The Real Monster
43 Words Don“t Matter!
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The Real Monster
Author :vOnKreigerXXV
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43 Words Don“t Matter!

Clay had already sensed the presence of a strong individual releasing magic comparable to what he had when he first started to gain more magic energy. He was not a threat but the element affinity that he was releasing could be bad news to the city that he had created. He moved to intercept this threat and resolved to deal with it with force if need be. Clay appeared in front of Isaac who was walking at a steady pace towards the Lake of Monsters. As if he was also strolling. Nothing could hinder him in this place since his magic always froze those who he deemed enemies. He was surprised by Clay's sudden appearance and immediately deemed him a threat which made his magic move against Clay. However, Clay was no ordinary person. He immediately wrested control over the magic via UltiCo's integrated skill called Magic Dominator. It was as easy as taking candy from a baby. While Clay did that he also spoke,

"Whoa, whoa! Hold your horses there. I'll take this for now, but don't attack me again or we'll have a problem." Said Clay as if Isaac was not even a bug that he had to be bothered with personally. He needed to ascertain that Isaac was not a threat to his city before letting him leave or even live. Life and death had already become a simple concept for Clay by this time.

"Who are you?!" Isaac exclaimed. He was threatened greatly by what Clay just did to his magic. Isaac's magic had evolved and had already become seemingly to have a will of its own. When Isaac feels threatened. It moves to protect him or attack the threat. However, Clay knew that Isaac had a skill called Magic Control which enabled Isaac to move his magic energy by will. A skill that was lower-tiered than Magic Dominator, but also rarely seen in humans.

"I'm Clay, the ruler of this place. What business do you have in passing through here? I made a city just up ahead and your magic energy might be a threat to the city I built, so I have to make sure." Clay explained patiently. The moment that Isaac asked a question, Clay determined the other party as someone who he could talk to.

"I'm a wanderer. I have been aimlessly traveling through the realms all this time and have heard that the view on Moribor Mountains' Lake of Monsters was superb, so I visited." Said Isaac, answering Clay. Without lies in his words. It was indeed because he wanted to see for himself the beauty of the Lake.
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"Oh, okay then. You can go ahead and pass then, just that. Could you reign in that magic energy of yours? It's not really gonna make a dent to my walls and structures but the temperature dripping could be a problem for the people I'm taking care of." Or so Clay explained further but Isaac's brows knitted at hearing that he should reign his own magic power. It was a dilemma for him who had no means of fully containing this power inside. Clay was confident that this guy could control it since he did have Magic Control in his stats. However,

"I'm afraid I can't." Isaac answered. To which, Clay had also raised an eyebrow. It seems that knowing the truth alone really isn't the be all end all. One had to know the circumstance behind as well, as Clay has yet to understand.

"Why?!" Clay had released some of his magic while almost shouting that question. And Isaac also felt threatened even more because of that, that his magic automatically started to move in order to subdue Clay. By now, Isaac should have also realized that just by being in close proximity, Clay should have been made into a human popsicle via a frost and chill of his magic energy, however, being away from the presence of other human beings for a long time, had left him in need of a review.

That moving magic energy towards Clay that manifested as frost, made Clay think that he was being attacked already, and clenched his fist and was ready to move in order to eliminated Isaac but,


[Detected Spirit Energy from individual Isaac von Quilo]

Clay immediately ceased his action and stood still. Surprised. Immediately he pulled up, UltiCo's analysis of Isaac's stats and his skills and even blessings. He found that Isaac, was blessed by a Spirit King called Frost. Which explained to him why a human was able to live while also constantly emitting such strong frost. This blessing must be protecting him from being swallowed by his own cold energy. Awesome. Immediately, Clay thought of a scenario in which he could earn Isaac's trust while becoming his Master as well.

"Hey you. Why don't you serve under me? If you do, I will do something about that overly taxing magic energy that always leaks out from you. I'll help you control it better than you've ever imagined. How about it. I know you're suffering from it hence you're wandering around with no home to go back to."

With that quick thinking of his, Clay dissipated the tension immediately and veered the focus on Isaac's 'ailment.' To which, Isaac was staring with wide eyes towards Clay. As if what he heard was a clap of thunder from the skies. A voice of god from heaven. A nymph's song in the forest.

"Really? Are you able to that?!" And biting into the bait, was Isaac. The poor soul. Of course, seeing his reaction, Clay knew that his initial gamble had paid off and was now going to capitalize on Isaac's weakness. Such was a capitalist. And Clay was one.

"Of course, look." Immediately, Clay wrested almost all the magic energy inside Isaac from him and stored it inside him as his own energy. It was a miracle for Isaac to look at it visibly traveling from his body to Clay's. Not only had he made it possible to live a normal life for him, it was also part of the deal to help him gain better control over it. Which was supposed to be too good to be true and should have been rejected as fast as it was offered. However, Isaac was desperate for salvation. He wanted it, he longed for it. The day, that he would be able to live with others again.

"Alright, words don't matter now. Come with me."


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