The Real Monster
33 Sunshine
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The Real Monster
Author :vOnKreigerXXV
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33 Sunshine

In the shadows of the trees that populate the edge of the campsite, were people who specialized in sabotage and spying activities, the Night Prowlers. The leader of this group is called 'Sunshine' by colleagues and employers alike. It was a stark opposite to the line of work he was involved in however, Sunshine was not a name that invokes fluffy feelings and resounding reactions like "aww" this was a name that was dreaded and make people who know the background of this name to shudder uncontrollably like wet little chicks. Sunshine was a nickname that was branded to him because his victims, by the first light of sunshine, would already be reduced to corpses. This name was to be feared not to be admired and made fun of.

Sunshine was assigned by His highness prince Guilbert who took over control over the kingdom of Acadria while the King was indisposed of and the Chancellor no where to be found currently. However, Sunshine knew that the Chancellor died, and that the princess Giselle had been thought to have died. Yet another point of information gathering power that the kingdom could not top, Sunshine knew the whereabouts of Giselle and what she was currently doing. The other royals did not have this information as Sunshine also did not tell anyone else about it. It was insurance for when the real threats have been taken out of the picture. Sunshine was a loyal retainer of the King of Acdria, Gracius vi Acadria. He was the one who put his trust entirely on Sunshine's ability to move in the shadows and control outcomes without showing even the tip of his shadows.

Knowing that the king had been poisoned by his own son, Guilbert, the crown prince, he had set out to seek ways to cure the king of this slow acting poison that continues to chip away at the life of the king by the day. Sunshine did not have the right to be angry, as he was unrelated to the King in any which way, however, to him he was like a friend that cannot be replaced by anyone. So, he set out to hunt the Hero and do his best to get the hero's support towards his king. But to do so without gathering suspicion would be to follow orders and get his hands a bit dirty in the process. It was a necessary evil, he thought.
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He was tasked to tail the army that set out to capture the Hero and did what he was ordered to do without hesitation. They next few days after following the army for three months or so, they finally captured the Hero. He did not understand how and what methods they employed but he was captured and was now being transported towards the Kingdom of Hamilton where the Prince and the rest of the Acadria knights and nobles were waiting. His commanding officer for this expedition was a man named Ortush who was the only Acadrian knight that came with them. He oversaw the whole operation this time, a disposable pawn. However, that very pawn brought them the hero instead and this really bugged him, but let it go into the back of his mind as he focused on the job they must do since they discovered the Hero.

He knew that the hero would be protected by a cage made from metal that could conduct magic energy well and a demon binding array which saps the very magic inside the person trapped inside it. So, he set out ahead of the march and found a cave that contained a certain artifact that can make fireballs without even doing the whole process of weaving magic. Only to recite the keyword and aim at the target. It was a good artifact; however, he did not come for such a trinket. He came for its guardian. A Minotaur, guardian of Caves and Dungeons that each holds artifacts inside. His plan started there and would have ended when every single person was killed or eaten by the beasts and monsters. To avoid having eyewitnesses.

Sunshine lured monsters and gathered them behind the Minotaur to create a suitable monster train to annihilate the army. It was a brilliant plan that was also well executed by his comrades. And finally, the day when the monster train arrived at the campsite and brought chaos and death upon the unprepared army, arrived. Sunshine was confident that they'd all die if he just waited for the right time to reveal himself and clean up the rest of the loose ends that survive, take the hero and explain the circumstance and finally liberate the king from his torment. All were according to plan, except, he heard an explosion as loud as atomic bombs being dropped on the surface of the earth and a giant flash of light that pierced even the darkness in outer space. It was such a flashy display, but the magic power that he felt from that blast was the real deal. Not a dream, so he gave up on thinking he just fell asleep and dreamt that.

The Minotaur died and the rest of the monsters were solid stiff. Sunshine wondered what happened to them but then suddenly they all started to once again slaughter their opponents and drink their blood. As if that prior silence was a dream, the whole place was in utter chaos again and at the spot where he remembered the hero should have been kept was a man who stood carefreely like it was his own backyard watching the fight of other people. Then suddenly,

"You should probably come out now. You, in the trees and the rest of you. Come here before I start slaughtering you just because I feel itchy from your presence." Clay seemed to have addressed him and the rest of them and all were looking to him for what to do. When he found that really, Clay was able to notice them, then, it was no use trying to hide. It was useless. One by one the Night Prowlers appeared behind Clay and kneeled one by one, headed by Sunshine. They did not know that if they kept hiding, they'd have died the very next minute. On the spot they were each hiding at, were small particles of MP that Clay commanded to be at the ready.

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    《The Real Monster》