The Real Monster
26 Arrest!
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The Real Monster
Author :vOnKreigerXXV
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26 Arrest!

Well now, I'm surrounded by hundreds of soldiers. There's a shining magic circle below me that I reckon is responsible for pinning me down and I can't do something about it while in this state. I'm not worried that I'd die if I was attacked but I'm worried about what I'll do if they have some magic to make you into a slave. Now, I wonder what they'll do with me. Even though I've been activating Overpower from the start, it seems to not be working at all, what kind of restriction is this?

To understand how this happened, let me tell you…
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Three months has passed since Clay started to coop himself up in the Sun. No one has discovered him ever since and not that they could have. For the past three months, a lot of people came to the hunting spots, Clay already knew what they were trying to find, and it was him. Along with the power that was surging inside him currently, he also developed a kind of sense that you'd find in wuxia. He was now able to envelop the world with his perception and survey even the minutest of things through it. Although he has yet mastered it. So, while he was in the Sun, he gave it a whirl and found out about their activities. The adventurers came first and surveyed the surroundings and even kept a look out. So, for the days that followed he was very well informed about their movements.

For the first week that the search for Clay started, food became a non-essential for Clay. By absorbing absurd amounts of energy from every source, he was able to keep his body in tip-top shape. By this time Clay's strength already far surpassed Heroic and made it to levels that could only be called Legendary, but it stopped there for some reason after the third month he was there. Even though Clay's stats grew, he still felt that if he were to face that frog again, he'd still be in danger so he couldn't have his growth get to his head again or else. It should be alright to face a few guys at once but if they were to bring a few hundred and surround me, I wouldn't even think of fighting and just fly away without turning back. Such was the amount of trauma that Agamemkeru had given Clay on their encounter. Even though it's cowardly I must preserve my life, I'm not a warrior or anything. Clay thought to himself.

By the third week that the search took place, a large army made its way to the forests and plains and started totally scouring the place. Clay found out by this time that his strength was in fact rising but with a steadier pace instead, unlike the surge of strength that's hard to control because of it rapidly changing. And the search also intensified to the point that the forest was looking like a plain when the armies came as they cut down large amounts of trees and vegetation. They were lucky that Agamemkeru had already gone home as he already avenged his Salamander pet, or so he thought.

So that's how the three months of Clay went by and by the looks of it, the search was already slowly and steadily dying down. They must have thought that Clay had ran to the Demon territory and vanished there or may have even died. However, Clay wanted to go back to the Moonwink Inn in Agera to check things, of course what he really wanted is good food and a bed, but he knew that he couldn't go back and have those things. It's not for the sake of being full on good food and the nutrients for his body, but more of just getting that stimuli on his tongue and his sense of taste. Having no food for someone who's already been baptized with good quality food and spices since birth is a big hurdle to climb from and out of. Clay slowly descended from the skies. He entered Alleucanth's atmosphere and immediately felt the gravity of Alleucanth pulling on him which made his descent easier for him. Being in the vacuum of space where you'd freeze within a few seconds of being exposed, Clay handled it without problem because of his ability to control heat, plus his own newfound abilities that enable him to produce energy especially Solar Energy, it was no problem. And since he went into the planet's atmosphere without using extreme speeds, the air did not compress and burn his clothes, not that he had any at all now anyway. When Clay entered the atmosphere, he did not experience the burning of air when meteors enter the Earth's atmosphere which to him was quite a let-down.

Thinking about how he'll live his life from now on, Clay would have forgotten about Acadria and the whole Chancellor fuzz a few months ago if he just didn't scan for the whole world's activities. Although his mind can take all that information, he was too lazy to even focus on remembering all those things. All information was stored in his brain without being used, unless it was necessary to remember it. That's how great his Sage ability was. The good thing was that if he needed the information, just one thought would be enough to bring it up to his focus and remember every detail.

And so here was Clay, swearing to himself to be careful but because of curiosity, he challenged the limits of his body and newfound strength in trying out that shiny magic circle that he purposefully stepped into. He was able to get out of it by specifically willing his Energy Absorption to target the magic energy that's being used by the magic circle, but where's the fun in that, thought Clay. Physically brute forcing this formation was also an option. Although it is a fact that he was currently unable to move he was not worried about anything else but a spell that could enslave his body. That would be a real bummer. However, there's no fear of also having that, because, of the soldiers that were here, none of them seemed to have any skill or spells that they know or items that could make him into a slave through force. Right now, he was just waiting for the next move of his captors. He walked right into their trap, so it only follows that these soldiers had a plan on how to transport him.


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