The Real Monster
35 In a New Direction
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The Real Monster
Author :vOnKreigerXXV
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35 In a New Direction

The fighting was over and the clean up was fast. The corpses of the monsters were gathered in one place in a different camp while the head of each mercenary group representative were gathered along with the single knight that came with them from Acadria. Ortush was a man whose features reveal that he was a muscle-head. He stands a head taller than Clay at 6 foot 1 inches. He had a considerable amount of MP as a knight of the human realm and specialized in fire magic which was a common elemental affinity to have as a human. His knight armor was bulky as one can imagine. His helmet was generic as could be expected from an extra character.

"The murderer has escaped his captivity! Men! Arrest him!" He said while breathing bad air towards Clay. He was ignored earlier but he endured it and said again when Clay faced him again. This time, he was emboldened even more. He ordered Caltec and the other two who were closer to him to capture their master.

Those of Caltec's mercenary company who knew what happened since the beginning all slapped their foreheads and shook their head left and right. They knew this man was a dead man. However, contrary to their expectation, Clay let it pass and just stared at Ortush while waiting for the rest of the people who seemed important to gather altogether. He waited not too long as the leader of each group came and positioned themselves along Caltec and the rest, avoiding Ortush who was clearly disliked by the rest of the mercenaries.

"What are you men waiting for huh? Get him!" Being allowed to be this close to Clay was one thing but with Clay's sensitive hearing he was close to snapping at this ant in front of him. Although he put in his mind to not let this power of his get to his head, having UltiCo was a saving grace, because it analyzed each and every person in this campsite and determined that none were even close to matching his energy level and physical prowess. Knowing that while still being cautious was Clay's new resolution. It didn't matter that he was stronger, it was in fact because he was stronger that he really had to keep his temper in check, just like those heroes and MCs that he idolized in his childhood. Fighting for what's right and even the iconic, "With great power comes great responsibilities" by Uncle Ben. Although he wants to laze around and not take too much responsibilities, that just comes in package to great power.

"I advise you take a step back and relax, before I lose my temper on you, Sir." He even used the honorific that suits the man in front of him. He was a knight, so he was a Sir or a Ser, but Clay did not care about his honor or whatever. He just wanted this guy out of his face. Considering his retainers were new to this, they did not presumably act on his behalf, and could even be said that them not moving was showing him the respect he deserved. He was not weak enough to be protected by his retainers. However, Clay did not have that kind of pride in himself and was just keeping his temper in for now.

Clay did not use any kind of show of force to make Ortush back away, and so the muscle-head Ortush was even more emboldened by it. Thinking that Clay was afraid, "Who are you to tell me to step back? You are the criminal here and we are many. If you don't want to die for resisting arrest, then quietly get back to you cage!" With a smug look, he even pointed his finger on Clay as his face was brought closer to Clay's.


Caltec, Jon and Mor seemed to have been insulted by that action and was going to act without being told when,


Ortush fell on his knees and face flat into the ground, forcing Clay to step back. Infuriated by this because of embarrassment, Clay ordered,

"Beat this moron up and send him back to Hamilton where that Prince Guilbert is at. The rest of you mercenaries are free to go wherever you want. Go back to Hamilton." Clay ordered. It was not something they could negotiate from his tone alone, however, some expressed their desire to also join their ranks, but Clay immediately rejected it. Saying it was not time for them to join him. Indicating that time is needed to prepare for a place to gather them again. Since Caltec knew them anyway, they needed not leave contact information and they left.
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The campsite was bustling with activity except for where Caltec's group's camp were. They did not move without Clay's orders. The others were collecting their gears and the monster corpses that they can carry in the supply carts. Then slowly disappeared from the place. A few hours of waiting later, Clay opened his eyes and a knowing look seemed to be plastered on his face.

"Come." He said softly and Caltec, Jon and Mor immediately sprung into motion to stand before Clay. They would have kneeled, but they remembered what happened just earlier. It was now dusk, and the light of the sun had already almost fully gone. The others who were free lit up torches to light up the surroundings while Clay and the other three spokes. With one of the Night Prowlers still in that kneeling position.

"The one behind me, come up in front. What's your name?" Clay asked. Immediately the person appeared in front still kneeling. Caltec and the other two tried to tell him not to, but Clay did not do anything, so they also left it alone. "My name is An, Lord." She answered precisely.

Clay nodded and continued the conversation, "Good. An, I need you to go back directly to Acadria and bring with you something to be given to the King directly. Only you are to talk to him after he recovers and tell him my exact words…"


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