The Real Monster
38 Clay“s Experimental Log
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The Real Monster
Author :vOnKreigerXXV
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38 Clay“s Experimental Log

Clay was playing in the Sun, literally. After leaving the three subordinates to prepare, he left flying to the skies and going to the Sun directly. There, he first constructed a house in the Sun's core that cannot be burned not even by the sun through some magic insulation techniques. Then he started to weave some clothes through thin magic threads. He used these clothes to make a blanket and pillows. It was a very wasteful use of magic, if he were seen by others who worship magic like that. However, to a Magic Dominator, it was essential. I need sleep too you know. Clay thought.

He made all these on his first week here on the Sun. The first few days were used to conduct experiments according to UltiCo's theories that had to be adjusted via repetitive experiments since UltiCo was gathering empirical evidences to further the research. The end of the first week was the creation of the insulated house. A house that could not be burned, not even by the Sun's core. Earth magic was combined with Clay's own Solar energy to counteract the amount of heat that the sun could dish out. The next few weeks were used to research on magic threads that can be used to make clothes and other textile products. As the only human on the Sun, Clay also thought of making a companion, but the research was still on going. With UltiCo though, it won't take much time to be able to do it without a hitch.

The next month Clay was finally able to create artificial life in the golems that he created. UltiCo's calculations and theories are ever evolving whenever it is fed with information and ideas that are taken directly from Clay's "knowledge." In seeking the answer to artificial lifeforms Clay thought about the golems and automata that he had encountered and collected as knowledge over time. In his 'knowledge', Golems functioned via a magic core that serves as energy source as well as its central processing unit. Another lifeform that worked this way were the elementals that he knew. They existed through a core that served as the adhesive that put its physical body together. Having this knowledge, Clay sought the answer to making a real-life golem in this world he was transported to and finally arrived at the answer.

He created a Magic Core the size of his thumb through compressing and congealing magic MP in the ten thousand range. For his first experiment, he created a ten thousand MP worth of Magic Core and inserted it to the highly insulated earth golem he formed with magic. The result was Golem Rei, the first of his kind. Rei was able to move robotically and in 5 second intervals. When it moved its legs towards Clay, it would stop every 5 seconds and continues to step until it reaches Clay. It was a very mediocre result; however, Clay was ecstatic for it. He was as if a father that watched his child take his first step.

"Alright! Today is the day that I start calling myself Magic Craftsman!" In his ecstasy, he even named himself after the legendary Nidou Jin. In his mind it would not be a far future when he is able to make automata to serve him in this hell of an environment. Literally.

He also experimented on his own ability to regenerate and tried to clone himself using only Magic that he had a grasp on confidently. Creating containers and other such things was easy for magic the all-powerful solution to any problem. At least to those with his level of control over magic. While Clay had been playing with magic energies in his stay inside the Sun's core, he also developed the skill to control the output of energies, not just magic. Energy Manipulation. It was a skill that was directly absorbed by UltiCo to help Clay control outputs and inputs to a master level. Any skill that Clay develops and gains were already elevated to master level because of UltiCo. Crafting also became a skill at the master level, Enchanting was also at master level because of his continued use of runes. All were absorbed into UltiCo his personal assistant.

His cloning attempts all ended in failure. It seemed that cloning through a genetic means was impossible with how his original regenerative skill worked. Deadpool was never able to clone himself and was restricted to one body. Giving up after a few attempts, Clay made a complete copy of his body and put it in a glass tube that he insulated and simply left it to bask in the Sun's energy. The body he made had the same basic genetic makeup as the body that Safir gave him, so leveling up was not a problem. The next hurdle was transferring his soul into that body. The soul was indestructible just as Imhoteph told him. So even the Sun's energy could not annihilate it nor did any other forces. That's where UltiCo's calculations come in. It took Clay 3 months to find a solution for that problem by focusing solely on the current experiment. He made 7 copies of his body which were without thought or the soul and kept them lined up. Then through UltiCo's calculations derived a magic spell which enabled him to enclose his soul temporarily in a body made of magic energy and project it outside his current body. In theory, it was easy to describe, and in practice, it made Clay realize the limitation of his current skills. Even with Magic Dominator to help shape and control magic energy, there was the problem of supply. That's why every time he tries to execute the magic spell, [Body Transfer] the spell always failed. UltiCo's analysis came up that Clay's magic energy capacity was still insufficient for the spell to work, unless his body also develops into a reactor for magic.

Although he currently had storage with unlimited capacity, he couldn't produce his own magic energy. That's why through UltiCo's help, Clay determined to find a way to produce inexhaustible magic energy. UltiCo's analysis of Clay's vast 'knowledge' enabled UltiCo to come up with a possible solution to the problem. That is, find a way to learn how to control and manipulate Spirit energy which according to his vast knowledge is some sort of higher form of energy than magic energy. If he finds a way to use the same concept of creating nuclear energy and even fusion energy, then maybe he'd be able to develop the skill for producing magic energy. His first step was to find the source of Spirit energy in this world. If not this world then in other worlds.

Since the experiment needed more time, in fact an indefinite amount of time to complete, Clay settled with just cloning himself through magical means. Creating a magical body and connecting his thoughts to and controlling it. He even more so continued to spend more time in creating a magically controlled body. A body double for now, that could at least withstand a single no-bars-held punch from Clay. It had stats that he could not laugh off. Although it was a body double, it was still fun controlling it from a distance.

The fourth month was spent in trying to perfect the body double. Joints, the Core, it's human like reaction, all of it. Refined to the greatest extent he could at his current stage.
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    《The Real Monster》