The Real Monster
31 Salvation
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The Real Monster
Author :vOnKreigerXXV
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31 Salvation

A fireball hit the Minotaur's face with a bang and the axe it was swinging fell to the ground just a foot away from Caltec's position which gave him the time to dodge instead of block. With the Minotaur currently stunned from the dispersion of the energy and the yet again stuck axe on the ground, Jon also moved and made his way to the eyes of the Minotaur to deal with its eyes. Jon brought his blade to the Minotaur's face but why would the Minotaur allow itself to be harmed? It released the axe it was holding and nudging on and immediately defended its face. Jon's attacks were swift but were ineffective against the tough hide of the Minotaur. Caltec also began his assault on the Minotaur's head at the back with a combo filled with destructive force. Dull sounds resounded and the Minotaur's groans could be heard as it defended its vitals. Mor could do nothing else but to just wait for another moment to provide support. He was not doing much damage but his presence in this fight made it easier for both Jon and Caltec to move around. In fact, without his support, Jon wouldn't have faced the Minotaur like that.

On the other side, Clay was observing the goings-on in the camp and the fight between the Minotaur and the three. He was fascinated by the fact that they had established a fighting system that would work against stupid enough monsters like the Minotaur who boasts more of strength and resistances than actual threat. He also noted the arrival of the ones doing the monster train inside the camp. They hid themselves rather well and were waiting for a decisive moment to do what they came for.

As the pummeling continued to happen, the Minotaur reached its limit and finally entered an enraged state. Flames visibly spouts from its nostrils and its eyes bulged filled with blood as if its blood vessels in the eyes burst. Its muscles tightened and its fur turned reddish. It was showcasing its natural resistance to fire and its great strength.

"It's crunch time." Clay muttered with no one hearing him. And the fight continued.

With the Minotaur in its enraged state, its stats went 50% up across the board. While Caltec and Jon were yet still pounding on them, Jon sensed danger directly in front of him, so he immediately yelled to warn Caltec about it and they both moved away from the Minotaur. With Caltec stopping his assault and backing away, the Minotaur stood up slowly. This time, rage filled its face and its horns were almost lighting up red from the heat it was emitting. It suddenly dived to the ground and prepped itself up for a charging motion. It was about to use its most devastating attack. And right behind them, was a cage that housed an unsuspecting monster.

The Minotaur finished charging up. Jon also moved out of its way. No one stupid enough would face that head-on, not unless one had a death wish. Caltec also put some distance and charged his own attack. Mor on the other hand was getting ready to release an attack that can also put some damage to the monster after losing its charge. At least that's what they hoped. However, a Minotaur's charge was not something that can be stopped easily, not even by the Minotaur itself. The only way it could stop a charge was if it hit something hard enough to stop it in its tracks.

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Finally finished charging up, the Minotaur released itself and unleashed its destructive force from its charge bringing along a strong gale that could not be defended from. Resulting in Caltec, Jon, and Mor to be brought along with it as it charged forward. The heat that combined with that strong wind started to really hurt the three like they were being dried via modern blower focused right on their faces.

Clay saw this and raised an eyebrow. It would not kill them, so he doesn't need to interfere, however at this rate he'll be getting blown away by the Minotaur's charge. No matter how strong he is, he still doesn't weigh more than 70 kilos. Getting blown away would be a possibility. Although he has many means to establish superiority in any terrain, it doesn't change the fact that he weighs just over 60 kilos.

As the Minotaur's charge came bringing with it the three people that fought with it, Clay prepared to intercept it. The only thing that this sealing array was holding is Clay's magic energy emission, and that doesn't even hinder him at all. Although the gravity was a surprise at first, his boy already adjusted to it without even thinking about it nor putting effort for it. Clay was in other words, optimally ready to spring into action. When the face of the charging Minotaur reached Clay's cage, he floated above ground and broke the band that bound him to pieces by force thereafter extending his hands towards the Minotaur's nose and grasping it while exerting a miniscule amount of strength. According to Clay's analysis, if he were to put force more than what he would previously exert when picking up a cotton ball without squeezing it, that would put millions of G-force against the charging Minotaur and kill it and squash it like that. Cleaning up after that would be such a bother after all, Clay thought lazily. Deciding what to do, Clay then executed his plan of action and,


There was silence. The moment Clay receive the Minotaur in his hand, all sorts of battle seemed to have stopped in that instant. While Clay's display of power even for that one instant, put every being in this place on high alert. It was to the extent that people felt an existential fear towards him. Their bodies screaming, "Get Away!"

Clay put the Minotaur down as he also grounded himself. The cage was no longer useful, so he also broke it via heat vision; slicing it up to pieces. With the cage gone, there was no restrictions on him that made the people feel safe. His aura was leaking because of his excitement. Not from the excitement of meeting strong foes but the excitement of having new toys to play with. It was that excitement. The monster was slowly taking shape, whether he liked it or not. Only time could tell whether this man would become a Buddha or a Rakshasa.

"Yare, Yare… What does one have to do to have some peace and quite here?" Clay was scratching his head with his right hand as his left hand put down the Minotaur. The Minotaur was silently staying in place all stiff-like. It seems that being at the closest proximity, it knew that that existential fear was not a joke. This man in front of him was not to be trifled with. It became as meek as a pet cow.

At this time, the three people came down falling from the sky as the gale did take them up quite a bit. And when they landed, they were also raising their guards against Clay. Especially when Clay specifically looked at them. They felt like prey that was looked at by their predator. Not in a way that threatened their lives, it was a stare that clearly felt pure but still gave them goosebumps. This man was their salvation, but was also suspiciously a source of troubles, they just knew it in their hearts.

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    《The Real Monster》