The Real Monster
75 The Liberation Army
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The Real Monster
Author :vOnKreigerXXV
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75 The Liberation Army


\"You there! Hold your javelin tightly as if you're holding your dear life! That's it! Bend your knees as if the earth is your best friend! Do it or I will put your face on the earth! Hey! Hey! Hey!\"

Father is currently training the resistance of Evernight after a whole three months of recovery.

Father revealed that he had been the cause of the earthquake three months ago because he remodeled the cave without even putting me down on the ground. I'm starting to think that the things he tells me are true testaments to his strength, but I am also inclined to doubt it, as having that kind of power would put father in a place where not even the greatest mages in history would be able to step their foot on. \"It's as if he has Creation Magic at his disposal…\" I muttered in my mind and it must have slipped to father's consciousness because he answered, \"That's a good idea, son.\" I worried about it and wanted to ask but I refrain from it as I saw that father had closed his eyes. He must have been tired. He should be tired from three months of straight work without any breaks and any relief from me. I can't exactly instruct these people with a baby mouth, now can I.

\"Hah!\" The cave was, just as father said, remodeled. It was made wider and the ceiling was higher. The cave entrance was no where to be found on its original spot. Instead, it was removed altogether. Making a statement that no one is allowed outside unless we're fully prepared. I love father's enthusiasm with this.

The training ground we currently are is wide enough to allow 300 people to practice without a hitch. The cave was also expanded and divided into 5 areas including this essential Training Area. The first division was to be a Diner Hall, second was to be a Spring for Bathing, third was the Bunker and the fourth was the Learning Center.

The learning center was where knowledge and magic were taught by father to them. Of course, I'm teaching them my magic, with father's assistance. I don't want fathers magics to be known to them here in this world where we will be leaving when the time comes. Father's magics are unique to him, I suppose. Any body learning it must be part of his family or important people to him, not strangers.

The bunker was where all of us slept when time for rest is given. Of course, I have obligatory rights to the bunker whenever, however, father just holds me to his chest and never lets me go at all, since we got here. I wonder if its his overprotectiveness, but I don't hate it. In fact, I am assured. Strange feelings to have from an old man in a baby's body.

The rest are self-explanatory.

Father did not even sweat while doing the renovation. Truthfully, it baffled me how such a powerful person could even stay sane. Usually, having powers such as his, would drive the host on the brink of either dictatorship or even as world dominator, however, it's as if father does not care for any of these things and stays unaffected. Like he's just enjoying the tip of his power and use not even 1 percent of it. As I said, it's baffling. However, seeing as father is still sane, that just means that his vessel is also more than sturdy enough to handle his power.

Getting back on the work we've done for three months. Signs of improvement have manifested in the \"people,\" my people. They've grown accustomed to hard training and the drill-sergeant type of training that father does with them. I have observed the \"real\" training method that father has adapted for his subordinates, and oh boy, it's like heaven and earth when compared. This current training is probably what his subordinates would call heaven as opposed to their own training regimen.

\"F-Father…\" I called out to him using this connection we have called he called telepathy. I could never have imagined that communication like this existed. He says that it was a skill that he thought of based on his previous world's psychic abilities, which I also do not understand.

\"Son, you're awake. Did my shouting wake you up? Apologies. I know you would prefer your mother's milk over magic energy, or mana as your meals every single day, but I always shape it like normal food, right? HAHA!\" or so he laughs. Father is rather chill about a lot of things like he's just in it for the thrill of the ride. But his sincerity does show when it comes to me or his trusted aides and even mother.

\"No father, I had a good rest. Although, a bit uncontrollable for now. I'm sorry for leaving my people to you while I sleep at my leisure. Please take a rest when you do need to as well.\"

\"How do we proceed with their training father? They've been training for months and it might be a good time now to send them out and teach them how to use their training in live combat?\"

\"Yes son, I also thought that it's about time. So, tomorrow we will be sending them all out and coach them in fighting the undead. Although, they should be equipped with undead killing weapons. I figure, we should also train them in killing the undead without such weapons. Meaning, finding their weakness and exploiting them. It should be easier for the skeletons, right? I mean, just crush their bones, not just break them but crush them to fine powder with a Maul or any blunt instruments and they crumble and don't rearrange themselves again.\" Oddly, I already heard father say that he had already scanned the whole planet and found where the Liches are and what-not, but I still find it unbelievable that he'd already known the weakness of these undead like the back of his hand when teaching the others. I mean, their training is specialized in hitting their weakness after all. And he even enumerated the targets that they'll be facing just after going outside. How efficient!

\"However, father, if we let everyone of them, all 300 to go out and train them, we'll have our hands full with just watching a few of them not to mention all 300 of them!\" I admit, father is amazing, but I still can't leave the lives of my people all to chance. I trust that father knows what he's doing, but the risks are too high.

\"Don't worry son, I got them all covered. Once they are fatally wounded, I'll heal them and even if they do die. I'll do something about it. You should know, I have your magic with me as, well right?\" I tell you; my magic energy recovers fully in just one second.

I think I heard father say something else, but it was with a tiny voice in his mind, so maybe he did not want me to hear properly.

\"B-But father!\"

\"Don't worry son. Rely on me for this. And once you're all grown up and ready to make your own decisions, I'll let you decide then okay? For now, trust me and rely on me.\" He says, but my worries only grow bigger like this.


The day of live combat training.

The entrance to the cave was removed, however, father slowly extended his two fingers, index and middle, and pointed them at one of the walls. Then slowly bent them inwards. If one were as gifted as me in seeing how the world looked through Chrono-vision which includes the ability to observe mana and how they flow, then one would also be able to gaze at the marvelous work that father has done.

The flow of mana inside his body was as still as stale water, undisturbed by anything. However, the atmosphere's mana was stirring like crazy, being devoured by the spell that he had invoked without words nor incantations. It was as if he was shaping the earth to obey his will from the outside, but on the inside, it was father who was moving the earth element essence and forming tunnel out of them leading to the outside.

Usually, we'd have noticed the earth's movement by now, however, not a single vibration could be felt as if everything happening was natural. As if nature itself had accepted that whatever was happening through father's will was something natural for them to follow, no resistance whatsoever!

The moment the door towards the outside had been formed and conjured, father gave the orders.

\"You have been training for the day when you can stick your slimy fingers into the skulls and guts of those undead! Now is the time to show the results of your training! Never worry for your lives. Advance like there's no tomorrow and show us the fruits of your training for these 3 months! Whoever can kill more than a hundred undead, will be rewarded with anti-undead weapons and armor. Now go, do your best little lads!\"

All 300 of them went crazy while still being in a single file. Like good little soldiers on the march.

\"Son watch carefully how a war is won, by the people. Just as you have planned. With their incoming results, I know that saving your world, will only be a matter of time.\" Father said reassured of the results.

\"Father, what if it won't work?\"

\"Then we step in. It's that simple. Besides, you may not know, but a single snap of my fingers and all of these undead would slowly disintegrate shortly after betting their lives snuffed out.\" Father flexed his right arm's biceps to show off. Ugh.


In front of us are the people that yearned for liberation their whole lives. Now, they themselves are the Liberation Army.


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