The Real Monster
61 Civil War 2
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The Real Monster
Author :vOnKreigerXXV
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61 Civil War 2

"This time, wear the armor of your enemy's troops and stage fights against each other, burn some of the houses to make it look legit. In the end, if the puppet master appears after the fighting is at the critical stage, seemingly, then they'd want to swoop down and take the marbled meat." Clay explained to Gracius. Sunshine was listening intently. He did not want to miss any information that Clay had to give and recorded it well in his mind.

"Oh, and well, the puppeteer is already done with his preparations. According to my calculations, they'd arrive at about 3 days later. Send some of your Night Prowlers to serve as relay from a distance to scout for their arrival. Don't tire your soldiers out without reason playing war with each other. Wait for the enemy to sent scouts to observe the situation. That will be your signal to start deceiving them again."

Clay continued his instructions. Then shut up altogether. Closing his eyes and looking as calm as still water.

Everything up to now have been going according to Clay's predictions and rightly so, because he knew where and when the enemies came from. How fast they were coming and how far they are from them. All these are information gathered in real time via his expanded perception. Although his perception is limited when he uses it with this body, it still covers quite a large area. Clay did not worry about any hidden dangers within his ranks. He even knew and incorporated the movement and plans of Giselle and her hidden forces throughout the capital. So, to Clay, suspense was non-existent. The only thing that gives him enough dopamine to keep himself entertained is the fact that his predictions never failed.

After a day and night of waiting for enemy scouts, the Night Prowlers brought information about the enemy movements all according to how Clay described it and amazed Gracius and Sunshine and even those staying in the shadows even after knowing everything beforehand. Clay never ceased to amaze them and the growing fear inside the heart of Gracius and Sunshine continued to constrict their breathing. If this man deemed them as enemy, then not only their lives, the whole of Acadria would not be able to lay a finger on him. That was how much they feared his strength, even when he was not moving at all.

"For the past few weeks that he has been staying here, he had never, not once have taken his butt from his chair. He neither ate nor drank anything, did not even relieve himself. Is he still human after knowing all this about him?" Gracius asked his heart of hearts. It was so deep a thinking that his face also scrounged up as he thought so.

"What's the worry, king of Acadria? Clay opened his eyes and asked Gracius what was wrong, since his face was distorted quite much.

"N-Nothing Hero Clay. I am just so amazed at how you are so powerful indeed. I know that my decision to abdicate my throne to my daughter Giselle will be a glorious one with you right behind her." He flattered.

"…" Clay only kept his silence and closed his eyes again.

He noticed movement from the enemies and from the soldiers of the king. They were enacting a gigantic play which encompassed the whole kingdom. Some houses were burned, and some were even destroyed partially to bring the realism to a whole new level. While the soldiers fought as if their lives depended on it. Putting up a show that not even veteran soldier would be able to discern easily to be a farce.

Guilbert, just as predicted had led reinforcements from the barbaric west of the Kingdom. Where the bandits and the low lives gathered and made their home. Guilbert had vouchsafed to them a part of the kingdom as their territory and any loot they could take from the palace were they to help him win the throne by force. Of course, knowing Guilbert, that would be big fat lie on his part, the poor barbarians.

His troops consisted of cavalry knights and bandits numbering over 7000 combined. The gates to the palace were already torn open and destroyed. And the remnants of the previous sacrificial troops were still fighting for their lives which means that if a savior had come for them in Guilbert, then their trust and loyalty to him would be but set in stone. So Guilbert hurried up and ordered his troops to march towards victory.

What awaited him and his 7000 strong, was a massacre yet again. The moment they closed in on the capital to enter the wide-open gates to it, they saw the allied soldiers of theirs fighting for dear life and so he announced loudly,
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"All troops! On me! We shall crush the remnants of their sorry defense! We shall conquer Acadria and we will rule for all eternity!" Which was again, a lame ass promise he gave to rouse the soldiers. He expected them to cheer and make battle cries, but now he finished his speech, the allied soldiers of his, charge towards their direction as if they saw their salvation in them and shouted, "long live the almighty Guilbert! Long live!" It was a celebratory cry that made Guilbert immediately lower his guard. The enemy troops looked at that scene and made use of that opportunity to get back inside the gates of the castle in retreat. The archers stationed on top of the castle walls nocked their arrows and aimed towards the skies. If Guilbert's troops so much as tries to get in range, a rain of arrows will shower them.

In the King's Chambers inside the palace, a serene voice sounded just as the troops of Guilbert appeared.

"It seems our suspicion is right. Your son, Guilbert, has led foreigners into your kingdom to conquer you and even used some of your people for that end. Whatever you do to punish him, I will not interfere, but if this happened in my territory, I would kill him, even if he were my son. It would be a waste to have raised him up properly and then return that kindness with utter stupidity and greed." Clay was speaking in a serene voice even when what he said were cold things, he continued, "Well, with how things are going, capturing your son is only a matter of time. I suggest you gather your troops and face Guilbert and his band of mercenaries to capture him. You can also try to bribe them secretly to defect. But that's unreliable, so just crush them. from this moment onwards, I will not issue any more instructions. Getting your kingdom in order should be your job. After which, I'll just need to collect on your debt."


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