The Real Monster
25 A Transformation
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The Real Monster
Author :vOnKreigerXXV
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25 A Transformation

Before Clay even got to the point of passing the stratosphere, he already felt his body grow stronger as if his cells became a blackhole that absorbed the Sun's energy. Seemingly a hungry beast that found its feast. Clay stopped mid-flight and stayed there for quite a while and even willed his body to absorb some more. Doing so,


[Energy Absorption – Basic Acquired]

[Energy Absorption – Solar Energy]

"Whoa!" Clay was surprised with that seemingly unneeded ability he just acquired. Because it was a given for his current genes to absorb solar energy, so having this ability was redundant. That's where he was wrong and will know about it in the future. After acquiring the ability to Absorb Energy, Clay continued his ascent to the outer layers of the planet's atmosphere, even as his body was putting energy absorption as a sustained skill just like <Observe>. Which he also now keeps on. If he faces beings like Agamemkeru again without properly looking at his stats, that'd be a waste of the skill and foolish for him. He grew complacent and started to turn it off when he lived a lazy life in Agera for at most two days.

As he was already out of the typical ozone layer of the planet, Clay's body's absorption of energy became like that of a blackhole. The skill [Energy Absorption] advanced to the master level as he reached the exosphere.
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[Energy Absorption – Level up]

[Energy Absorption – Level up]

[Energy Absorption – Basic Level up]

[Energy Absorption – Advanced Level up]

[Energy Absorption – Master Acquired]

Such was the advancement of his absorption skill, which in turn made him able to absorb solar energy literally like a blackhole. And no matter how fast his absorption was, the Sun remained unfazed by it. There was no way to tell for sure how his stats have grown or even quantify it via the growth system that Safir granted him with his new body. Now with his absorption in an insane rate, without him minding it, the gears of fate truly have begun to roll.

After the advancement of his absorption skill to master, he did not hesitate to take himself to the Sun that shone on Alleucanth at all. His body heat was well regulated via heat manipulation and the rampart energies that slammed his body from the sun aside from the Solar Energy were easily absorbed by it through the energy absorption skill. He gained Nuclear Energy, and Fusion Energy from his Sunscape. And his body further underwent massive changes. Even to the point of gaining skills like [Energy Reactor] because of his acquisition of more than one energy source, becoming an energy source himself. The skill grants him the ability to produce Solar, Nuclear and Fusion Energies by will, but in a smaller scale. However, this doesn't mean that he can no longer absorb from natural sources of it, in fact, it leveled up the skill just by simultaneously operating it together with Energy Absorption and Energy Reactor.

Energy Reactor leveled up all the way to Master. And when his stats went beyond the thousands, abilities that correspond to his stats were developed automatically. For his STR stat reaching beyond thousands he gained the ability progressively evolving from Inhuman Strength past that was Angelic Strength then Dominion of Strength to Throne of Strength, Cherubic Strength, and currently was at Seraphic Strength. Closely inspected the order of strength outranks the last by one authority higher climbing to peaks unknown.

His INT stat also managed to gain him evolving abilities progressing from Inhuman Intellect to Wiseman, Wisdom of the Saints, Venerable Ingenuity, Wisdom of Solomon, and currently at Sage. The clarity of his mind and the evolution of his skill pertaining to his INT stats also erased <Observe> and incorporated its functions to Sage. As if saying that Clay needed no prompts nor game-like windows appearing for every insignificant thing that he sees. And as testament to that, Clay now no longer needs to look with intent to know the stats and even the background of each creature his eyes fall upon, it all automatically registers in his mind and he would be able to remember it without fail.

In this way, his MGC stats also gave him skills the same way the other stats did and ended up having Magic Dominator which gave him the ability to fully control magic energy flowing from any source and shaping them into phenomena that suit his will for it. Its weakness lies on the fact that others who also own this skill can wrest control over his released magic as well. In addition to Magic Dominator, Clay also gained the ability to absorb into his body a new energy source called Magic Energy. Stored at a subdimension that grows along with his growth located in his brain area. Physically, it's not there but can be accessed and can constantly be opened to supply Clay with Magic Energy that he has stored up in there. Further application of this energy makes Clay's body boosted in all stats if circulated constantly in a sustained mode, which also drains his magic energy supply rapidly. He was able to gain this skill because of his body's resilience and ability to take a burden unsuitable to normal human bodies.

Similarly, Clay's DEX stat enabled him to gain a skill called Unfettered. This skill enables Clay to move at speeds that defy even the concept of time and space. Enabling him to take one step to arrive behind himself passing through impossible speeds circling the planet. One must understand that time stopping is different from moving at these speeds. This is purely physical in Clay's case and if he were to gain ability to stop time, that would be beyond any skill.

And in the three months that he spent all these abilities were gained by Clay. Opening his eyes, he slowly descends to Alleucanth with power and confidence to face any foe unhindered.


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