The Real Monster
45 Jon and Mor
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The Real Monster
Author :vOnKreigerXXV
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45 Jon and Mor

Jon and Mor moved together in pair when they left to get their families. Both had families that simply lived in Hamilton's Capital. Mor's case was an exception as his family did not want to leave Hamilton's nobility even if they're only Barons. So Mor had no one else to take but his little self. He also left happily as if escaping the life of a noble was all he had ever hoped for. Mor was the second son of his father and so he was not going to inherit the Barony and would be left to fend for himself in the future. In fact, he had already predicted this beforehand and already started associating himself with mercenary life once he could go out and find opportunities for himself. He wasn't particularly neglected but he wasn't pampered either. Which to him was fine parenting for nobles already. So, he didn't show any ungrateful kind of expression and attitude to his family. What he did instead was to excel more than his brother in magic. Although, magic wasn't his strongest suit either. He was more of a jack-of-all-trades now which made him pass Clay's evaluation for apprenticeship. His situation did not have any dramatic turn abouts and was ordinary, and so he did not have any other motivation than to just live a life that he himself decided.

From a young age, Mor had been educated in every field possibly available for him when he grew up. This was how his family showed their love for him knowing that he would not be able to inherit the Barony or the title. He could only either strive to become a knight and work his way up to the nobility or excel in magic and be appointed to the magic division of the military. There was also plans to let him handle a business, a small one to see how it would go. All three ventures received a growth when Mor had done them, but the result was not too good nor too bad. In other words, average. His family did not lose hope and enrolled him to a third-rate knight's institution to receive instruction but still he did not excel in there either. Finally realizing that Mor would always be average in anything, they gave him the freedom to pursue his own career and growth path. Which was now, all according to Mor and he went for a mercenary career. However, Clay saw something in Mor that not even his mediocrity could not hide. That was untapped potential. Now Mor awaits the day when he would finally be able to reach a new height and find his own purpose in following Clay.

Jon on the other hand brought all his family members including his dog. His mother was called Junia and his father Jobert while his sister who married a city guard was called Jilia. His youngest brother was called John. Counting their dog, Ropher they were an average sized family of six. They did not have much possession on them, so they traveled in two caravans. One for the carriages had but their possessions and necessary items as well as the criminal bands that they procured for their Master Clay.

Jon was once a hunter that served for a village specialized in hunting, still in the Kingdom of Hamilton. Although he had a hunting cabin where he would stay most of the time, he still came back to his family each month for at least a week. When it came to pass that hunting became boring for him, he went for adventures, thus, he registered to the adventurer's guild and went to hunt monsters and treasures. He gained all his knowledge and insight from the adventures he went on to, and even developed a sense to feel when danger was approaching him. Over the years that he felt exhilarated by the adventures that he had alone, he finally came to realize that even adventuring becomes boring when you get used to it. All the monsters he hunted had become his trophy in the form of the armor and weapons that he had forged by blacksmiths who accepted to work on them. Most blacksmiths at the present time only made mineral based weapons and armors so imagine when Jon brought them bones and hides to fashion into armor and weapons? He was at first outright rejected but his efforts and persistence chipped away at the mindset of some of the blacksmiths he frequented and finally forged him new weapons and armors using monster materials. Though it is still not popular because of the inefficiency of using monster materials in forging equipment, it still paid off that he had started the industry of using monster materials for weapons and armors.

After getting bored of adventuring for the lack of courage to face stronger monsters and worry for his family, he joined a local based mercenary group where he met Caltec, then later Mor joined the squad as a recruit working his way up to a regular. Jon enjoyed the times they had as mercenaries under Caltec, but there was a time when Caltec was gone for who knows how long and someone replaced him for a good long year in leadership. His name was Malcom, a mercenary from the Horns of Vakthani main guild at the Imperial Capital. He was sent to Hamilton to replace Caltec for a while. That year was a year of unpleasant memories for Jon. This Malcom tended to slaughter every enemy in his opposition even when they were already surrendering. It was as if this man had so much thirst for blood that he did not stop unless all enemy in front of him had died and been hacked to pieces. This displeased most of the mercenaries that were under Caltec prior to Malcom. Thankfully, Caltec returned after a year and Malcom disappeared to the Imperial Capital without any word of goodbyes and what-not. However, no one even bothered to question it and just let it be. Even Jon did not feel any danger from him for that whole one year, and so he also let it slip his mind. A few years later, a traitorous Hero had been branded as such by the royal lineage of Acadria to be hunted down and brought to justice, they were commissioned by the prince called Guilbert who had been received in Hamilton by the royals there. They went to the border between the human realm and the demon realm up north where Igelias Kingdom serves as the first line of defense. They went to Agera, a frontier town that specialized in monster subjugation hunts to find the Hero. However, it took them three months to get the hero and Jon had not even sensed danger from the hero himself. It was as if he walked into their trap to test himself. However, that was proven true by Jon and Caltec and Mor when the monster train had happened and they were all taken in by Clay, the very Hero that they had set out to capture. Now their lives are under Clay's palm.

What happens to them will be all up to Clay's whim. That's how their adventure and the new world that awaited them started.
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