The Real Monster
39 Clay“s Experimental Log 2
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The Real Monster
Author :vOnKreigerXXV
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39 Clay“s Experimental Log 2

The fifth month came. Clay had used the latter days of the fourth month to start another experimental project. That was, to strengthen his body through a more precise and accurate distribution of energy to each cell. And this time, it was not Solar energy but Magic energy. He wanted to find out if he was able to strengthen his cells via Magic energy infusion. And the result was astonishing. Although his stats did not increase much, as compared to solar energy, the happier result was the rapid torrent of magic energy being absorbed to his body and into his cells. Meaning. His cells became storage for magic energy as well. To further enhance it, he compressed each cellularly stored magic energy so that its capacity was bigger than it looked. In his excitement, he even tried to execute that [Body Transfer] spell and miserably failed still. However, this did not discourage Clay. Since he found out that infusing Magic energy to his cells was possible, wouldn't it be possible to infuse nuclear and even fusion energies into it? UltiCo's analysis gave Clay the green light into trying this crazy idea.

Clay prepared his body for some backlash, as UltiCo warned that pain of such misery will be administered to the physical body if such a crazy thing was tried. Clay did not fear injury since he can regenerate so he went for it.

Clay infused Nuclear energy into his cells and a reaction came the next second. If looked at in the cellular level, Clay's cell was currently overloaded with magic energy that was compressed to be able to squeeze itself inside. Now that a new energy was coming inside. The backlash was expected. The cells underwent a transformation that made it grow bigger. And each time it did grow bigger, as it swelled up, a part of Clay's body would grow bigger as well. His muscles, tendons and even his bones underwent the transformation. Clay did not stop until UltiCo prompted him to take a break. And UltiCo, really did not give him a warning to stop and take a break so he continued unabated. The result of the infusion of the nuclear energy was that Clay' had become a hideous hulk. He stood at 6 meters. His muscles bulged ridiculously, and his hair grew longer. He looked like a merge of hulk, vegeta and goku.
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He knew he looked hideous but continued through the blood and flesh that tore off him while the infusion happened. He didn't care, he needed results. The experiments he did had him addicted to the feeling of success that he achieved something. He achieves romance. He was in ecstasy every time he succeeded and wanted to have that feeling again.

Now he needed to consolidate the power that he had acquired. Currently, his stats went over the ten thousand and shot over to the hundred thousand marks. The cost for that was his appearance getting an overall uglification. If there was such a word. So, he spent a week to make that power into his and control it flawlessly.

After the week passed, Clay woke up from his meditation. It had become a habit for him to spend the entire night contemplating on ideas and consolidating his power to become totally his. It was like that because by the time he had passed the ten thousand mark for his stats, he had found out that he did not need sleep anymore. As energy was constantly being produced by his body, without it being depleted. One of the ways he could release those energies was to perform experiments on himself and expend a lot of energy trying out the theories he came up with through UltiCo's help.

This month was the fifth and he had spent it with consolidating his power and optimizing his overall strength and physique. He had to find a way to un-bulge every muscle in his body and make it lighter without taking away the mass. So, he thought of an idea and UltiCo's analysis and calculations helped him greatly in coming up with a skill to develop. [Muscle Control] which enabled him to fully contract or expand his muscles and by employing magic into the equation, the all-powerful solution to problems, he was able to compress his muscles to such a degree that even on the cellular level, it was applied to. Overall, the stored mana inside his cells were further compressed to be of particle size already, while the nuclear energy was also contained in a membrane of magic that became an actual battery to his compressed magic energy. The way it worked was that what was used to execute a spell were the magic energy that was stored inside his cells, if they were not enough to fuel a spell, then the nuclear energy is used as a substitute via conversion of energy. The moment the nuclear energy passes through that magic membrane that was designed with Olden God's Language Runes; the effect of conversion happens instantly to magic energy. And Clay had total control over the runes to switch it up whenever needed. All is within UltiCo's calculations.

Clay's height visibly changed from over 6 meters to his normal height. Although a bit taller than usual at 6 feet. 1 feet taller than his original height. His muscles became ripped and well-proportioned. His torso had muscles in places where there should have none that shaped-up.

Clay looked at his mansion, Apollo's Lair, and sighed. It was a good base where peace and quiet was plenty, but it was also too boring to stay here all the time, so he determined to go back to Alleucanth and meet up with his three subordinates. Taking out one of the clothes that he made through magic threads, and entering his mansion to prepare, he stepped into the [Transfer Magic Array] he made at the lobby of the mansion. It can only be activated with his magic energy signature, so it was safe. Where it connected to was determined through his memory. A place he has visited in the past were possible transfer points. Then Clay, stepping into the magic array, disappeared from the fiery mansion and arrived at the unknown plains bordering Igelias and Hamilton Kingdom, the campsite location from 5 months ago.


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