The Real Monster
63 A Great Union
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The Real Monster
Author :vOnKreigerXXV
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63 A Great Union

It was all under Clay's initial plans to have Giselle become queen to live a sheltered life and become able to have adventures without any worries. In short, a lazy life – a laid back kind of living where things that he wants to do can be done without much opposition. That was the promise that Clay made with Giselle on the first day they met and was separated.
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Now, that promise is fulfilled and even for Clay, an unexpected event was unfolding in front of him.

The capital city's inner districts have been decorated with wreaths and bells to symbolize a union between kingdoms and of two hearts. This was not an idea that Clay gave but a custom in the human realm. When leaders of two kingdoms unite in marriage, it was something that both kingdoms celebrated. The surprising thing was that even his retainers had come to this place, in Acadria, to take part in the preparations of the wedding itself.

The wedding was supposed to be scheduled tentatively a month after preparations, however, Clay underestimated his subordinates' skills in gathering information. You see, Clay had been gone for quite some time and that was enough time for Isaac to send for people to look for clues as to where he went and since some of the Night Prowlers were all over the place looking for Guilbert, he was able to trace Clay's whereabouts through their intelligence network. The rest was a matter of setting a price for information exchange. Hence, information that was vital to Claiomh Solais was of utmost importance. Isaac was able to get the information just a day after the declaration of their union and Clay stayed in Acadria for a night before planning to go back. However, with Isaac, Caltec, Jon and Mor having enough strength to travel that distance without sweating too much from their intense training sessions, came to Acadria secretly while masking their own presence and mana signatures. Isaac had learned a trick or two from the Spirit King, Frost in veiling the magic energy signature of an individual. With that, they were able to mask their presence even from Clay's passive divine-sense-like detection. Although, technically, they were never truly able to hide from Clay in the truest sense, however, since they were no threat and were not particularly strong enough to alarm him, Clay's UltiCo just let them slip his notice unconsciously. Imagine, it would be natural for his subordinates to be close to their master, and so it was natural for his retainers to come to him, hence the current situation.

What Clay was seeing in front of him were his retainers and some of the Acadria Kingdom's citizens working together with Isaac in preparing the venue of the supposed wedding. Clay had a very confused expression on his face even up until the altar and the stage for the wedding had been finished.

"How the hell did you get past my detection and set up this nonsensically speedy preparation?" Clay asked Isaac who seemed to be in charge. And to that the answer was, "Sire! It is only natural for us to prepare for your wedding that should happen only occasionally! Your servants are excited to see you, Sire, uniting two kingdoms into a glorious rule!" Isaac was quite excited with it and let it show on his face. Not really answering Clay's question.

Clay's mind was too surprised about something else that he just let his answer slip by him. In the end he asked, "How did you even get the information that I was here? I know it would spread all the way to Claiomh Solais, the news about what happened here after quite a while, but not this fast!"

"Sire! We made use of some resources we found on the way here, and so, with a cooperation pact as well as the uniting of our two kingdoms, such resources will now become available for us as well. Your planning and advanced thinking really exceeds out expectations Sire!" Isaac again excitedly showered praise for Clay even while he was wearing increasingly confused looks on his face.

Giselle also came occasionally to check on the progress of the preparation. Although there were no hints of the feeling called 'love' from both of them, learning to truly love each other was only a matter of time, and with Clay's standards and skills, a few thousand years of being alive should be a piece of cake, his retainers thought.

"I have no idea what you're talking about." Clay thought to himself and just let them be.

It was a week later that the preparations were completed, and the ceremony took place. The one who presided the union was the former king of Acadria, Gracius vi Acadria who now moves behind the scenes to help his daughter to reign the nobles into submitting to her rule.

The scenery was reminiscent of the wedding of the century. Music by bards holding different instruments, singing by the professional singers and dancers from the entertainment districts of the capital and many more artists participation. The hanging decorations were outstanding with white clothes in thin slices hanging over the courtyard of the Palace that once had been a battlefield just a few days had passed as well as Guilbert's execution ground.

Clay had also been dressed by the self-proclaimed fashion designer, Jon. He put together a design of wedding suit that made use of monster materials that he personally hunted a few days prior. Clay was wearing an inner wear that can be called an actual modern suit in white with accents in dark red. While his shoes were made from Moss Alligators, from the Lake of Monsters. He was also adorned with an outer robe which covered everything except his face and hands. Although in Clay's mind it was useless to dress him up when his own clothes were being blocked by the robe, he still shut his mouth and just let his subordinates take care of things. That was one of the reasons why he even took them in in the first place, to be of help to him.

Giselle had worn the previous queen's wedding garment. A long gown that had slim-fitting curves that accentuate Giselle's sex appeal even more. Her cleavage was covered and all, but it still managed to rouse Clay's desire to eat her when he saw how wonderful Giselle's well-sculpted body was. She did not wear any veil, however, her tiara as the queen had to remain on her head. Although Clay never claimed to be King of Claiomh Solais, he was considered as such by the people in it, which included his subordinates and so he accepted the crown that they handed over to him prior to the ceremony.

With the king and Giselle and Clay facing each other, the ceremony began after Gracius said, "I give my blessing to this union as both father and previous King. May the god of humanity make your union prosperous and yield many fruits in the future. We shall start the ceremony."

With that, Gracius proceeded in marrying both into one and successfully acknowledge the union of both Acadria and Claiomh Solais.

"Will you, Giselle vi Acadria, take Clay as your lawfully wedded husband?" Gracius asked Giselle.

"I do." With resolution in her eyes and voice, Giselle answered and felt embarrassed a little.

"Will you, Clay, take Giselle as your lawfully wedded wife?" The king asked in anticipation of Clay's answer and finally breathed out a hidden sigh when he answered, "Yes, I do."

With their answers, Gracius continued the ceremony until he announced, "This great union between our kingdoms gives birth to a strong and prosperous rule between the two. And as individuals, a couple, both shall be blessed by the god of humanity to bring forth the new generation! Cheers!" He toasted the whole venue and it was a success.

The Wedding was finished and the Great Union of two kingdoms had been victorious.

Clay and Giselle then greeted the guests that came and then went away after a moment's lapse of sight. In literally a blink of an eye.

This event was recorded in history as the moment when humanity started to unify under one banner.

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