The Real Monster
32 Clay Make“s His Move
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The Real Monster
Author :vOnKreigerXXV
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32 Clay Make“s His Move


"Yare, Yare… What does one have to do to have some peace and quiet here?" I wanted to just chill out in this cage and watch the show, but this damn cow just had to charge straight to me. Don't you have any sense of TPO? That guy Caltec and the two youngsters like me, they're workable if you ask me. I really want to see how far they will go if they undergo my intense training regime. I mean, I'm no trainer but if my Ultimate Comprehension can analyze things like what they lack and what not, I'll be able to simply guide them that way. Now that I look at them, it really is such a great idea huh.
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Strange, why are they putting their guards up against me? Surely, they don't have what the monsters and beasts feel right? Just a look at the monsters and it tells me they have existential fear of me, and how I know this is because an overall analysis and information loading is constantly being dumped into my head. Things that I am curious of or even think about in random contemplations and remembrance, my skill Ultimately handles it and puts it into priority giving me a bunch of sometimes over the top theories that I am hooked on.

I think about the best training regime for the three individuals I just set my eyes on and boom, instantly there's ideas and plans already brought up and even the corresponding risks and time of completion. Amazing right? It's not me though, its this skill. It's as if I gained another 50 brains working inside my head. Anyway, I should at least make them see this fight to the end, right? So, I threw the cow-head towards them and glared at it, even gesturing to continue the fight.

Caltec, Jon and Mor, that's their names, immediately sprung into action and distanced themselves from the cow-head. The cow-head instead was looking towards me as if waiting for my cue. I gestured with my head to get a move on, and as if it understood, the cow-head faced the three and swung its fists towards them. It was back from its enraged state and was suffering from weakening as a side-effect of being enraged and boosting its stats 50% more.

The three did not even voice anything out as they faced the now weakened cow-head, and as if telepathically conversing their attacks are well-coordinated. Like this, they'll simply tire the cow-head and kill it in a battle of attrition. It's boring. Better end this for my sake.

I imagine a particle of magic to appear on the tip of my right hand's index finger and it appeared silently. Although it looks simply as a particle and is too minute to even be noticed by untrained eyes, this piece of particle is in fact a compressed ball of at least 200 magic energy points if we quantify it according to the system. Let's call it MP from now on UltiCom. Yep, I just named my Ultimate Series Skill as UltiCom, my all-in-one bat computer. Compressing MP this degree should still be impossible to the residents of this world according to UltiCo, but for me who has Magic Dominator skill, it's simply a matter of thought-to-action process.

I point silently towards the cow-head and shoot the magic particle I compressed towards it. Leaving no trace as if invisible to the naked eye and,


It pierces the cow-head's skull and I made it explode inside before finally releasing the rest of the energy outside in a straight path towards the skies. The sound it made should have been eliminated but it seems I failed to put that into consideration. Oh well. It was flashy enough, I guess. The progress of the battle immediately turned silent and each stopped moving feeling the fluctuation of energy. But really, that was merely 200 points of MP, what can that do anyway, right UltiCo? Damn, I wish this skill had a voice I can at talk to, just like that slime's skill.

I must speak to break the silent now do I.

"He was useless. I wanted to test whether you would thrive when faced with an impossible foe, but your teamwork has put my calculations into disarray. Now then, hear me: To every person here. My name is Clay. Survive this predicament and I will take you to be my people, if you wish so. Good luck!" With that, I dispersed my presence but remained in place. The battlefield immediately started getting chaotic again as the monsters felt that the threat to them had disappeared already. Fighting those they felt they could win, was their instinct. With the cow-head dead as the leader, the monsters picked for themselves targets that they wanted to eat.

The three people I personally marked are still standing guard surrounding me. Closing off the escape paths I had. That was a good strategy but hardly effective for me. I just stay in place and let the battle progress. Besides, "they" will make a move soon.

With those kinds of thoughts, I told the three in a cordial manner,

"Hey, you three, why don't you work for me. I'll show you a brand-new world where you can thrive and be truly free. What say you? I am offering this only to you three for now, you have until the other nuisance appear."

When they arrive, I'm sure they'll target those that are still alive after they've determined my death. Such an easily deducted plot, it's boring. Damn you UltiCo!

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    《The Real Monster》