The Real Monster
50 Clay“s City Building Completed
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The Real Monster
Author :vOnKreigerXXV
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50 Clay“s City Building Completed

To the present, where Clay had continued to build the city via cheat means.

To see the day when he completed a city all on his own, well, plus one, but the other one did not matter in the creation process. Clay had made a sewage system and then hardened the floor pavement so that it can withstand weights than run up to 300 tons. This way, even if he and his 'pals' walked around with weights than multiplied 10 to even 50 times, it would still be able to hold on. The standard for setting that up was Clay's fully activated runes inside his body, specifically his bones. He had analyzed that his total weight when activated exceeded 200 tons but did not reach the 300 tons mark, so he reinforced all the flooring and foundations to be able to hold up that range of weights.

After making the sewage, the outer walls and even the city hall, he began to construct an arena and a training hall for all that he had to train. It was a big Rome Colosseum style building that had plenty of room to let loose when practicing moves. The entire structure was reinforced not by magic infusion but by Runes this time. Clay had to work, day in and day out to completely cover the inner walls with Runes for indestructibility. Although a Rune's abilities still could not become the very definition of the word, it still came close to how ordinary people would describe sturdy things in exaggeration.

What made Clay even more excited was the City Square where the city's transactions will be focused on and be located. It was a well-thought plan for a city if Clay only had to listen to his own voice of praise. However, location and target audience aside, Clay had nailed that his work was worthy of praise. It takes a stupidly free person to finish even just one building and Clay had even finished an entire city in less than a month.

For this last few weeks, Isaac, the poor soul that Clay had found and picked up randomly, was put into excruciating training that would have killed weak-willed people on the first day. He had used earth magic to make bracelets for his wrists and ankles and then put Runes in them and activated them at that same instant. Isaac couldn't follow the movement that Clay made, and it looked to him that Clay had attached to him something in an instant. Then when it activated, it damaged his insides without doubt and he even fell on his knees resisting kissing the floor because of the weight. Unfortunately for him, it was not over yet. As Clay analyzed that Isaac was dying from his organs being raptured and turned into mush by the sheer amount of weight, he had to endure in an instant, he took out potions that heal Isaac immediately after being injured. In another word, he was tortured to the point of tears. It wasn't at the last day that Isaac noticed that his magic power leaking had somewhat diminished. That's why he endured the hellish training. His training menu was still resisting kissing the floor for almost a month now while he was handed potions by Clay to use at the right moment. And feeling the right moment to drink the potions took skill. A skill that Isaac must earn for his training to be successful. Aside from doing that he was also being consulted by Clay about things concerning the city building, the otherworld common sense that he lacked.

With Clay leisurely building the city and Isaac undergoing the hellish training, the sixth month finally came.
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Caltec, Jon and Mor, along their families arrived at the borderline where the Forest of Despair started on the human realm side of it. An entrance to the forest was there. However, effectively it wasn't supposed to be an entrance. It was supposed to be a marker and a warning that this partition was put there to be a reminder that the lives of whoever ventures forth would be forfeit. Caltec and the rest also hesitated in getting inside to travel towards the foot of the Moribor Mountain through the Forest of Despair.

At the foot of Moribor, Clay also noticed his retainers coming into the forest. With a nod, as if to signify his action, he disappeared from the place via space magic. In the next instant he appeared he was already just ahead of Caltec and his company. He then walked towards them slowly as if on a leisure walk at the park.

Sensing the presence of someone, Caltec ordered the rest to stay put while putting up their guards.

"At least you haven't gone less vigilant. That's a good trait to continue to have. Come on, let's go to the place where your new home will be." Showing himself to them, Caltec heaved a heavy sigh and lowered his guard just a few seconds after he heard the voice and saw Clay, his master. The ones with him also breathed sighs just as Caltec did. Jon and Mor beamed with smiles as they finally felt safest with Clay coming to get them. In fact, Clay had not planned to get them personally and just let them fight their way towards the foot of Moribor, however, in his excitement to show off his hard work of building the city, he forewent the plan and just hurriedly met them on their way.

"Let's hurry up and get going!" Clay ordered and took steady steps towards the city he so excitedly built.


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