The Real Monster
48 Battle of Brokenknight Highway
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The Real Monster
Author :vOnKreigerXXV
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48 Battle of Brokenknight Highway

The Battle of Brokenknight Highway.

That was how this battle was dubbed as, by historians that came to investigate what had happened at this unknown highway months before the establishment of the Claiomh Solais Kingdom later known as Claiomh Solais Empire.

What transpired may have been the briefest and most one-sided beating that any knight order has taken from former mercenaries that recently became subordinate to the ruler of the Empire Clay, the Great Hero Emperor.

According to historical facts and some rumors from credible sources the leading figures of the Empire had been ambushed by Acadrian forces on their way to meet up with their Lord. A now unknown knight who was ordered to lead a few squads of knights to ambush the leading figures of the empire. However, because of the heroic blessing of their Lord, the leading figures of the empire had managed to single-handedly repel the ambush and came out unscathed. It was a fascinating and glorious piece of history to be written down with utterly careful investigation and cross references. Here's what happened.


Ortush had already started their charge the moment that the scouts they left a few klicks away from their ambush spot gave their signals. Their charge became a torrent of overpowering force flowing straight towards their unknowing victims. Ortush was sure of his victory. He signaled to the rest of the cavalry behind his charge to gallop full throttle without holding anything back. A horse's gallop could reach 40 to 50 kilometers full speed while a knight is riding it. The force that generates is devastating to any infantry that does not have a means of defense, like the caravan that Caltec leads.

However, this was not a battle on the medieval scene, this was a battle in a world where magic and swords ruled logic. If only Ortush had seen the battle with the Minotaur that the three people had done when they had been overrun by monsters at that camp, he would have known that Mor, the youngster that was with Caltec then, knows magic and powerful ones at that. If only he also knew that Clay had given him a national treasure level artifact, the stick, then he would have gotten off his horse and ambushed on foot instead.

Knowledge is power, that is true for any age or world. And Ortush did not have any information. While Caltec's side, although not fully informed had inklings of the danger that they represented to them via Jon's ability. An ambush has failed effectively when the enemy had already prepared for it in real-time.

Charging for almost 2 minutes from their initial run, Ortush and his small army finally saw a figure of a person standing at the center of the path they were going at. It was a young man that he was familiar with. According to his memories, this young man was called Mor, a greenhorn in the Horns of Vakthani's mercenary group. He didn't have any remarkable feats and achievements to be remembered, so Ortush thought that he was left here to be a distraction to delay Ortush and his small army. He sneered at the conclusion he arrived at and looked down further on Caltec and the rest. He decided to run the kid over and kill him with trampling. Ortush yet again failed to think and remember that Caltec and his caravan shouldn't have known their charge at all, so how were they able to set up countermeasures?

It was failure again and again for the sad and poor Ortush. He failed to grasp the significance of the hint that was thrown at him by the presence of Mor standing in their way. Even his small army behind him, jeered and snickered in contempt for this seemingly futile attempt to contain them.

The next moment, and it was a literal moment. Above the young man was a ball of flame as large as a boulder, appearing almost instantly. It seems the horses felt the magic energy fluctuation and became frightened. If they were less trained as horses, they'd have abandoned this useless charge and just escaped directly, however, they were indeed very well-trained horses. They were courageous and followed command like a good little soldier. Which now have led them to their demise.

Mor flung his hand forward in order to direct the flaming ball of burning gas and magic power into the ranks of the cavalry. Ortush was the first to panic. He wanted to stop the horse he was riding but was unable to just stop because he will get trampled on instead. He spurred his horse even more and sped up somehow to veer out of the way of that ball of flame!

His knights charging behind him wanted to follow but they were too slow, and the ball of flame already arrived in front of them with accuracy that defied common sense. It even seemed as if the ball of flame followed them and was fully intent to burn them all with itself.


There were no explosions. There were no theatrics. Just a hellish amount of flame that burned the knights' lungs as the air they breathed in was burned. Effectively burning their insides thus killing them. The rest of the knights at the back were already aware of what happened and promptly stopped their charge and circled around the splashed flames in the way. They were able to survive. And seeing their leader had already escaped the range of the flaming hell, they followed behind him yet again and continued to charge immediately.

Mor on the other hand had already disappeared to the back of the line where the rest of the former mercenaries protected the caravan. It was Jon's turn this time as Ortush had returned to the more favorable terrain on which a horse's charge was more effective, on the highway. It was yet another mistake on his part.

If there were traps at the front, expect that there will be traps right after as well. However, Jon had disguised the ditch that he had mad with the mantle covering of the carriages and some dirt. Without knowing anything, Ortush had come charging through to reach Jon and behead him. And,

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Ortush was a fool. That was for sure, however, the state by which he died in was awful to say the least. Jon had taken the time to put spikes below the hole and the ditch he made had swords buried as the spikes. Currently, the soldiers protecting the caravan had no weapons so to speak. His gamble yet again paid off for himself and his company.

Some knights were still alive inside the ditch and were still struggling to keep their lives, but why would they allow them to live and tell the tale? All the remaining knights had fallen into the second trap that they set up and effectively eradicated the danger that Jon had initially felt from this direction in front of him. He heaved a sigh of relief because of it and signaled the rest of the company to come and help in cleaning up. Thus, the battle of Brokenknight Highway was set in stone in history.

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    《The Real Monster》