The Real Monster
41 Moving-in Ceremony 2
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The Real Monster
Author :vOnKreigerXXV
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41 Moving-in Ceremony 2

Continuing his travel towards Moribor Mountain, Clay encountered many of the residents of this mountain range and have eliminated every single one of them. Not via physical prowess but through magic. The moment he sees monsters, he eliminates them collecting their corpses and blood. Aiming to make concoctions, decoctions and mutagens from them. He also aims to create varying equipment for his men and the men of his men. The monsters in this mountain range were all so far above Rank C and so had greater value as materials for crafting. Weapon Making and Armor Crafting has already been mastered and integrated to UnltiCo and even Accessory Crafting was mastered. Enhancing equipment was done primarily through the Olden God's Language runes, just like the Runes he engraved on his bones.

When he arrived at the ideal place where they should set up their little base of operations. Clay flew up and used his high perspective to scout the area and immediately do some terraforming. Clay atomized everything except the soil. He was using his hands to form a square and set that as the target for his spell. What he used was taken straight from the idea that every matter is composed of particles. Scattering those particles inside that set target, Clay achieved his desired result and descended. Then used earth magic's higher tier knowledge and technique, Gravity Magic, to level the lifeless field.

"Phew. It sure is hard work to establish a foundation huh. When will my leisurely days start?" He was anticipating the time when he can finally just sit back and enjoy life.

"Those guys should arrive half a month from now. So, building the foundation should be enough right?" Clay looked at the Sun above him and wondered when they'd arrive. In fact, he was really looking forward to torturing those guys in the name of training them.

"I'm excited about them being people I nurture and grow to one of those people who stand at the top of their generation." Hehehe. Clay laughed creepily. And so, he spent his time building making the sewage system first laying the foundation like this, Clay was having more fun that how he first thought. He even forewent rest and just went at playing city builder until he was able to set up the foundation of a great city. The area that he initially created was expanded little by little until it was of the same area as most of the Kingdoms in the realm.

He made foundations that span more than 1,500 square kilometers in his spare time. By the time that his people would arrive, they'd see an already set up city, ready for building up the residences. He even made the walls that would protect the main area of the city-to-be. The walls are 20 meters high and 2 meters thick of the same earth magic-made and hardened material he used in the Sun. While he was at it, he made a stair upwards the mountain at the height a third of Moribor Mountain past the wall and set up the Town Hall there. He had to destroy part of the wall to make way for a gate towards the Town Hall, but it was no trouble for the City Builder Clay. He did not do all this in a single day of course. He had to rest to store up enough magic energy to last longer. While he was in City Builder mode, Clay did not suffer any monster attack from the ground nor the sky anymore after the foolish ones with less intelligence were killed. The rest were having a wait-and-see policy going on, which gave Clay freedom to move as he liked. He could have also used Isolate to separate the space inside the City he built but that would be a bit too much considering, he had to see the reaction of his subordinates.

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That was, after all, his motivation in building an impressive City. Although, he considered letting them build their own city so that they'd have a sense of ownership for it, that wasn't such a big issue as anyway, their lives are Clay's and in effect, whatever they possessed, was also Clay's.


While Clay was doing his work on Moribor Mountain's sole City. Moribor Mountain also had a guest. He was a man that emanated tremendous frost and chill from his body. He was wandering inside the Forest of Despair. A part of Moribor Mountain's area of designation demarcated by the rivers that flowed towards the Lake of Monsters. The Lake of Monsters itself was closer to the foot of the mountain to the east and was getting its water from a river that flows from the peak of the mountain and makes its final destination there, while another river, a bigger one, coming from further east of the Impassable Mountain Range also supplies it with water. The last river that supplied the Lake of Monster's water was the river from the west side of Moribor mountain where the frost-man came from. The Forest of Despair was also divided by that very river from the west. These rivers would later be dubbed as The Rivers of the Garden. The bigger ones where called Chidekel and Phirat while the lesser ones were called Pishon and Gihon. The one who named them was obviously someone who knew of four rivers, that could be named as such, which was Clay.

Of course, now there are merely three rivers that flowed to the Lake of Monsters. The fourth river is one worth telling another time.


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