The Real Monster
76 Little Victories, Accumulated
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The Real Monster
Author :vOnKreigerXXV
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76 Little Victories, Accumulated




\"Die you pearly-white-smooth-porcelain-like bones!\"


The scene I'm witnessing with my untrained eyes is chaotic. However, it resembled our fights when I was still just like them. I had to watch my people die from the back as well, as we mages were in charge of not only supporting the melee fighters but also to dish out magic spells that can melt the undead skeletons and zombies apart from the back. And really, I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical about the little army that we trained, okay, father trained for the past 3 months, however, seeing the result of their mere 3 months of training without formation in mind, then they have truly, inconceivably improved like heaven and earth apart!

Although they are still shouting things that motivate them here and there, and some idiotic cries as well, they have shown what an undead killing machine looks like when it is trained. And they are destroying the undead even without the anti-undead equipment that father had promised them.

Herman, the Lord of Erkshire, this land we are fighting on now, was leading a small squad of 16 surrounding a couple of skeletons numbering over fifty. One would think they're chewing more than they can swallow but apparently, they are handling themselves quite well. They are pairing amongst themselves and attacking and defending their position one after another. Herman himself have already killed more than 20 skeletons more than the rest of the army. He has done so by commanding his pair to defend while he strikes and then take his turn to defend while his pair attacked alternately. This has allowed not only them but their fellow squad members to utilize the same tactic and win slowly but surely. After all, their first lesson was about how important their lives were. And father made sure to instill in them the fear of god when doing so.

The 50 skeletons they surrounded could not overwhelm them and slowly dwindled to the single digits after fighting for almost half an hour.

Some injuries were unavoidable however, nothing fatal just yet.


And just when I thought that no one had yet been injured, they appear! How unfortunate!

\"Father! That man, had been pierced by that skeleton's rusty blade!\" I yell at father, forgetting that this man had already given his word that no one would perish while he was here.

\"Leave it to me son.\" Father barely even moved. He just raised his right hand, that was free of holding me, snap his finger and the man with fatal injury to his torso had been healed and just like the undead, started to fight vigorously again as if nothing happened. What the hell?!

\"F-Father… how did that happen? Was that your doing??\" I had to ask like a little child curious of the things I could not understand.

\"Yes son, that's why I said, don't worry about it.\" With the ideas you gave me, my magic has improved by leaps and bound. Again, I hear father speak with more words that I barely hear to even begin to understand.

\"Thank you, father!\"

\"There's no need for thanks son. We are family.\"

That sound a bit cheesy but seeing father's serious expression tells me that he is trying his darndest to maintain that stoic expression he got going since the fight started. After all, we are facing an army of thousands while we are but 300. He even made the battlefield to our advantage. It was as if he was giving the soldiers their best chance to survive while still struggle with their maximum possible effort.

He shaped a valley shaped like a funnel then positioned the army at the tip of the funnel while the entrance was made as wide and big as possible while the pipe of the funnel became narrower the closer to the tip. This gave the solders a way to conserve energy and fight without much risk. At least for a while. Until, the Liberation Army was pushed out of that rather favorable position set up by father and into the open field instead. That was were most of the chaos happened. And where the first fatal injury occurred.

Who father healed was a soldier that brought with him a cudgel. It was balanced for a blunt weapon and was easy to handle. In fact, father specifically told them to choose this weapon instead of making themselves look cooler. His name is Curgel. He was the leader of the militia that Lord Herman hired before the invasion of the undead spread too far this side of Evernight.

He swung that cudgel left and right until nothing was left surrounding him. It was a great feat, worthy of notice, but father had not even put that in his eyes. He even smirked. As if knowing that he'd be able to do just what he did beforehand. He was smirking with that kind of emotion inside him. It is weird to feel what my father is feeling, but it reassures me that nothing untoward happens to my people, the last of them, with father this confident about it.

The battle finished after almost 4 hours of boring exchange, yes, boring. That was what father said about that epic battle between the Liberation Army and the Undead Army. I could not understand his standards.

The skeletons that had observed that their numbers were dwindling faster than they could rearrange themselves, fled as soon as they noticed while those who had lower intelligence stayed and fought to the bitter end, for themselves. Our Liberation Army remained intact with father's timely snapping of fingers. This victory will be recorded in history as the epic battle of Erkshire. The very first victory of the resistance after so many years of despair.

Father let them celebrate for the moment, however, when they got back inside, another 3 months of training awaited them.

Oddly enough, that first battle did not even involve any zombies at all. That was kind of strange as they would mix most of the times but that time, they did not. Oh, well, a victory is a victory.

Like this, we moved from one cave to another by moving underground and slowly accumulated victory after victory eventually reaching a place where undead ranging from skeletons, to zombies to even ghouls have been observed since a long time ago. This might be a hard-fought battle if we select this target, but father knows what he's doing.

\"Father, this nest is full of Ghouls that are far stronger than zombies. If we insist on attacking that place, then we'll need more than just luck and good training but also a miracle.\"

\"Son, what you don't understand is that these men we've trained together are now no longer beginners. They have learned what they need, to learn for the little skirmish we will be having tonight. Trust them. Plus, I made their equipment, they should still live even if it's a fatal hit. We've been winning many times and have not lost yet. Trust your men, trust that they will deliver this world, yours and their world from all the crap that the undead has excreted since.

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    《The Real Monster》