The Real Monster
30 A Close Fight with some help
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The Real Monster
Author :vOnKreigerXXV
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30 A Close Fight with some help


There was an even bigger commotion than how it was when we all found out that Grey Steelfangs and even Striped Madness were attacking the camp. We all were prepared in this camp and fought off those that slipped away from the defense that the central campers put up. However, we really can't tell if that was even a defense with them just jumping the Striped Madness and messing up the pack-formation of the Steelfangs with sheer numbers. Each mercenary camp had about a century each and everyone here were gathered from the elite of each mercenary company. One cannot find an incompetent here, except the greenhorns that came to take care of menial tasks. The fighting force is great, and we were prepared. I feel sorry for the rest who did not heed our warnings, but I can't change their destiny now. All we can do is fight and survive.

After fighting off Steelfangs and Striped Madness' and killing them. The commotion that I mentioned earlier increased by folds.

A Minotaur that seemed to be the leader of this horde came charging into the camp right at the center of the whole campsite and started rampaging as if playing in its backyard. It swung a great war axe around as if swinging twigs. Anyone hit by that turned into incomplete corpses right away. The fear it brought was not something that mercenaries that were used to fighting humans could bridge. Some of these mercenaries are former adventurers who found that fighting monsters were boring and mundane as they fought the monsters with forces that could rival an army just to thoroughly kill a single Hobgoblin. A Hobgoblin had the strength to equal 50 people with military training easily unlike their smaller cousins the Goblins that can fight a man to man. And a Minotaur was on the higher scale of the Monster Ranking System of the Adventurer's guild. A Minotaur sits at a high Rank B position. Which means this is a target for subjugation by an army of 500 specialists. When I say specialists, I mean to say that they should be adventurers focused on monster hunting and subjugation instead of exploration. They had to also be Rank A in the Guild's ranking system for adventurers to face the Minotaur. These people are rank-less in terms of the guild's standards, but they were top class mercenaries that can fight any human army that they are faced with. That's where the disparity lies.

They were being slaughtered because they were employing human tactics on a monster of this level. And we were being overrun by the smaller fries that came with the Minotaur.

I was also someone who never fought with monsters, I commanded people to charge fearlessly towards human enemies but have never yet faced off with a monster of this caliber. Jon, on the other hand had already faced monsters like this so his knowledge in facing this Minotaur will be priceless. So, while calling for him, I readied myself in facing the Minotaur.

"Jon, you take charge in facing that monster! We need you to lead us into victory this time! Do you copy?" I shouted to him.

"Loud and clear Sir!" Jon took charge and brought with him Mor. The greenhorn that joined the mercenary company not too long ago. Maybe he sees potential in him or whatever since he is taking care of him.

"Tell us what to do." I said after discarding disrupting thoughts in my head and focused on watching the Minotaur's movements.

"Sir, I will take the vanguard position and you will circle around it to hit it with big attacks to whittle its health down. While Mor will give support from behind with basic spells primarily to distract it." Jon paused and then continued; I really think this guy would make a fine replacement for me one day. But still too early for that.

"I feel very good for some reason and so, let's do this without neglecting to freely move according to the openings that present themselves. That's all. Let's fight and have a good drink after!" Jon encouraged while I prepare my biggest attacks out of reach of the Minotaur for now.
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It's time we face off with the Minotaur!


Clatec, Jon and Mor prepped up to face the Minotaur coming their way while swinging left and right as if to clear the battlefield. Caltec thought of a funny idea, it's cleaning up the place it's going to have its own burial. He kept it to himself because it might affect their tension.

The fight started when Mor shot a fireball at its face from 15 meters away. It was the standard range for magic users. Mor was not really a magic user in profession but he learned a thing or two from his noble background. He was a child born from the house of the lowest ranking noble in Hamilton. The kingdom where Caltec and the rest of the mercenary company are from.

Capitalizing on Mor's opening shot, Caltec moved to the blind spot of the Minotaur while Jon dashed to face the monster head-on. It seemed foolish but Jon had a skill he always relied on when facing enemies. Danger Sense. It was because of this skill that he could fight monsters and skin them after defeating them each time. He would be able to sense where the danger comes from and move according to his "sense." This way, attacks that are dangerous are avoided and capitalized even more. Just like now…

The Minotaur brought its great war axe overhead to slam it on the approaching ant that's crawling closer to it. When Jon was inside its range of attack, it abruptly and without hesitation slammed the axe to his head. Knowing that this move from the Minotaur brought heaps of danger to him, and even without sensing the danger, one could see that this attack would result in death if it landed. Jon avoided that by doing an evasive maneuver where he dives down and rolls to get up immediately.

That was an opportunity to counter and so Jon moved and attacked the Minotaur's abdomen with his sword.


The sound of metal hitting metal resounded with Jon's attack. It just goes to show that the Minotaur's skin was as hard as steel. Jon's sword was not chipped but the Minotaur's body also did not receive damage. However, that was not his main goal. It was to further attract the attention of the Minotaur to him and put every ounce of aggression it had on him. So that…

"HA!" Caltec revealed himself and brought down his fists. He was wearing a cestus for a weapon. It was a glove that had weights attached to it and a metal knuckle to produce heavy damage. Caltec was a fist fighter. He was good at dealing with enemies swiftly with heavy and swift blunt damage. That was why, Jon took the role of vanguard so that Caltec can deal massive damage to this monster. Jon also knew that his sword would do nothing to damage the skin protecting the Minotaur's body, so he left it to Caltec. Without knowing it, Caltec had been entrusted with dealing the most damage to the monster. He gave it his most devastating attack after finding the right timing and opening whilst charging for an Art that he had practiced and used countless times. Jumping into the air overhead of the Minotaur, he slammed his fists down in the form of a hammer and shouted,

"Heavy Smash!" A loud bang resounded as the head of the Minotaur was slammed into the ground right next to its great war axe that got stuck. It produced a crater centered on its temple as it groaned while blood flowed out of its mouth. Certainly, it received massive damage.

However, Jon felt danger from his right side. The side where the left arm of the Minotaur lay flat. Immediately he shouted, "Old man, get back pronto!" While he himself scuttled away from the Minotaur posthaste.


The left arm of the Minotaur made a sweeping motion towards its axe. It then slowly got up, albeit slowly and groggily. Right as it was fully upright, it roared loudly as if wanting the heavens to know its existence while also drowning every other sound in the battlefield. After roaring, it directly swung the axe it picked up with its left hand and horizontally swept Jon with it. However, Jon did not feel that much danger from it and dodged it without problem. He was not, however, the target of that attack.

By now, the Minotaur had already changed its target from Jon to Caltec and this swing was fast enough to catch Caltec unprepared for it as he was preparing another big attack to follow up. Seeing that Jon had dodged the attack, he lost some of his tension and focused on charging his attack. That was fatal. The axe continued its trajectory and Caltec was late in reacting to it. With surprise, he cancelled his charging skill and immediately put up his guard against the tons of weight he is about to experience, the axe is about to reach its target and,


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    《The Real Monster》