The Real Monster
88 Celebrating Four Years“ Worth of Birthdays
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The Real Monster
Author :vOnKreigerXXV
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88 Celebrating Four Years“ Worth of Birthdays

It was the 8th month of the 4th year that Clay and Ryan had started their travel. No one else knew about their adventure in another world.

It was the usual for the people that Clay had left behind in Claiomh. Even the transfer gates have successfully been installed on both kingdom's territories for the public to venture into Claiomh and visit. Merchants were required to pay a toll for using the gates however, that was something that merchants did not even complain about compared to the safety of their travels from one kingdom to the next.

Two years ago, the former emperor of the human realms had visited Claiomh and proclaimed the greatest news in history for the human realm empire. The emperor left the throne and abdicated the crown to offer it to Clay. They arrived quickly and announced such a great news even more quickly than that. So, the news of Lord Clay becoming the sole emperor of the whole Human Realm resounded in the realm, including the neighboring realms.

The emperor's announcement took the city of Claiomh by surprise, however, their surprise only turned into pride for their glorious leader and Lord, Clay. They announced that date to be a Realm-Wide holiday celebrating their Lord Clay, headed by Isaac and the rest of his direct subordinates.

When the Emperor also heard of the transfer gates, he was so fascinated by it that he requested for Isaac and Giselle to also connect the former Imperial capital with the one in Claiomh as well. Isaac had been against it at first, however, the need to delegate people to manage the kingdoms under the Empire. Starting a year ago, Isaac had finished training ministers to better manage the territories and helped them progress into a better kingdom. The nobility was slowly given new titles and trained according to their strengths. The nobility was given offices in the city hall where their capital city was located. This ensured that whatever projects the city hall wanted to do; they would obey. They needed no persuasion other than that Lord Clay may see their kingdom as useless and cannot be controlled thus, deciding to destroy it instead.

With Clay's power and prestige being used as threats and motivation, the empire slowly adapted Isaac's reformation according to Clay's ideas that he gave to Isaac.

Military training remained a secret to other kingdoms. The only exception that Clay had given permission to train were the Night Prowlers who had overseen protecting the kingdom of Giselle.

Also, effectively, Giselle became the Imperial Queen of the whole Empire, however, her voice was not powerful enough to sway anyone to follow her whims. And she understood this, so she kept her paws off the imperial throne and instead focused on the Kingdom of Acadria.

The Imperial Capital of Claiomh Solais, better known as Claiomh, was further expanded. Although the difference in the materials used for the expansion can easily be caught by the eyes, it was still something to marvel about. The Dungeon at one of the faces of the Impassable Mountain Range became one of the most profitable sources of income for the Capital. They named it the Hydra's Lair to lure more adventurers and mercenaries as well as miners and archeologists. The Dungeon also expanded downwards, still with the Hydra being the last being and boss that visitors can visit. Of course, no one was foolish enough to challenge the Hydra without proper investigation. Some adventurers faced the Hydra as well, but they all left with fewer numbers and lower heads than when they came.

The capital city also expanded upwards towards Moribor and the rest of the expansion focused on the mines on Moribor itself.

Guilds had built themselves up in this place and the city had become bustling to the extent that when there's market day, the town square was always packed full of people, bargaining and hawking their products. Cultural guilds like the Archeology Guilds focused more on discovering new ruins in the Impassable Mountain Range which was now a place that posed challenges to adventurers, mercenaries and archeologists alike. Most of those that venture that way, hire the city guards to guide them. There would usually be one or two guards to accompany them to repel any unusually dangerous monsters.

Isaac had the busiest schedule but when it came to training, their diligence could not be toppled. Caltec Jon and Mor took care of the new recruits that join their ranks from the 3's families young.

The selling of the potions that Jora and his fellow apprentice had been one of the pillarsof support for the capital, however, they stopped selling too much and focused on their training since Isaac told them that training was more important for them now, instead of selling. Since, the capital already had the dungeon to generate income. Jora followed this advice and further leveled up in alchemy. The same happened to Myles and his fellow apprentices. His Fire magic further advanced since they last went in a party. His fellow apprentices also gained a lot of insight and leveled up in their Elementalist skills.

Occasionally, Isaac, Caltec, Jon and Mor would spar at the peak of Moribor and generate enough force and speed to break the sound barrier creating thundering sounds and making the whole city tremble. Those who were not part of Clay's original families he took in, will always be surprised and scared by this, however, to them who were used to these thunderous claps did not mind it even one bit.

Slowly, Isaac had planned with Giselle to connect every Kingdom in the Empire with a transfer gate using the Rift Spell's concept to connect the whole Kingdom into one cohesive unit. This way, the hassle of information sharing, and production lines become easier and abundant. Isaac already put this into motion and currently, there are 15 kingdoms that are already connected out of the 50 kingdoms under the Empire.

Magic fueled vehicles also replaced horse-dragged carriages and carts. Although still crude, vestiges of cars on earth and motor bikes littered the streets of the Imperial Capital. The former Emperor also worked for the city hall in the former Imperial Capital as well to this day. He was the most avid fan of these magic fueled vehicles.


In the room where Clay remembered his room was located.

Clay and Ryan appeared out of thin air and landed on the floor. Clay stood straight and composed. Ryan though was under Clay's arms, bringing him like luggage.

"Father… put me down please." Ryan begged and Clay noticed the position that his son had been in and put him down gently right after.

"Son, you should remember where we are right? You already have the mind of an old man, so I guess that'll make things easier for us to get along. With that said, your mother should be excited to see you. I'll call for her immediately. In the meantime, you can go around and explore the city on your own." Clay gave Ryan his freedom to explore the moment they got back. Ryan agreed and left the room, surprising the family servants who maintained the palace.

News of Clay's arrival had the servants all riled up and excited. Even the City Hall was not spared from the excitement and even announced Clay and Ryan's return home. Putting up a banner in the skies of the city declaring the "Emperor has Returned!" through projection magic tools and technology they've developed.

The four retainers having heard the news firsthand immediately sprung up and dropped everything they did, no matter the import and went to report to Clay. By now, they've learned not to kneel in front of Clay and just slightly bowed their head to show reverence. Although they couldn't hide the urge to kneel in their body language.

"How've you all been? I reckon you've at least done your assignment while I was gone." Clay chuckled. He could feel the Hydra at the bottom of the dungeon, being fought by raiding parties of mercenaries and adventurers.

"We– ""Sire– ""Lord– ""My– "

All four of them spoke in unison and wanted to be the first to answer but was stopped when Clay held his hand to signal them to stop and spoke again before they could continue, "Sunshine, come and show yourself. I need you to tell Giselle that we're back and that she needs to see her son."

"My Lord! I shall deliver the message pronto." Sunshine appeared out of nowhere from the shadows inside the room and spoke in confirmation before again blending with the shadows and disappearing. No one in the room reacted to him appearing and disappearing like that. They all knew he was there the moment he entered the room. There was no use in acknowledging a shadow.

"Good. Now Jon, tell me how you guys defeated it the first time? I know you've tried many ways to beat it. I want to hear how you manage to beat it without totally obliterating it and wasting the great materials it had on itself." Clay spoke with the assumption that they'd have done their best to find other ways to beat it after they first were able to defeat the Hydra. It was not something unexpected as of course, they had to share these methods minimally to others like the adventurers and mercenary guilds inside the City to make sure that no one faces it and perishes after foolishly going inside, guns blazing without a plan. That was the business plan that they've already devised long before Clay left for the Demon Realm and Evernight.

"Lord Clay this is how we started it off…" So, Jon recounted their adventure with Jora and Myles as support. It was later that Myles and Jora found their own purpose in the party. Myles and his fire magic were able to singlehandedly defeat the Hydra in their 97th run each time the Hydra respawned. Jon and Mor on their 56th run and Isaac on their 2nd run. Caltec himself also succeeded in defeating the Hydra by plunging into a hole in its body that Caltec had dug through his fists and brutally took its heart out ending its life.

"I see. That's great then. How's your training? I think it's time that you step up your game and gain more experience by traveling the world and bringing it to my knees. So, your training shall be intensified for the duration that I am staying here this time. Get ready, we're going to the peak of Moribor."

With that declaration, the four of them paled and started to shiver. They felt it the moment they saw Clay, however, when he said their already intense and crazy training was to be put a step higher, they finally admitted… Their Lord had changed, stronger and even more dangerous. However, to them this was good news. And the latter part of his declaration implied that they will be assigned and scattered throughout Alleucanth to conquer other realms and form treaties with Claiomh.

"We live to serve!" Unified in their agreement. They stood erect and saw Clay's face as he smiled at them brightly. The Hell they just learned to get used to, was after all just the entrance to it.


Ryan went out of the room and immediately he found people. He remembered that some of them were people who took care of him during his infancy. Although right now, he still is a toddler, he knew he had grown. He bowed his head to them slightly to acknowledge them and they were all frozen stiff on the spot.

He knew the reason for it but did not care. They were reverent towards him and the one they worship as a god, his father. He knew that his father was something even he could not explain what is.

Ryan went out of the Palace and into the streets towards the City square. He had to first pass the City Hall where all the transactions pertaining the country and the governance of Claiomh Solais was centered. Once he passed there, he saw the banner that they hung up in the skies saying the "Emperor has Returned!" and chuckled.

It seems that these people really worship father like a god.

"I wonder when Father plans to unify the whole world under his rule. Will peace be maintained well by then? If it's father I feel that he'd be able to without doubt. It feels weird to have faith in someone else other than myself."

In deep thought, Ryan explored the guilds like the Craftsman guild, the Cultural Arts guild, the Business guild, the Adventurer's guild and even the Mercenary guild. After visiting those, he visited the Museum and the Auction house plus the Theatre that's been established after they left. He also visited the Arena and training area of the soldiers and guards of the whole City.

While there, he was invited by soldiers to train with them, knowing who he was. He wondered how they knew him without him identifying himself to them, however, one of the residents told him, "It's your hair. Your mother has the same color and it's unique in Claiomh. No one dares to dye their hair in that color for fear of the Lord's wrath even as reverence to the queen."

Knowing this, he held an expression of a curious child getting the answer for his curiosity. He gave thanks to the citizen and left the place. After hours of just wandering around, Clay came to him secretly and used telepathy to tell him they should go home. After all, if Clay stayed too long and showed himself to the public, some of them may kneel in front of him making him feel awkward.

Returning to Clay's room.

"How was the city? Do you think you can rule them well and lead them?"

"Rule and Lead? Aren't I too young for that father?"

"Too young? No son, you're old enough as it is, both mentally and soul based. Right?"

"Well yea, but wouldn't the people think I'm too young to rule?"

"I know you'll do well with it. Plus, who would dare to oppose this anyway? I'm the overlord of the human realm anyway. Plus, when you grow powerful through time, you'll also feel that worrying about other people's opinions is a waste of time and something that only politicians should worry about. Ruling isn't about being political, it's about fear and respect towards you, while leading only needs to be done for your direct subordinates. That's why I want you to go around the world with Isaac to expand your network and find yourself good subordinates for yourself.

"When I'm gone, and I will eventually, you'll have to lead your people into the future. That's something that needs a powerful person to manage. I need you to be that powerful person. Besides, even when I'm gone, I'll probably still help out in some way or another."

Ryan gave what Clay said a long thought and went silent. Then while Ryan was in deep thought, a rift opened inside the room and Clay welcomed the woman who came out of it.

"Giselle, you're back. We're home."

She ran towards Clay and spread her arms open to give him a hug… that is, Ryan.

Clay smirked awkwardly but his poker face was great, so he was fine.

"My son! You're back finally! How are you? How have you been? Has your father taken care of you? You must have been lonely without me, right?"

Giselle was full-blown mother-to-son mode. She was touching him all over which made Ryan awkward but did not reject her care. He just stood there and smiled awkwardly as well. They even stared at each other, Ryan and Clay while seeing the awkward smiles they had on their faces.

Giselle bombarded Ryan with questions and finally remembered that just in a few days, Ryan's fifth birthday would come. And then she turned to Clay and said, "You've taken him away for four years, now he's turning five years old! We must celebrate our son's birthday! Something grand and glorious!" Giselle went on and on about the birthday party that she already decided without receiving Clay's input in the matter.

In the end, Clay let her be and told her to bring Ryan out and spend time with him to plan and catch up. While Clay laid on his bed and closed his eyes to sleep. Later that night, Clay disappeared in a huge magic energy ripple that even Giselle and the low-rank and less powerful Elementalists felt. Ryan knew what kind of spell it was that needed that kind of amount of mana, so he just nodded and distracted Giselle with the plans for his birthday and stories about their adventure.

With Ryan and Clay back, the whole Empire celebrated with them and even sent replies about attending the birthday celebration of Ryan. For his first birthday celebration.

Clay on the other hand, returned to Evernight and concluded his deal with the Lich god, asked about methods to ascend to godhood and other secrets. Then fulfilled his deal with Elkanor as well as gave the humans of Evernight another chance at Liberation through a little arrangement with the Lich god. The undead would lessen their territory and allow the humans to rebuild and then they would try to coexist with each other through waging wars and skirmishes all over. Not really intending to win or to annihilate any one side.

The humans though, did not know of this deal. It would come to pass that the world of Evernight's humans reestablished themselves and fought back the undead to successfully expand their territory and defend it for generations through the use of the artifacts that led their race to victories after victories against the most powerful undead.

The legend of Clay and the son were written in human history books as something that inspired the new generation to continue to keep fighting.


A few days later, Clay came back silently and waited for Ryan to come get him for his birthday party in his room. Giselle had not even visited Clay for the whole duration from when they came back until Clay went away and got back. She gave all her attention to her son.

On the night before the birthday party was to be held, Giselle had finally returned to the master's bedroom where Clay alone slept. The queen and the King, or in this case the Emperor's chambers were separated. However tonight, Giselle went to Clay to report on the movements in Alleucanth or at least the known world through her team Bronte. Gran had been assigned with An, a member of the Night Prowlers along with a couple more of their members to travel the known world for these past years to gather intelligence. They had one Space Magician who enabled them to report periodically.

Bronte's intelligence gathering spanned throughout the Demon Realm towards the Dragonkin Empire and even the Dodecagon Beast Prairie beyond that was the Mythical Land of Fairies and Elves, however, crossing the Sea of Perpetual Death, continues to prove impossible even until today for them.

"My Lord, Bronte had gathered intelligence about the threat that the other Realms feel in the unification of the Human Realm as a singular Empire. Especially since the former Empire had given it up to you to inherit without a fight and so there were close to no casualties in the turnover.

"Bronte gathered that the Demon Realm whose territory is adjacent to ours strongly feels this threat and finally could not keep swallowing their pride and summoned the Hero set for them, by their patron god.

"They gathered that even the Dragonkin Empire also feels the threat but has even until now, stayed their hands in using the precious saving move that their god had granted them.

"If they all start to bring out their aces and start a war with us, even with the years that already passed, the stability of the Empire is still shaky. I want to use this Birthday Celebration for Ryan, to establish the fear and respect they should give to the Emperor and his rule, that is, you.

"I know this is against our agreement of you staying away from bothersome things, however, internal struggles are what always ruins a kingdom, even a great empire such as yours. Please consider helping us. If not for the people and for me, then please, do it for Ryan."

Giselle laid down her request straight after reporting the worries she had against the Demon Realm's Hero. It was only reasonable for her to think of the threat of another hero as she has seen Clay's capabilities firsthand.

Clay listened to all of it and was in deep thought.

"I am already in a different plane of existence than other Heroes. They shouldn't pose any threat to me, however, it's a different story for the people of Claiomh. Should I again neglect them and let them fight for themselves, I'm sure they will perish. I cannot have a repeat of Evernight and the army I raised there dying in vain, the price they paid because of my arrogance and carelessness.

"I do not wish to abuse my power nor use it without knowing the full extent of it, for fear of it going out of control. However, if I don't use it and someone else pays the price for my hesitation again, how will I live with myself.

"My powers have stopped growing since I came back, and I know the reason for this is because I have yet to visit Apollo's Lair and bask in the energies that my body can absorb there to enhance myself further.

"I have seen the dejection Ryan, my son, had on his face when I told him we failed. He must blame me for not doing anything to save them. Even I am blaming myself for it. I want to gather power so that it stays contained within me, and never use it for anything other than living a life that needs no worries.

"However, it seems that even as a god, one cannot escape the responsibilities of having great power. Damn. I hate you Uncle Ben." In deep thought, Clay wrestled with himself. Hearing that a threat that could rival him may possibly come to face him anytime of any day got to him and it got to him good.

Clay's eyes refocused and there he saw Giselle's attractive figure. Her cleavage through that negligée that was almost transparent that aimed to provoke the imagination of wild beasts such as Clay. Her rose pink hair that he's become very familiar with through the years that Clay had carried Ryan in his arms with, swayed as the night breeze entered the room as if a playful cupid was blowing wind just to create this gorgeous effect. Her hips were wrapped around tightly by the negligée she wore, the slit in between the legs that gave a peek towards those glorious thighs and whatever was in between them. This sight if seen by other men would drive them crazy and if this were a strip club, their money would be gone after the first throw, for that sight truly was heavenly.

Of course, Clay was no ordinary man. He stopped knowing Giselle the moment they had Ryan, for fear that his strength would go out of control as they did it in the middle of the night. Tonight however, even as he was no ordinary man, his desires were awakened after years of neglect in this aspect. Like a man in the desert, so parched that even a drop of water would enliven him. Now imagine that man, in front of him lay an oasis. Many can imagine what would happen.

Clay without warning, slowly put his palm on Giselle's face and caressed it. He looked straight into her eyes and communed with her. It was as if he was asking for permission to proceed without speaking it. And Giselle responded with her pale face, that was full of worry just then, to turn pinkish all the way to blushing red. That was the answer Clay waited for.

Without further ado, Clay kissed Giselle passionately, all while casting multiple layers of protection, strengthening, reinforcement, enhancement and even barrier magic directly on Giselle's body. Giselle was unaware of this care that she had been given as she enjoyed the sensations that flooded her from the lips to the back of her hair and her skull that was tingling from her hair being pulled down by Clay to further enhance the experience.

While Clay kissed her and held her hair down, his other hand was busy doing another thing which stimulated the very core of Giselle. He held her left breast and started kneading it as a baker would to dough. Her nipple was played with his index finger at speeds that maximized pleasure. This was still while Giselle's negligee was on.


Clay and Giselle's tongues were entwined, and their fluids got exchanged time and again as they devoured each other. Clay was busy kneading the dough, while Giselle also counterattacked by ripping Clay's pants off belt and all. Giselle slowly found the rod of pleasure, half the size of her arm, and long as her forearm. She slowly traced her finger down to the base to slightly prick his balls with her nail and slowly yet again come up and trace it to the head where she traced the base of its head.


Stroking it gently yet firmly, and then turning aggressive yet softly; Clay was also stimulated.

This went on for about five minutes as they really got into it.

Clay took the lead and stopped kneading to support Giselle's lower back and turn her over into the bed. As Clay had done this, he also reinforced the bed and sealed the room shut. No one was to interrupt them now.


Giselle continued to kiss Clay passionately and slowly moved her lips down towards his neck, to his nipples and down to his penis while Clay moved closer and closer until he was above her neck. Giselle pulled on the thick and hard rod of pleasure and started kissing it and sucking on it, and even using her teeth to further stimulate Clay. Her gentle strokes became more aggressive as time passed and Clay let out joyous manly moans. He had to admit, Giselle was getting it on.


He let her get tired of it and as his dick got wet from her saliva to the base, it was his time to give her pleasure to reward her hard work.

Clay made a move and held Giselle's legs apart and tore off whatever was covering the glorious hole, plugged it with his thing and slowly started to move his hips forward. Now, as his hips moved, the pain of receiving such a magnificent piece, was something that would have given Giselle a hard time in feeling pleasure, however, as Clay had already given her all the boosts he could possibly give, the pleasure came the instant the every bit of it was plugged into her.


With Clay getting in the zone also, aggressively ramming Giselle not even thinking about the possible damage their movements and their noise could give the surroundings, they continued to switch positions and round after round got into it, until midnight.

In the morning, as Clay woke up, he found that Giselle still embraced him tightly. Clay smiled and put his palm on her cheeks yet again and whispered, "I'll talk to Ryan about it." It was his birthday afterall.


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