The Real Monster
51 Welcome to Claiomh Solais!
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The Real Monster
Author :vOnKreigerXXV
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51 Welcome to Claiomh Solais!

Clay led them towards the city and in about an hour of walking and receiving reports from his retainers, they had arrived.

On the way, Clay had stopped walking and wanted to ride on one of the carriages and just sat beside the driver. Caltec wanted to at least have him seated inside the carriage but Clay dismissed their courtesy and told them to just mind their own business. Without any power to veto his decision, the three of them acquiesced and just walked beside the carriage and reported what happened on their journey for 6 months. They recounted their encounter with Ortush and his knights, the monsters and bandits they had to fight off using Clay's bestowed armaments to them. All these while feeling the rush in their voices. Like children that were so excited that they just forget themselves and talk on and on and on.

Clay patronized them and just listened to their stories without showing his boredom. All that happened to his retainers had already been transmitted to him via the perception he had that encompassed the whole of Alleucanth. So simply focusing on their presences, he was able to monitor their progress and see if they needed help or whatever. And since it was not necessary to help them at all in their travels because of the simply made weapons he gave them, it was all good.

Caltec also reported about the Acadrian prince called Guilbert and his current whereabouts and plans, however, Clay had only let it pass his ears as he knew that Guilbert wouldn't even be a threat to him anyway. As if an ant, could greatly threaten him at this juncture. Besides, he made sure to keep his promise to someone some time ago.

As the walls of the city appeared in their views. Caltec, Jon, Mor and the whole company gasped and even let out restrained voices of excitement. And that was what Clay had been waiting for. The achievement of surprising his retainers and their families through the sheer size and height of the walls of the city. And he knew that their surprise for today will not end at just seeing this.
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Clay navigated them towards the Eastern Gates of the city. He also did not forget to terraform the way towards it while he guided Caltec and the bunch. He made sure to make a ten-meter wide road of hardened earth so that even carriages could travel without any problem; except the occasional monster attacks. However, it was not Clay's responsibility for now to think of visitors coming. He had to settle everything in his city before even making them announce their existence in this world.

Arriving at the gates, Clay opened the gate without ease to the surprise of many among the following. The Gate was a 20 or so meter high, 2-meter-thick as well and must have weighed more than 10 tons and he so easily opened it as if pushing a normal door. However, the more surprising thing was that the frames that the gates were attached from did not even issue any loud noises that it should have from its enormous size and weight. The grating of the floor should have come naturally. The craftsmanship of this gate and the walls must have been to perfection.

More than that, now that the inside was exposed to them from the opening of the gates, the empty city that they could see inside was breathtaking. The buildings rose from the ground as if mushrooms and boasted heights that they had never thought possible. The buildings looked seamless. Meaning it did not use bricks and whatever conventional materials to build. According to their common sense, buildings like this should have less lifespan and would fall to the ground by just introducing it to a little bit of shaking from an earthquake, but what they were feeling from the tall standing buildings were astonishment and safety that came from out of nowhere in their minds and hearts.

Caltec looked at Clay quizzically while Clay answered with a nod. As if they had an agreement in that, Clay took to the front again as some of them couldn't help but step forward and look inside to make sure they were not dreaming, and extended his hands wide, saying, "Welcome to Claiomh Solais, the City of the Sword of Light!" With a hearty laugh that he could not restrain, Clay let it out of his mouth surprising his subjects, while he himself entered the city, without looking back.

Seeing this, the rest followed him and excitedly looked left and right.

Clay directly brought them towards where he wanted them to settle down as his first subjects. He did not want them to be treated as ordinary people because they will be from now on, the pioneer of this city, this country that Clay had build just for his pleasure. Bringing them to a location close to the City Hall that he had built up. A residential building stood close to the walls that separated Moribor Mountain from the city itself. It had a fence that were from the same material used to make the outer walls which were only at 1.5 meters. The residential building was separated by yet another fence of 1.5 meters to allow neighbors to see each other. The building itself looked to be a condominium type. It was rectangular and was clearly divided into three parts. One for Caltec and his family, Jon and his family and then Mor, and the mercenaries along their own families as well.

"This will be where you will live from now on. Settle down for now, and I'll call on you again before dinner!" Clay then left them alone without waiting for any one to voice out anything and went to see Isaac's training.

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    《The Real Monster》