The Real Monster
58 Clay“s Experimental Log 3
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The Real Monster
Author :vOnKreigerXXV
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58 Clay“s Experimental Log 3

Inside a perfectly temperate mansion that needed no other lighting than that of the outside world seeping through to the gaps in the room. Where heat and uncontrollable energy continuously assault the walls. The room that if compared to the outside world looks so different that its difference can only be described as heaven and earth apart. A man sat on a chair modeled after a throne that was fought over by foolish monarch-wannabes. He had his fist supporting his face and the calmly closed eyes as if he was sleeping was as steady as still waters. His breathing was even, his breath rhythmic. The face of a young man with the skin of a baby, unblemished and perfect. He was wearing a black shirt with red accents and had belts instead of buttons. Under that shirt was another cloth. The identity of that black cloth was an inner shirt. His outer shirt had long sleeves that extended until his elbows. The inside of the shirt was colored red, thus, the accent. His trousers were also dyed in black made from the same material, a little baggy going towards his legs and groin area and a bit tighter around the calves and the ankle. He wore shoes that looked like modern Jordans. His wrists wore black metal bracelets that had chains connected to his rings. It was not an unfamiliar look as he copied the look of a certain hunter whose eyes turn red from intense emotions. His hair color had also changed from black to silver since his stay in this place, unknowingly.

This person was Clay. He was currently unconscious. Or he was supposed to be. As he was currently controlling the golem-body he sent to Alleucanth to manage his affairs while his real body continued to absorb the energy from the Sun and growing his own ability to produce energy like that of the Sun. It was the strategy he worked with Ultico who calculated that a few years of stay here would enable Clay's body to finally become unfettered by mortal standards.

At this moment, Clay's closed eyes suddenly opened, and he abruptly stood up with such force that even the super reinforced floor he made was cracked and caved in. It was testament to how much his current strength had grown.

"I have finally found a way to gain the ability to control and produce magic energy!" Clay exclaimed excitedly. He then proceeded towards his own laboratory where all his cloned bodies were stored as well. The 7 bodies lined up in glass containers floating steadily. If anyone other than Clay had come to this place, they would have been too scared to look at it. Since at this time, just one Clay was enough to destroy a planet, how much easier it would be with 8 of them moving about?

Clay ignored the bodies lined up and went into another room further down the hall where there was a closed space of more than 10 meters tall and wide. The room had no windows nor ventilation, it was only a closed room with only the door preventing anyone from entering or leaving. Clay stood at the center of the room and slowly employed his control over magic and slowly wrote runes in the Olden Gods Language. The runes he wrote were formed into a magic circle and when he finished after a few minutes, he stepped out of the circle.

"HAHA! I have finally found a way to contract a spirit!" Yes, after a year of constant research, Clay had finally found the method of the elves and other spiritual races by which they could use magic. It was by contracting these spirits that are also present in this world that lives in another dimension. The first hurdle was looking and going into that dimension, but with Clay's proficiency with Space magic, he figured out how to open dimensions and even travel inside. However, with his double-body on Alleucanth, he could not afford to use it for an experiment. He had more confidence in using his own body for things that could destroy his hard-worked-on body double.

As the Magic Circle finished, Clay uttered the words written on the magic circle though Olden God's Language and his body was directly sapped almost all his accumulated magic energy. Then he recited a spell that the ancient people of the elves as recorded in a book. Suddenly, a blinding light emerged and encompassed the room in an instant. What came next was a laugh and an oppressive aura appearing.

"HAHAHA! Who can call unto me, the Spirit King Agni? I shall see if you are worthy of a contract with me!" Said the Spirit King Agni. Agni was a Spirit that ruled over the Spiritual Fire. He was the one who ruled over Spiritual Fire in this dimension. Even the Six Pillars of Faith did not have enough authority to borrow from his power. They had to create their own flames with their own effects. The effects of the Spiritual Fire of Agni were to cleanse and revive any other flame. In a way, it stood above other Spiritual Fire. Spirit King Agni looked like Jafar when he turned into a genie in Aladdin. Albeit, fierier and was intangible as well. He was wearing fire as his garment and his eyes themselves were made of fire. He did not possess legs and was floating freely in the air. The temperature inside the room raised a teeny bit when Agni appeared. A testament to how much insulation Clay's mansion had.

"Heed my call, oh King of the Spirits, Agni. My name is Clay, I need a way to harness spiritual energy. I humbly ask that you teach me the method." Clay said as he bowed his head to Agni appearing in front of him. Agni, who totally fit the setting and location of where he as summoned. Immediately after summoning and his entrance, Agni felt the fire energies that were rampaging in this place and felt ecstatic. Finally, I will have a successor who likes to play fire more than any other Spiritual Element. Thought Agni. He was a spirit King, but in some other dimension, he was called a god, but he admittedly does not think himself a god. So, he was happy to be called upon by a fire junky.

"Human. No, your soul, smells different. But you are human I'm also sure. What is this?"
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What the Spirit King, Agni, muttered was picked up by Clay and this alarmed him. Is this spirit saying that I am slowly becoming less human?

"Oh, spirit King, what do you mean?" He asked Agni to clarify, however,

"Human! I have answered your call and I am pleased with your dedication. I don't know where you learned of the method to summon us spirits, but I will grant you not just the method but a contract with me. I will give you this opportunity to become one of my successors. This will give you a greater power than just a simple contract of power. What do you say?" Agni ignored Clay's question and directly went to the point of why he was here as if running away from the question.

Clay did not pursue it and declined the contract outright saying,

"Spirit King, I do not wish for your power. I wish for you to teach me how to control Spirit Energy. If you teach me this, then I will find for you a successor that will be worthy of your grooming." Promised Clay, he already had someone in mind. Clay did not mind that he sounds like he was speaking to the Spirit King like they were equals. And right now, Clay did not feel any sort of threat from the Spirit King at all.

"Preposterous! A human who summoned me, does not wish for my power but to train in spirit magic instead? HAHAHAHAH! How preposterous! I quite like that kind of haughty thinking. However, human, I have one condition. Defeat my disciple in a duel and I will teach you the method to train spirit energy. What do you say?" It was a typical development, Clay thought. He really thought of the possibility of fighting the Spirit King itself, but his disciple should be a piece of cake.

"I agree to your condition. Let us set the rules of the duel, such that none of us perish even by accident."

So, both Clay and the Spirit King, agreed on rules. The rules are as follows: Both fighters will have a minute to fight. After that minute is over, a 30 second break is required and then the fight resumes with another minute as its time limit. If in any rounds any of the two fighters admit defeat, then the winner will be determined. If the winner is not determined even after the third round of minutes, then the Spirit King Agni will decide who won and who lost. Killing blows will be prohibited (the Spirit King suggested considering Clay's safety). With those rules they established they used the room for the duel. Clay slowly distanced himself from Agni for him to summon his disciple.

"My disciple heeds my call. Come forth!" Agni raised his right arm towards the sky as if trying to lift something telekinetically. Right after, a magic circle a tad smaller than the one Clay drew opened and lit up the room. Then the presence of another being was felt by Clay and he instinctively look towards the place. There, a smaller version of the Spirit King Agni emerged and made a bowing gesture towards Agni. Then faced Clay in a battle stance. Although this spirit was without legs, its stance was made as if it had legs. Fists up like in boxing, then the spirit introduced itself politely.

"My name is Efrit, disciple of the Spirit King Agni, ruler of Flames. I shall do my best in this duel." Efrit said in introduction, to which, Clay also said,

"My name is Clay, no one important. Come, let us fight."

With the introduction over, Clay and Efrit turned towards Agni to find approval in starting the fight and Agni nodded while raising his right hand into the air and compressing a ball of fire in his hands then slamming it to the ground. The sound of its explosion prompted both fighters to start fighting.

Clay stood still and withdrew his senses away from Alleucanth and concentrated on the fight with Efrit. Although he could not feel any threat from him as well, it was disrespectful to your opponent to be facing him half-heartedly. So, Clay gave it his best in this duel. He was just standing still, yet he had no obvious openings that Efrit may exploit. Efrit dashed towards Clay without holding back and appeared in front of his nose in an instant. If this were not Clay, he was facing then they would have been so frightened out of their minds from just that display. However, Clay followed Efrit's movements with ease. Efrit covered his hands in flames as an attempt to land a hit on Clay. However, as his fists came closer to Clay's jaw, Clay took a breath and swiftly parried the fire-fist upwards while also mounting his own counterattack. He sent his punch with his right hand that was free and sent a punch to Efrit's abdomen as if he had a tangible body.

Efrit was confident of not receiving any damage from the punch as it was a physical one and Spirits have the nature of being incorporeal which nullifies any physical attacks without exception. However, Clay's attack was covered with a bit of Overpower by putting in a slight amount of killing intent. Flooded by even that small amount of killing intent, Efrit was surprised and plunged into a state of fear while Clay's fists went directly in and out of Efrit's body leaving behind a gouge in his body.

At that moment, the fear of having his own body destroyed by Clay's attack was embedded in Efrit's mind. While Clay also clicked his tongue while muttering something, "Tch! I knew it. Physical attacks don't work. But I guess the other attack worked." Clay looked at Efrit who had backed away after receiving Clay's attack. Although, if Efrit realized how Clay was able to parry his first strike, then he would have had double the fear in his mind. If Clay was able to parry his strike then what's to say, that if he used the same principle in attacking, then his body would materialize, and he would seriously be hurt.

Agni also noticed this and shook his head. It was a clear win for Clay already but stopping the fight right after it started is way too boring, so he let them continue. Although Efrit was not arrogant of his strength, so was Clay not looking down on Efrit. It was a true showing of respect to a duel. And this character was admired by Agni. With this, he decided to teach Clay the method of training in spiritual energy after the fight.

"I think we should stop. Although, I know that you are strong, it seems that according to my calculations, if you receive a single strike from me, it's going to be game over for you. I don't mean to sound condescending, but you are still too weak to face me in my full power. I wonder if King Agni would like to have a go with me for the sake of comparison?" Clay said after Efrit backed away. It was not that he was looking down on Efrit or Agni, but that he knew he was capable of doing and if he really hit Efrit with a strike that could hurt him, then, it would not end in just hurting him, it would end in his annihilation.

Efrit also knew this is true deep inside now. He finally realized the moment Clay parried the first strike; it was already over. So, he bowed his head towards Clay and apologized to his master, "My King, I am sorry for showing this disappointing display of skill. I shall receive any king od punishment!"

"Efrit, no need to be down. I have seen this human's strength as well. You are no match for him. As promised, Human called Clay, I shall bestow upon you the method to train spiritual energies. And I look forward to your chosen person to summon me later. We shall bid our farewell here. That fight you propose, let us have that in the Spirit Realm in the future. HOHOHO!"

The Spirit King Agni extended his hands towards Clay's direction and a wave of energy hit him. At that moment, knowledge on how to train Spirit Energy was imprinted in his mind. UltiCo's comprehensive knowledge pounced at that new information and integrated it fully into its core. With this knowledge Clay understood how to cultivate Spirit energy and a greatly awaited ringing sounded in his head.


[Energy Absorption – Spirit Energy]

[Magic Energy Reactor – Acquired]

Immediately, Clay's body transformed again. The cells in his body became real magic energy reactors. His [Muscle Control] reverted and his size ballooned to more than 6 meters. His body grew even larger by the second as his [Magic Energy Reactor] at master level kept his creating magical energy. In a panic, Clay released a blast of pure magic energy outside his body to prevent it from growing even more than his current growth speed. The blast was a linear one like a certain Super Turtle Destruction Wave. It was on a planetary level that even people in Alleucanth was able to witness the Sun giving out a linear blast outward as if it sneezed.

Fortunately, after his panicked state, he analyzed the situation and finally remembered that he had an unlimited storage located in his brain area. Magic Storage, so he called. So, he directed all the energy that his Magic Energy Reactor created inside that space.

Clay was relieved once his body's growth stopped and he was finally able to use [Muscle Control] again to compress his own body. Clay scared himself in remembering the size of certain gods in the hit game series that featured a human becoming god and turning gigantic. What would Clay do, if he became gigantic even without becoming god.

He stopped thinking and started to consolidate his own power again. Finally, he achieved his goal of having unlimited magic supply. His next goal was to settle a promise he once made.


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