The Real Monster
44 Caltec
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The Real Monster
Author :vOnKreigerXXV
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44 Caltec

Journeying from Hamilton's remotest village territory, towards the capital city and then continuing to Moribor Mountain needed at least 6 months. That was the timetable that Clay, their Master, also set for them. For Caltec, that was enough. He immediately set off towards his family's home and told them of the great opportunity that had befallen him which extended to them, his family. They were also happy for Caltec. Especially his wife, Sanya. Sanya had always loathed the days that Caltec had to leave home to go on a mission to escort some nobles or even merchants from city to city. When he got back there were more scars on him that she counted and would weep over them. Caltec always made him happy that his wife worried for her and worried at the same time. However, he could not stop from doing this because this was what brought food on the table not just for him but for the rest of their families. Sanya's family were with them as they're farmers by birth and they would also die as farmers. When Caltec married Sanya, they brought the whole family and moved to Hamilton in a village called Thorn's Edge. A village that thrived via farming and paying its dues to Hamilton through produce tax. The addition to Sanya's side of the family to the population had made this village thrive and prosper. However, as their produce increased, the tax also increased because of the policies that had been passed since long ago. In the end, they still had little left to have as consumable. Caltec had to continue his mercenary work to support the rest of their family.

With his salary, he was able to lift the living standard of the family and even the village. However, if he stopped his mercenary work, they'd starve sooner than later.
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With this news that he brought, they were all in support and even invited the whole village, but they were rejected saying they'd live here to farm, and they'd die here to farm. So, they did not insist. Caltec's side of the family grew up to be soldiers so they trained and thrived as soldiers in Caltec's military group when they passed the qualifications. In this way, the security of the Village was secure. Now that Caltec was planning to move, the soldiers will most probably go with them and this worried the village chief. However, Caltec could not stop those that have already made progress with love to other village girls. So, some of the soldiers had to stay and continue their duties. Which solved the problem.

Half a month for arriving here and another half a month to get back including the preparations to Hamilton. Caltec passed those days planning for their longer journey towards Moribor Mountains. Arriving at Hamilton's Capital, Caltec situated his family over to a simple compound he rented for a week for their stay at Hamilton. While he settled everything, he had to in the mercenary guild he belonged to. Caltec was part of the mercenary guild called Horns of Vakthani, named after the founder of said mercenary guild. Vakthani was a warrior who wore the horns of the monsters he slayed on the way to each escort service. Thus, he named his company the Horns of Vakthani.

Caltec left the guild and paid the necessary fees to become a free man not fettered by the guild nor any other authority except Clay's. Before leaving though, Caltec asked for the guild to find him as many criminal bands in different forms as they could and give it Caltec, to a price accordingly. He had a lot of money anyway, it was Clay's order as well, so might as well use it for that purpose.

Caltec also armed his men who went with him from the guild to join his 'family.' People he could trust with his life. He armed them for the upcoming continuous fights they'd need to face in getting to Moribor Mountain. The journey will be fraught with danger, but he had to take this test and pass it if he were to continue serving Clay and benefit from him greatly. Better equipment was bought and worn as Caltec warned them who wore armor and weapons.

"The journey we are about to make, is fraught with danger. Each step we take from now on should be taken with utmost caution and prudence. One single misstep will lead to us getting annihilated by monsters of the rank C or even higher. We are journeying towards the Moribor Mountains as I have explained to you. We won't be taking this journey lightly and so, be especially alert and sharp. The lives of your family are at stake. Now, let's take the first step into a glorious life!" Caltec spoke with much power and resolve and it was communicated to his people effectively bringing their morale as high as the sky. They started their Journey, 2 months after their initial encounter with Clay.

On the way, they really did face troublesome bandits and even monsters but because most of them were mercenaries that walked outside the caravan which carried their families who could not fight, the enemies could not even come close. Also, on their way, they met up with Jon and Mor's families who also bolstered the defensive and offensive capability of their caravan.

So their journey from Hamilton to the neighboring kingdoms all the way to Moribor Mountains have started.


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