The Real Monster
64 An Obligation Completed
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The Real Monster
Author :vOnKreigerXXV
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64 An Obligation Completed

Bearing children to become heir is one of the obligations of a king and a father. And these two responsibilities and obligations were two of Clay's troubles as both King and husband now.

Back in Claiomh Solais, 6 months after the wedding had been completed and other projects also finished being set up.

Clay was cuddling with Giselle in their bed at the personal residence of Clay he made just at about the center height of Moribor. Their room consisted only of a bed, a warmer, like a fireplace and a room for personal bath and toilet business. Giselle's responsibilities as queen of Acadria were never neglected as she could just come and go as she pleased between the two places through her Space magic. Clay brought her there the first time and then he let her set up a rift to get her familiar with the coordinates. After just a day of being wed, Clay brought Giselle to his kingdom and there introduced her to his people. She was well received and were blessed by Clay's citizens. However, after only a day of observing the workings and the training Clay's people had, Giselle found that it was out of this world. The result of his training regimen produced national-level magicians with no-chant abilities and larger magic energy capacities. This was unprecedented. And while normal magicians and citizens couldn't sense the magic energy emission of his people, Giselle was one of those that knew how to sense magic energy capacity. His workers were all bearing with them a thousand-man-army kind of feeling and this scared her.

She went to the training arena, the Roman Colosseum-like structure Clay made for training his people and saw the military that Clay had been nurturing. Their training was literally, Hell. She found that apart from his four primary subordinates, even the city guards were training with strict guidelines and intensity. Hell, the city guards were probably on par with the Imperial Guards that defended the Imperial Family to the east.

\"I know you're ridiculous in many senses, but seeing your own people training like crazy as if they're mad men, just how did you garner such loyalty and motivation?\" Giselle couldn't help but ask.

\"Well, I told them that they had to defend this haven they built for themselves. I won't move unless it endangers them with total annihilation in one-shot or a disaster that strikes that would kill most of them. That's why I put in their minds the principle that the most dangerous enemy of progress is complacency. When they think they are strong enough to protect themselves is the time when they will fall into catastrophe.\" Clay said nonchalantly to answer Giselle.

\"When they think they are strong enough is the moment they fall into catastrophe!\" Giselle repeated it as if it was a mantra. She found that it made absolute sense. This created in his people the mindset that the moment they think they are already strong enough, they had to defeat that thinking and continue to train. Such a loop will continue endlessly even until they die, Giselle supposed.

No wonder I felt like I was facing some deep well of magic energy when one of his subordinates came. That man named Isaac; he gave me a feeling unlike Clay did. Clay's magic energy felt natural, Isaac's was as if coming from somewhere unfathomable. Giselle thought. Although she felt Clay's magic energy as natural, it was in fact because Clay had been trying to cultivate his magic energy to become pure and convert into spiritual energy. The higher form of magic energy from the spirit realm.


In the 6 months that she had been introduced to the kingdom of Claiomh Solais, he and Clay had never stopped to try for a baby. An heir that can be said to be the most important part of ruling in any nobility-dominated world. Of course, Clay, had to stop playing in Apollo's Lair and switch places with the body double to do so.

And on the 6th month, after day and night of hot and steamy sex, Giselle finally found herself with child. This was the second great news that the kingdoms of Acadria and Claiomh Solais received in the span of 6 months.

A week-long party celebration was held and even guests from outside the Forest of Despair were welcomed to join, though they were not invited. Merchants, contractors, slave traders, mercenaries and adventurers had come and celebrated the child. There were no nobles in Claiomh Solais, so there were no gifting ceremonies and what-not, however, each citizen had taken it upon themselves to gift Clay's child with things that they found would be of use to him in the future.

\"Thank you all for celebrating with us the birth of our son, Ryan, although he has yet to come out. We expect his birth to be joyous and so, we thank you for your support. Continue to show your support by making our haven a safe place for little children like our Ryan in the future.\" Clay gave a heart felt speech for the first time in a long while.

The celebration lasted a whole week without neglecting their duties of course. Isaac and Giselle hit it off as partners for developing both kingdoms. They had plans that could easily be executed with the manpower from Claiomh, and materials from the Forest of Despair. The economy of Acadria also underwent a series of blooms. The arts industry, the farming industry, mining industry and other essential specialties were being developed in Acadria as Isaac and Giselle made plans for them. In the six months that Giselle ruled, the standard of living for citizens in Acadria had undergone drastic changes for the better.

After 9 months of carrying Ryan in her womb, the time of his birth finally came, and another kingdom wide celebration happened. At his birth, a beam of light came down from the heavens towards the child. Clay was alarmed but sensed no ill-intentions, so he let it be.

\"With Ryan's birth comes great changes that will certainly make our haven even more lively. A dungeon was discovered at the northern foot of the Impassable Mountain Range. My subordinates have made initial investigations about it, what's inside and how extensive it is. From their investigation, the current monsters that are born inside the dungeon were simple Porkers and Slimes. The size of the dungeon extends only until about half of the Impassable Mountain Range, so it's quite a long journey to the end right now from the entrance which looks like an ordinary cave. We have taken it upon ourselves to sell a map and guide for those who wish to challenge the dungeon from the city hall. Do visit the city hall for those who are interested!\" Clay spoke enthusiastically about a dungeon. It was as if he was itching to also go inside and explore. However, his priority is making sure his son is recognized by the populace of Claiomh.

\"As my gift to all the people who are welcomed to our Kingdom, I shall lower the tax for merchants and the guilds by 2 percent for the next year. Isaac shall oversee implementing this. That is all!\" Clay finished his excitement-filled announcement and opening remarks and the celebration officially began.

Clay then looked carefully at his son, Ryan's stats from the get-go.

Name: Ryan

Class: None

Sub-Class: None

Title: Hero's Son | Inheritor


[STR – 10] | [INT - 10|

[MGC – 10] | [DEX – 10]


[Space-Time Magic – Master (Locked)] | [Energy Reactor (Locked)] | [Magic Master – Archive]

| [Creation Magic – Master (Locked)]

Blessing: Father's Blessing

Status: Normal «Optimal»

\"I can understand where Magic Master – Archive, Energy Reactor and Space-Time Magic – Master comes from but the Creation magic – Master is a bit of a brow raiser for me. Looking at its description it seems that Magic Master – Archive gives Ryan the ability to perform magic that are known in this world and even gives him extra ability to perform magic that he sees once. That's already cheat-like if you ask me. And then Creation Magic – Master seems to be a skill that I am unfamiliar with, however, from closer inspection, it seems that I also have this skill under UltiCo's supervision. The assimilation of All-Elements and their affinity into a single skill in evolution. Thus: Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Light, Dark, Null and Space all combined to create the skill Creation Magic.

\"It seems Ryan really did just inherit my body's skills not my hidden abilities. It would have been super OP for my son to have kryptonian genes as well as hyper regeneration. However, thinking about it, magic is the all-solution to this world's problems so he can achieve anything with it if he get's creative. I'll just have to direct him to the right path.

\"Ryan's Space-Time Magic – Master is also a new addition, even I don't have Time Magic, so how did he get this skill? From evolution or from a mutation? Whatever it is, looking at the description, it just says, Magic concerning Space-Time manipulation. Basic magic spells are, [Borrowed Time], [Reverse Time], [Chrono-vision], [Teleport] which gives me the idea that the only space-related spell there is teleport. But still, damn, this kid is going to be awesome!\"

Clay basked in his imagination of how he would guide his son to becoming a great figure worthy of ruling this world in the future. And Giselle, seeing that smile on Clay, had pitying thoughts towards their son Ryan.


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