The Real Monster
71 Clay and the Emperor
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The Real Monster
Author :vOnKreigerXXV
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71 Clay and the Emperor

Clay had just cleaned up his mess and decided to visit the emperor of the human realm. He was currently sitting at a rather luxurious seat in front of kneeling people in front of him. One of the people kneeling in front of him was dressed in garbs that could not be mistaken as that of a person who rules. Even his air was that of a ruler. The rest behind him were subservient old men who did not even feel the slightest bit as sincere as the man garbed in the air of a ruler. Obviously, the man garbed preciously was the emperor. Clay had shown up in front of them after annihilating the Nagataurus and checking the situation right after, however, the moment he showed up, the emperor for some reason recognized Clay as the Hero with just a glance. This made Clay curious and checked from his own analysis how the emperor was able to know immediately and to his surprise, the Emperor had the skill Observe. The same skill that Safir had given him before reincarnating into Alleucanth.

\"Hmm… an Emperor has to have some skills like this huh?\" Clay thought as he walked closer to the emperor to look at him.

\"You… are the emperor. Good on you to prioritize the citizens instead of yourself. I commend you for that. Why don't you work for me from now on?\" Clay made an offer like that as a joke, however, the Emperor's answer surprised him to no end that even his mouth could not help but be agape.

\"Truly?! If you so desire, I shall commit myself to your service my Lord!\" Said the Emperor without any hesitation and reluctance. As if he had already planned to offer his services to the hero as soon as he saw him. Now, he had that opportunity and the Hero himself had offered him the chance.

However, only the Emperor was in complete and utter joy from this. The rest of the old ministers did not even show a hint of a reaction other than clenching their fists in either joy, for getting rid of the emperor, or frustration, because they can't benefit much without the Emperor blessed by the god of humanity, Safir.

\"What the hell are you thinking about agreeing to it immediately like that?! Shouldn't you feel insulted instead?!\" Clay was berating the Emperor in his mind. However, thinking about it, if the Emperor really did work for him, then the entire human realm basically would now be united under him. Emperor of the Human Realm was a title he wanted to have a taste of after all, it was romance.

\"What can you offer in service of me, O Emperor?\" Clay wanted to test the waters and asked. It was at this time that the Emperor left his throne and slowly bent his body to a kowtow and kneeled in front of Clay. He even commanded the old men to bow down before the new Emperor as easy as that.

Then the Emperor, said, \"As you may already know, I am Emperor Claudius XV, or as I was named at birth, Crassus Augustus. I have served as emperor for a good half of my life already and have been putting up with the treacherous courts of this Imperial Palace. I have grown tired of continuously looking over my shoulder every single day. I am not strong enough individually to control these treacherous old men into utter submission and so I could only dance with them through politics. However, I know that a real powerful person can subdue them or even decide their fates if they try what they have been doing to me for the past years. That is my primary reason…\"

\"The secondary reason is that, with the Hero being summoned, fulfilling what the ancient texts command us Emperors to do; to abdicate the throne in favor of the Hero that was summoned for the good of all humanity in this world. That is why the name Augustus was passed on to each emperor in every generation. It is written that any Hero would know of this name and its fame with at least a 50-50 chance. Since it is famous that the Empire wasn't built in a day.\"

\"Hmm… Augustus is it? That name is indeed famous both in the original history and even in remakes and copyright infringements. Which means that the Hero who founded this empire was also from the same world I came from.\" Interesting. Said Clay in his mind after saying that.

\"Oh well, you've given me your reason, but what you have yet to answer the question.\"

\"My Lord! I can be your representative in this vast empire that will be handed to you through the ancient pacts and texts. Managing this empire will be better done with people you can trust with it and I am one, who can be trusted with it. With your power as my backing, these old fools will dare not plot against your rule.\" Claudius explained.

However, who was Clay?

Of course, he answers, \"Good! I could use your help with managing these affairs. The Imperial Capital will be moved to Claiomh Solais and you all will answer to my subordinate named Isaac who works together with my wife, the Queen of Acadria, Giselle. Anything they find untoward to the progress of the human realm into the future, they will be the ones to decide what to do with you. Anything else that cannot be decided by them, they must pass it to me. So, in effect, anything that should not be decided by you, should go through them and to me as well.\"

\"You will have free reign over the decisions that pertain to the survival of your people, but anything that concerns the Realm, then it must pass through me. Now, if you agree to this, I will have you be bounded to a contract. Those of you who do not agree, say your piece or forever hold your tongue… or just make yourself scarce. I don't care.\"

With Clay saying all that, he specifically conjured the contract for master-servant, which is different from the contract that his subordinates had signed.

He had offered it to Claudius and Claudius accepted it without hesitation while the rest of the old men did not move. It was a show of their doubts and fears however, Clay did not need these people. He just needed one puppet above all ordinary people. The emperor fit the bill. Having signed the contract, a blinding light appeared from the contract and swallowed both Clay and Claudius making a bond between them.

Clay felt the difference between having the subordination contract than the master-servant contract. The master-servant contract made him feel as if his strength was directly being siphoned towards the servant empowering him by folds according to Clay's current's body's strength. Unlike the subordination contract which still gives the contracted the freedom of choice and defiance, the master-servant one eliminates all traces of disloyalty and disobedience from the contracted. The only downside to the contractor, is that his strength will be shared to his servant, this disadvantage will turn to advantage to the contracted instead.

\"You shall rule below Isaac and you will follow his directives. However, you are free to suggest better steps in ruling. From this moment on, you will move to Claiomh Solais. You can bring your people with you or leave them to the care of these old men. Do what is best in your mind. And to the old men kneeling there, I give you a chance to save yourselves from your greed, or the next time you will see me will be your death. I leave this realm in your care.\"

Saying so, Clay disappeared from the spot and reappeared in the skies above Claiohm Solais. Bringing the news of this unfortunate, yet fortunate fate that was brought upon by one of his experiments.


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