The Real Monster
27 Glimpse of The Ultimate Series
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The Real Monster
Author :vOnKreigerXXV
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27 Glimpse of The Ultimate Series

They are using band made of what seems to be iron and are lined with what Clay can only identify as rune-looking characters which are shining on and off alternatively. The band is continuously restricting Clay's use of Overpower and even magic so he could only conclude that this band is something to make the bearer be incapable of emitting magic energy outside of the body. "Which means my Overpower skill is something that uses magic energy. That's good to know, plus, now that I have been restricted, I have the time to actually look at the skill's description properly and it actually said that it can only make someone faint or die by shouting some kind of battle cry and it will automatically activate, which means I don't have to utter 'Overpower' to activate it." Clay murmured.

Another effect of the band they put on Clay was the heavy pressure he was constantly subjected to as if the earth itself wants to swallow him which can only mean that it generates gravity to restrict his movements. "Although not enough to even be called restrictive, maybe if I can try to make an equipment like it, I can restrict my enormous strength." Clay thought further. From the known functions of the band, just like shackles, they seem to be used for retraining criminals. This band on him though had an added function which cancelled any emission of magic energy. However, with Clay's now sharp mind, through the skill Sage, he was able to decipher the runes on the band and accordingly,


[Language Acquisition level up]
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[Language Acquisition – Evolve to Ultimate Comprehension]

[Language Acquisition, Sage, Kryptonian Genes (Vision and Perception), Alchemy Master – Integrated to Evolve Ultimate Comprehension]

[Olden Gods Language (Ancient Language) – Master acquired]

[Olden Gods Language (Ancient Language Integrated into Ultimate Comprehension]

Hearing a lot of pinging sounds in his head, Clay was rather surprised. Plus, its been a surprise when his skills evolved and progress and even now it still surprised him. Looking at the description of the skill Ultimate Comprehension, Clay was shocked,

Ultimate Comprehension

[This ability is acquired after gaining the abilities to perceive planetary scale activities while also gathering impossible amounts of information and understanding them to the fullest. Enables the holder to gain skills easier and skip directly to mastering Talent and Production skills governed by repetition and practice over time.]

This skill itself gives Clay an edge over any other creature here on Alleucanth. Just breathing air may even give him a skill for it. Safir's blessing was overshadowed by this very skill. As if losing it's meaning already. Magic can easily be comprehended; skills and arts can also be mastered with but a glance.

"Nice." Clay muttered with a smile plastered on his face. There was a magician that were among the soldiers who surrounded him and oversaw the magic formation. He had muttered earlier the spell for the adjustment of the band's weight restriction and picked up the Old Gods Language from him.

Earlier when this band was put on him, gravity was increased for him and his body bent down almost making him kiss the floor. However, there was no strain to his strength or even his exertion. Only his weight increased and surprised him, but it was no threat since he adjusted easily to the weight.

[Gravity, command thee I do, increase.] Clay commanded but was not able to do see any effect. As his ability to emit magic energy was sealed now. Realizing this, Clay stopped trying and further waited for an opportunity to be naughty.

Finally, an opportunity seems to have presented itself. When the guards behind him started chattering amongst themselves. "You know, I was thinking that this hero business was bogus and we were just hunting some adventurer who crossed the royal family but with this guy getting caught and looking really similar to the poster they posted, and how easily he was caught up in the trap, I think I don't believe this guy is a hero."

"How did you know this guy is not the Hero with just that?" The other one asked.

"Well, if he was a real hero, he shouldn't be so weak like this right? He should have been able to run away and hide without even looking back. Unless, right now, we are the ones that are actually in danger in having him with us?" The other guy explained. They were called Jon and Mor. Jon was wearing armor that looked to be from materials taken from monsters that he hunted personally or otherwise. And Mor was a young man visibly a junior for Jon from the way he respectfully conducts himself at least at the minimum. They were having this discussion while waiting for the order of their commander.

"Isn't it said that Heroes get to grow and absorb their target's experience when they're killed? If that's true then think about it, to get this far up north he'd have to cross a whole lot of monster dens and territories, right? What if he came here as fast as he could in those few days that we were preparing for this man-hunt and grow a lot stronger as a result of that, that'd be asking for trouble to come under-prepared don't you think so? I support the royal family using these methods to deal with him. At least this way, Hero or not, he'd be captured for sure without damage to our ranks. We get to get home and we get paid just by escorting them home. Sure, some of us might die while crossing all the way to Acadria fighting off monsters and bandits, but that's better than facing the Hero in his prime and getting annihilated. Think about it." Jon stated facts and his opinion on how the royal family of Acadria is handling their politics and strategies. Clay was interested in him and also at this young man called Mor who was skeptical and curious.

[Oh, right! So that's how it is. If that's the case, then it really was great thinking from the royal family huh?] Mor agreed with Jon's conjecture at least.

"What do you see the royal family as, same as us common folks who do not have education? Of course, they'd be able to use their brains for thinking unlike us. Now let's keep quite lest we get found out and get our portion for tonight's dinner reduced." Clay really wanted a companion just for information gathering but now that he had this ability called Ultimate Comprehension, companions that could make his life easier is what he needed. Giselle would have sufficed for knowledge but she was royalty and it would be hard to get along with her with all the strife in politics and all, plus she has this lofty dream of helping the citizens even though she was the seventh princess and the siblings she had, Clay didn't think they would have helped her even if they knew she was how she was.

"I could've helped her, but I don't feel any kind of motivation to help her even now that she's dead. I really wonder, was I ever this cold when I was on earth? I mean I did not get involved in these kinds of thing there, but I don't know if I'd ever be this cold? Well, maybe it's just me being indifferent to strangers and this world. That's got to be it. Since they stopped talking, I could not get any more information out of them. I should probably just quietly walk and keep my ears perked up for when I get to hear some more chatters." Clay thought to himself as the opportunity to move arrived.


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