire from him but a more primitive power.

"He once mentioned that he was a Sun god. A lesser one, he added. But we all know there are no Sun gods. There are only elements to be associated with us. Gods are in the Celestial Realm and even they normally don't get associated with heavenly bodies like stars and whatever.

"But this primal power that he has grants him the ability to absorb energies not accustomed to himself and store it within him. A total waste, I know, but he has that ability.

"Plus, I felt that even if he was shattered into a million pieces, he would restructure himself without any help.

"Now, tell me, who among us or even those Celestials we know that are able to do this?

"In a way, we may be seeing the birth of a monster that would eat everything that he came upon on.

"Thus, I recalled the myth of the World Eater. You know how it goes right?" Agni stopped talking there and let the others complete the story of the myth.

"Of course, we do. The myth tells of an individual who once dominated the entire universe and all Realms of existence. He was able to achieve this through the power of regenerative ability and his ability to "eat" anything that he came across. Including the gods and even the eternals. Myth tells that he is resting in the Black Hole that recreated the universe from scratch.

"To this day, he is swallowing star after star, reducing them to energy and elementary particles to maintain balance in this new recreated universe. Gods and Eternals that venture close to the mouth of the World Eater will never be able to escape. After all, they are balls of pure energy."

"Yes. We know of the myth, but do you really think he is the second coming of that cosmic entity?"

"I don't know. Only time would tell. But I want to guide him at least to not become a mindless eater. Have you seen the rate at which he absorbs energy? The spiritual energy in this Realm is pretty much inexhaustible, yet he managed to almost draw everything to himself. The good thing was he always releases some of the energy he uses to wash himself with.

Agni took it upon himself to explain his plan. Because if Clay was what he suspected he was, then at least he may be able to teach him to at least spare the Spirits from catastrophe.

"I disagree with letting him ascend. If he is what we think he is, then that's too dangerous and reckless!

"He's here now, we should just end him while we still can!" Said the Spirit King of Dark, Abyss. He was cautionary and decisive when it came to the safety of the Spirit Realm. After all, he was one of the Oldest Spirit Kings in existence.

"Have you lost your mind? Do you know how much power he even holds at this very moment? He may not beat us in a battle, but if he so wished to absorb Spiritual energy to the barest, would we survive? If he becomes desperate, do you know what he would do?

"Let other entities deal with him that way, so that his resentment is directed to them, but not us. We are too low on the power structure to even defend ourselves.

"I hear he was attacked by a god. If he survived even a god's attack, how do you think you'll fare? If he escapes? Will you take responsibility for dooming us all?"

Agni's flames seemed to flare up as he spoke. Horror as his picture. The others understood where he was coming from.

"You all don't be foolish. Let's employ him instead as our helper in times of need. If he becomes our backer in the higher Realms, what would that mean? You can only imagine!" He finished speaking up to this point and no longer discussed matters concerning Clay.

The others understood his intention and kept away from the topic.

In Agni's mind, he had to make Clay ascend into any other spirit than a mindless greedy eater. This all came to fruition the moment Clay became ready to ascend. Now was the time.


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