The Real Monster
49 Acadria“s Salvation
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The Real Monster
Author :vOnKreigerXXV
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49 Acadria“s Salvation

An traveled night and day, without rest to deliver this package she was entrusted with. It was such an urgent matter that she even forewent her meals and sleep. An knew that if she did not deliver it fast enough, she would be in anxiety longer.

As a young lady, An had been left in the slums of Acadria where the laws of the kingdom doubled with the rules of the slums made her life miserable. In her hour of need, there was the King and Sunshine who extended their hands towards her giving her a place to call home and become someone, instead of continuing to be a nobody. She was an orphan that was left behind by her parents because of debt. She did not know if they were still alive, but she did not particularly care. She only wanted to dedicate her life to the King and Sunshine. And now, she was presented with a way to do just that and her excitement and anxiety made her extremely agitated.

She arrived at the kingdom and straight to the palace she went. Staying in the shadows and even entering the King's chamber unnoticed by the rest of the servants inside. There were no other covert operatives in the palace since all of them were assigned to Guilbert who had the highest chance of revolt. They also knew that it was guilbert who had poisoned the King; however, evidence was still needed to convict him and judge him. With the efforts they had to make to find a cure for the poison that Guilbert had administered to the King, it was a painful struggle. Now, she had with her, the legendary All-Cure pill that the Hero Clay concocted for the King. It was their salvation, no, the whole of Acadria's salvation rested on her delivering this cure for the king.
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An, stood in the shadows inside the chambers of the King. She stood and stayed there for a good 10 minutes before she moved quietly and quickly. She reached her hands on the king's mouth to open it up a little and make him swallow the pill. When she reached his face and grabbed his mouth, her hands were suddenly grabbed by the King which scared her.


The King wheezed as he wanted to speak and finally after finding his voice, he said,

"W-Who's there? Sunshine? N-No… your hands are too soft t-to be Sunshine's." The King articulated with much struggle. Hearing him, An couldn't help but tear up and sob. She knew all too well how healthy the King was even in his advanced age, however, one day, he deteriorated faster than any healing spell or medicine they employed for him. It was heartbreaking to see. So she spoke to reassure the King.

"My Liege, it is An. I have come bearing a cure for your illness. Swallow this pill and quickly get healthy. The Kingdom needs you still, after all." She said that with a forced smile on her face. The king had already lost his sight and most of his other senses due to the poison. They did not know how long he would have lasted still, if a cure couldn't be found. An immediately shoved the pill down the King's mouth and made him swallow by assisting his swallowing with her water magic.

For a few seconds, there were no changes to the King's condition and An had an even more anxious face to show. However, just as she had thought and comforted herself that the medicine might have a delayed effect, the King's body became wrapped in a gentle green light. It was the light of healing and transformation. The light effects were Clay's doing. He wanted the effects of healing to be visible via some light shows and added ingredients that did just this. In fact, the healing would have immediately happened if not for dissolving this layer of the medicine first.

Seeing what was happening to the King, An stood at the ready behind the door to the chamber and unsheathed her dagger. She did not want anyone to disrupt the healing process of the King. However, her worry was for naught as the effect was in, fact, immediate. The King's complexion gained more color by the second. And by the tenth second that passed, the King's body had already been rid of any impurities in his body. Any scar was healed as well as any unseen injuries that he might have sustained. In fact, it worked too well, that even his life force had come back to that of when he was a man in his youth. His hair was still grey and long, but his face was rid of wrinkles and his muscles gained their previous tone. An couldn't close her mouth even until after the King had already stood up in front of her.

Realizing her rudeness, An immediately kneeled in front of the King and greeted,

"Long live the King! Congratulations on your healing." Said An, still looking at the floor.

The King in response extended his hands towards An to make her get up and stand as equals with the King, in the presence of no one. It was that same image that she had always remembered the king extending his hand towards her in slums some years ago.

"How long has it been since I have extended these hands of mine towards those in need?" The King smiled and muttered as if to remember the last time he had done this gesture.

"It doesn't matter My Liege. What matters now is that you'll be able to extend those hands to others in need again." An added.

"How did you come upon such a godly medicine child?" The King, who has regained his youth somehow, Gracius vi Acadria, asked as if a father to a child. An felt happiest for his 'father' who took her in. His recovery was every bit her wish after all.

"I shall tell you the story, my Liege." An started retelling the story of how she came upon the All-Cure medicine.


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