The Real Monster
28 Attack on Monster!
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The Real Monster
Author :vOnKreigerXXV
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28 Attack on Monster!

It came night and the horde of soldiers made camp. The way that they transported Clay was to make sure that the bands were secure so that they could drag him into a cage where the floor was also carved with anti-magic energy emission. Although Clay could have used that opportunity to escape, he had a plan brewing in his mind for how to utilize the information he got from earlier. He obediently put himself into the cage and silently accepted his place.

The cold of night and even the snow falling sporadically could not even affect Clay with his active heat manipulation, however, even without that, he still had enough heat energy from the reactor that he is. Energy gained from the rapid release of atomic energy is nuclear, and energy gained from the fusion of two atomic nuclei forming a heavier one whilst releasing energy; that energy is what's called Fusion Energy. Clay's body has already become a moving energy reactor. The moment that he chooses to harness the power that he is creating within him and is storing all in one outburst, would be the end for all life on the surface of Alleucanth.

After setting up the camp, the ones guarding him still were the two people; Jon and Mor. They still from time to time chat with each other and were entertaining Clay unknowingly with their chatter. With Clay's senses enveloping the entire planet, Clay knowing that there was a horde of monsters coming this way, was but a simple thing.


300 kilometers away to the east from the spot where the army camped, were monsters led by a monster of legend. On Earth, this monster would be legendary because it had origins that related it to gods. A monster relative of the gods, it begs to be idolized by some. Some origins of it makes it out to be a man cursed by a god. However, in Alleucanth, it was a common monster of the higher tier. A rank B monster that prowls dungeons and caves which possess a treasure that release magic energy constantly for countless years which transforms the cave in dungeons that birth monsters in time. That's why dungeons are sought after by adventurers.

The monsters number more than half of the army that captured Clay. If seen in a strategic perspective, the army outnumbers the monsters, but the quality of their fighters is far apart in terms of strength. If they clash, they'd be slaughtered in time. Not to mention that Clay also knows that there are ninja-like people making this train bigger along the way. A train is a game-term that means to lure monsters towards a specific area, typically at the entrance of the dungeon, from the BOSS monster to all the possible monsters you can encounter on the way back, bringing it to your prepared party. It was fun for Clay to think that this game-like element exists in a real fantasy world.

"This should be fun." Clay muttered. Audible enough for the two guards to hear. However, Jon curiously craned his neck towards the direction that the monsters are coming from. It seems that this Jon fellow has an ability to sense either the danger that is coming towards him or sense monsters itself. However, analyzing it further, no human should be able to detect monsters that far away. Trying to guess it was a bother, so Clay directly employed the Ultimate Comprehension's memory bank and brought up Jon's status. He found out that Jon has a skill called Danger Sense and his doubts were blown away.

"What the hell was that!?" Jon sounded urgent and Mor thought that he was reacting to Clay's amused mutter.

"Yeah, you're looking down on us even when you're the one in a cage bound by a Demon Binding Array. You're in no position to be having fun." The pride of a young man who was the strongest in their own tiny little town was hurt by Clay who to him was making fun of them and reacted just like a little child.

"No, Mor, it's not him… I feel like we're in danger right now. We need to move away from here. I have to tell the captain." Jon was feeling a growing sense of urgency as the monsters he could not perceive and the ones doing the monster train were coming closer by the minute. Clay was amazed that this guy Jon was able to perceive that much. Resolved to get him into his employ Clay further enhanced his plans for these guys.

Clay watched Jon walking away wanting to report his discovery to his captain. Clay figured that the captain won't believe him or if the captain believed him, the commander won't believe his captain. It's like that in a hierarchical system in the military. Mor was left behind, so Clay spoke to him giving him hints.

"Hey, young blood. He went away to inform his captain about the danger he felt but I know what the danger is and where they are currently. Care to listen?" Clay said to Mor as if to enchant the young man into something. Feeling that he was being tempted, Mor answered,

"Stop talking! I ain't listening to you." Mor felt a bit tempted but pressed the urge to ask about it down. If he were an excellent and experienced soldier, in fact even if he was a greenhorn but with more cunning in him, he would have talked to Clay more and extracted information that can be proven by other means after. Clay knew this, and stopped trying to entice him but said to him,
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"Well, if you find yourself in trouble just call for my help." He then chuckled and closed his eyes waiting for things to unfold.


Jon arrived at the camp's center where his captain was last seen. He called for him and reported what he felt. His captain's name was Caltec, one of the captains of their mercenary group. They were hired by the Acadria kingdom's prince who came with them until the town which they are returning to.

"Old Man, we have to move away from here. I have a very bad feeling about this situation we are in. We should move or fortify this position before it's too late!" Jon let his captain know his bad feeling and suggested to act on it immediately. To which Jon was answered,

"Are you sure?!" Caltec was a man that had already been with Jon in this mercenary group for a while now and that experience has taught him to listen to Jon's gut feeling when he does feel it because usually it'd save your life. Caltec knew to listen and so he wanted to hear more of it.

"I feel its very dangerous from the east. We must move now or when the sunlight disappears, we'll have to fight for our lives." Jon gravely said and Caltec nodded his head without hesitation and stood up. He was going to report to his superiors in this expedition but knowing that they would not believe him if he just said it was a feeling, he had to make a reasonable excuse. When he came to them, he was immediately shut down and berated by the knight that belonged to Acadria leading this expedition. He was the only noble here in this expedition. And so, all authority to order the mercenaries belonged to him. Without convincing him, Caltec was without a choice. He ordered Jon to go back to their own camp and prepare the soldiers. Making them wear their armors and arm themselves secretly to avoid alarming the others. After preparing and thoroughly fortifying their position in the camp, the danger that Jon felt grew stronger by the minute and has now become crippling already. He knew, they're here. It's a monster attack!


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