The Real Monster
69 Giselle and Ryan
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The Real Monster
Author :vOnKreigerXXV
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69 Giselle and Ryan

Giselle had gone to the kingdom of Acadria as usual to properly monitor the progress they had made in the kingdom. As many a kingdoms citizens mindset was, that no matter who ruled over them, they only cared if they were benefitting from it. So, the transition from King Gracius to Queen Giselle was smoother than it looked especially when Giselle gave birth not a year after her reign. In Acadria Ryan was called Prince Ryan. He was hailed as the crown prince of the United Kingdoms of Claiomh and Acadria.

With Acadria focusing its development on agriculture, mining and craftsmanship, the kingdom had slowly been moving towards the specialized kingdom setting that Clay had in mind. Clay had told Giselle in suggestion that Acadria should focus on those three things as Claiomh would focus on military, culture and economics. So that the two kingdoms benefit from each other equally. In the coming years, it had been planned that Acadria and Claiomh Solais would be connected through gates to both sides, Transfer Gates, just like what Clay uses to go to Apollo's Lair. This would enable even ordinary people to go back and forth the kingdoms without much hassle. Which will also boost the economy and culture of Acadria, while they also bring forth their produce to the people of Claiomh.

Giselle was currently playing with Ryan in her room at the palace.


It has been a year of being married to Lord Clay and giving birth to Ryan has brought me both joy and less pressure in court. Having an heir this early was such a godsent that I can now walk in court without contempt coming from the rest of the councilmen and ministers who still look down on me as the \"Dull Princess\" although father had given me the position of Queen, they had not accepted this reality fully. It will still take a long time for them to be fully responsive. Although, not hostile, they are also not very cooperative. Especially those who hold territories we need for further agricultural development. I need to procure their lands so that we can expand the territory being developed for agriculture.

\"It really is hard to rule huh. It's easy becoming the queen, but ruling is what's hard.\"

Suddenly I hear the voice of my adviser, Gran,

\"My Queen, that indeed is true however, no one can even hope to disrespect you blatantly for fear that your husband, the King, make a move on them. Having him as your support just as planned really does make it easier to make the world a better place. Your plans, after the stabilization of Acadria should still be in effect I hope?\" Gran is the only person who knows that after successfully becoming queen, I plan on expanding my rule towards Tongkil and even, Aroshia towards way east, kissing the borders to the Empire.

\"Of course, Gran. I need not be reminded of the plan, yet, thank you for supporting my plan. Lord Clay has no care about anything in this world and only wishes to live his life in peace and with his son in the picture, my precious Ryan, he will surely do things to make his life a great one. We just must wait for the right opportunity. And while we wait for that opportunity, we shall expand our reaches towards the east.\" I become excited just thinking about the fact that by amassing forces through the help of Lord Clay's special training regimen, our armies will become a force to be reckoned with and my rule as queen will further my ambition of uniting the Human Realm and eliminating most of the oppression that is happening within. The people need a leader that can give them a better life without suffering from each other's corruption and abuse.


Ryan cried out. He must have woken up without seeing my face and cried. I must go to him.

\"Ohh, my precious son. Ryan dear, hush now, mother is here.\" I rock Ryan on my chest as I hum my favorite lullaby that my mother had once upon a time always sung for me as well.

\"Gran make sure to take over the territory of that Baron named Weis, to the west of the kingdom. We need more territory by the end of this month.\" My soldiers are separate from Lord Clay's own. I need to provide them with enough supplies to cover for the plans I have for them. And with Lord Clay's suggestion of focusing on agriculture, I won't need to worry about supplies and money for the expeditions. Now, I only need to convince Lord Clay to allow some of my soldiers especially Gran to train with his method.

It would not need more than 5 years to prepare for the conquest, I'm sure of it.

I carry Ryan around the palace and even bring him while I see my people who have concerns wishing to have an audience. It's not really something I should do since my subordinates can do this, but publicity works this way, and it helps others to know that their Queen is on their side through the others who have seen me.

\"Uwah\" Ryan has already slowly stopped crying. Maybe he got tired. I guess I should probably put him in his crib.

So, I took him to his crib in my room and went towards the balcony. Lord Clay must be wanting to see Ryan about now, but I won't go back home until this day is over. I have to do one other thing today other than my duties as Queen, which is to receive a report about the operation of the organization that I had not named until Lord Clay suggested to name it and even suggested on the name, which was Bronte. Lord Clay said that it was a name that was close to his theme, I did not understand his reference, but it felt fitting, so I named the group Bronte.

Bronte is led by me as the figurehead, but Gran usually does the dealings overtly and covertly. My being Queen had to be carefully considered when using my name as the leader of a band of soldiers and merchants amassing weapons and soldiers. The other nobles would never be able to rest easy if they knew that.

As a matter of fact, I was rather surprised, shocked even, when Lord Clay asked about how my people have been doing after we got married. With Ryan's birth, I have become even more cautious of revealing more cards to others, even Lord Clay. I must keep some things to myself if I am to survive in this dog-eat-dog world. And with my siblings currently spread throughout the Empire, I must watch my back for trouble they may brew.

Looking at my now sleeping Ryan, oh, I have plans for you my dear. Grow up strong and clever, will you?


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