The Real Monster
36 Alchemy Master“s Time to Shine
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The Real Monster
Author :vOnKreigerXXV
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36 Alchemy Master“s Time to Shine

Clay told An, the woman from Night Prowler, her task. Then Clay opened his inventory and employed UltiCo's database to find a recipe for an all-cure medicine that can be made using the materials that he can gather in this place. His sense has a grasp of all the medicinal herbs in the vicinity and even the entire world, so he needed not worry where he would get the ingredients. Some of the ingredients are already in his inventory, from the time that he was going around in the forest to investigate the disturbance from Agamemkeru's presence. He used his MP and spread it to the places where he found matches of the ingredients he needed for the all-cure medicine. He commanded particles to form right next to the herb and used his Dimensional Storage to directly store the herbs root, soil and all; all at the same time in different places in the world. Immediately he opened his storage and took out the ingredients washed it with water magic and dried it with water magic still, draining every bit of moisture from it.

From there, he used his knowledge and mastery over alchemy to concoct a pill to cure any and all ailments. It was a legendary, no, mythical kind of medicine that can cure-all however, Clay was acting as if he was only mixing some ordinary protein shake. An, was looking at the process by which Clay made the medicine that she was to bring to Acadria with her according to plan. The herbs were floating in the air and then a high, yet gentle heat enveloped the herb and it turned into liquid, to syrup-like and then to slime. Each of the transformations turned the liquid herb smaller and the color purer and even almost transparent. This happened to all the herbs that Clay put up in the air just floating there and simultaneously becoming slimy. An recognized some of the herbs used – Phoenix Grass that was said to only be obtainable by wresting it away from a dragon's care inside a volcano; Icy Dew Herb, having the characteristic of freezing any predator to ice once touched; and even Dragon's Tear Herb that was said to be able to cure poison, paralysis, petrification, and all manners of ailments, however, consuming such Herb results in the consumer to combust thus, its name, Dragon's Tear. However, those are only some that An recognized, the rest were new to her or were to insignificant to remember at this moment of great stimuli.

Clatec, Jon and Mor were also watching the spectacle in front of them along with the rest who were not going around in patrol to keep the surroundings clear of monsters. The spectacle before them was mesmerizing and godly. It was to the point that they would have changed their reverence to a Master to that of a god, if they were not restricted to kneel in front of him.

Clay merged each slime-like herb into a mixture just floating above his right hand. Manipulating heat to produce a visible wave of heat to mix the herbs and form a single body via compounding. When the herbs combined into one, he lowered the heat to a level where it would congeal after forming it and dividing into 5 pills. Slowly retracting the heat and turning the area above his right palm's air to become cold enough to properly finish the alchemic process.

Clay then made a kind of ceramic from earth magic and attached Olden God's Rune inside to preserve time inside via x-ray and heat vision. The cork was made from a tree branch that clay took from one of the men that made a campfire just beside the 5 people including Clay. How thoughtful, Clay even mused. The cork was also turned into a Runic artifact that seals magic energy emission along with anything else that has been sealed with the cork. Clay did not know that he had created a weapon compatible to the Mafuba – Demon Incarcerator Spell, which could seal anything inside a chosen container with the cork as the seal. Although that spell will be theorized and researched by later generations.

Clay handed it over to An while breathing the stale air that he kept in while performing alchemy. It seems that even Clay was mesmerized by the process he had done for the first time like watching a master do his craft, only this time he was the master.

"Bring this to the King make him take one in secret and wait for him to awaken before telling him the situation. After you accomplish your task, send for each of the Night Prowler's family to be ready to move when I order to. Those of you Night Prowlers who do not wish to come with me, you decide for yourself. Now go, do not fail." Clay waved his hands and An disappeared like the wind. Determined to bring the package to the King of Acadria without fail, for herself and for her superior, Sunshine.

"Now then. You are Caltec, Jon, and Mor. The two of you are single, and Caltec has a family in Hamilton's remote farming village. There you have about 40 family members. Including the livestock in the move, you'd most likely have to travel for another three months and 6 months to really arrive at the destination. I want you to go and gather them and move to Moribor Mountain where we will establish our base. When you arrive there, bring criminal bands and things such as those to help in your training. If you can manage, don't even bring anything to start over completely, but if not then bring the bare minimum to survive the move for 6 months of travel. Here's a few thousand gold to take care of necessities. And regarding your mercenary company, bring only those that you can trust. I wouldn't want to kill them in front of you because I found out they were having ill intentions."

Clay continued his instructions, "Jon and Mor, you two are single, but you still have family. Bring them as well. And buy the same bands and such that you can find. 6 months later, find me in Moribor and we'll all meet up there. By daybreak, you should all go and move according to what I order you now. For now, give me your weapons. I'll enhance them for you."
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Clay improvised and made improvements on their weapons. Clay put an MP gathering rune on Caltec's cestus that he can release at will to give him an edge in a desperate fight. Jon's sword was fitted with runes to make it close to indestructible and give it the ability to vibrate at an invisible rate when injected with his MP. Mor was given a piece of the same branch that Clay made the cork from. Clay made it also close to indestructible and put runes to amplify the spells he can dish out using the stick while also using the atmosphere's MP instead of his when casting spells. Overall, the three already received items of national treasure level performance, but Clay made them on the spot. Which made them even more amazed because if they did not see how these were created, they would believe that they really were national treasure level equipment. But from an ordinary branch, a worn-out cestus and a bone-blade? Unreal. Thus, when the sun broke the night, the camp entered a hustle and took everything as they left for Hamilton. Clay was nowhere to be found, so the three just left without word along with their company.


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