The Real Monster
37 Unbelievable
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The Real Monster
Author :vOnKreigerXXV
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37 Unbelievable


Unbelievable. This man is unbelievably strong. I felt a true sense of dread when he momentarily made a move. It was for a split second but that second was enough for me to feel as if my very life was not my own anymore. We were in the presence of a beast that can devour each of us whole any time he wanted. That was what I felt. I don't know if the others also felt it, but I sure did. My senses were telling my that there was an even bigger danger behind me when the Minotaur tried to charge us. Then my senses were proven correct when the Minotaur was caught by that same person, the Hero, that the Acadrian Kingdom royals have deemed to be criminal. If it's true that he's a murderer, then what's to say that he won't kill us as well for siding the Kingdom?

We were blown away by the Minotaur even when we already stepped away from its charge. The drag of wind that it brought with it caught us and made us fly unwillingly to the skies. Its momentum only stopped when it was caught by the Hero… with one hand. How absurd!

"Yare, Yare… What does one have to do to have some peace and quiet here?" He spoke carefreely as if everything happening was such a drag and his peace and quiet was disturb because of the Minotaur's clueless charge. We might die because of this. I thought as we fell from the skies towards the ground. A good thing that we were not wearing heavy armor that could squash us to death. We nimbly avoided injury and stopped moving carelessly while putting our guard against the hero who had already unrestrained himself after catching the Minotaur and putting it down in front of him.

His next action was even more terrifying. As he lifted the Minotaur up and threw it towards us intending to make us fight with it. He glared at the Minotaur and the it hesitated before finally giving up and started attacking us. We stepped back and made some distance with it, but this Minotaur was already weakened. In fact, the fight became easier as our teamwork had become even more refined. After a few exchanges, we noticed a flash of light heading towards us, no, not us, but to the skies above us. It was a magic blast that came from the Minotaur's head that killed it instantly. I know where that came from and so I started to even more be on guard against him. The other two also realized this level of threat but could not bring themselves closer to him.

When everything was settled, we heard him saying something like "struggle for survival" or something but because we couldn't hear properly, we just stood where we are and let the others handle the cleanup.

Then when all things were taking a bit of time to recover, especially our own hearing, we finally recovered after most of the fighting had ended in various places in the camp. As we were just standing on the spot, we were talked to by the hero,

"Hey, you three, why don't you work for me. I'll show you a brand-new world where you can thrive and be truly free. What say you? I am offering this only to you three for now, you have until the other nuisance appear."

Then people appeared one by one behind the Hero, kneeling. Our guards were immediately put up in anticipation for a fight but, we turned to each other and nodded, as if a consensus was made. We wanted to beg for our lives and for the lives of our companions. Is what was written in our faces. We went in front of the Hero when the other people appeared and kneeled. However, I felt that I was being held by something invisible and was lifted out of the ground. Then I felt the ground again as the feeling of being held disappeared.

"Those behind me, keep your heads down until I say otherwise. You three don't need to kneel in front of me. A simple bow would do. I want you to become my retainers. I need of no one who fears but hates me. I want you to follow me and as I promised earlier, I'll show you a new world where the strong stand and gaze over the horizon with aloofness and confidence." The hero said and right after we slightly looked at each other and nodded in agreement as well this time, without further hesitation.

When we agreed to become his subordinates suddenly, I felt my breath become heavy and I struggled to further heave air into my lungs. The reason being that a big concentration of magic energy was being gathered right above our heads. Are we going to die now? There was an instinctual fear that I felt, however, I couldn't sense danger from that massive magic energy. So, we just continued to bow our heads. Suddenly there was a blinding light and we turned our heads to look at it. In front of us were parchments that resembled contract papers.

"Ah" I let out a dumb sound from my mouth as chains suddenly extended from the parchment towards our chests and seemed to have wrapped around our hearts. It must be the effect of the contract. The contract had lots of words inside, but we were unable to read it properly. However, I have a feeling that if we wanted to read it, it would show itself to us. I just had that kind of feeling.
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From there, everything happened so fast that I couldn't get my mind around it properly not even until we left the campsite to bring our families to Moribor Mountain. That mountain of legend where the S-Rank class monsters reside and even the elusive SS-Rank and SSS-Rank monsters that just cannot be faced. What's our Master thinking? However, there's no need to doubt his power all we need to do is trust him. He even enhanced our weapons like it was child's play as our insurance in travelling. What a thoughtful Master we have. I'm glad I decided positively, or I might have become a corpse now already. Who are those people in black earlier anyway?

My queries remained unanswered, for now.

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    《The Real Monster》