The Real Monster
24 Sorry State
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The Real Monster
Author :vOnKreigerXXV
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24 Sorry State

While all those things were happening in the human realm, at the border between the demon realm and the humans', an arm was sitting on a branch of a tall tree. The branch was big enough to support a grown man, much else an arm. This was Clay's gamble. He ripped his own arm off and lured Agamemkeru's shot of <Breath of Nihility> towards the skies so that it won't accidentally destroy his arm. Currently, the arm was growing bones out of itself and as one could expect this process took a long time.

After a day and a night of regenerating with some troubles, Clay was fully regenerated and was breathing and contemplating his foolishness in challenging Agamemkeru as if they were a match. Agamemkeru was one of the trump cards of the demon realm, he was someone who even the current demon emperor could not underestimate, much less some Hero who's only been in this world for a few days.

"Dammit!" Clay still remembers the lingering fear he had of his death and the gamble that he risked. Even now that he knew that he won the risk, he could not accept the fact that he got cocky just because he found himself able to easily trash some mobs on some town far away from large civilization. After cursing himself for a good few minutes, Clay collected himself and started to reflect on his mistakes and what could have been done if he hadn't gotten so bloated in the head.

"I can fully trust my ability to heal myself even without a brain. The downside is that I won't be able to sense anything if I have no brain to process it. Afterall, I now understand that my ability to make everything else seem like they are moving to a halt, is because my brain processing ability accelerates and I can perceive everything in such a way that my body can keep up with it or the other way around. Just imagining, myself moving at my full speed without being able to perceive my surroundings, all I can imagine is me wiping out crashing everywhere."

If a single cell in Clay's body is present, he can grow himself out of it. That's was how he found and evaluated his ability to regenerate through Deadpool's regeneration. Much like a certain cellular organism that grows and evolves through absorbing more energy.

"Let's look at our stats, shall we?"
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Name: Clay

Class: Hero «Transcendent»

Sub-Class: None «Alchemy Master»

Title: Hero «Alchemy Master»


[STR – 10 «Unique»] | [INT - 10 «Unique»] |

[MGC – 10 «Unique»] | [DEX - 10 «Unique»]


«Alchemy Master»| «Regeneration»| «Kryptonian Gene»

[Observe - Master] | [Language Acquisition - Master] | [Human Language - Master] |[Overpower]


«Guided by the Guide to Souls»| [Safir's Champion]

Status: Poor «Weakened»


"Wow my stats became piss poor. Doesn't my body retain its most optimal form when regenerating? If it's like this then I can only conclude that if my body reconstructed itself then it would be as if I grew with a baby's stats. That means this is the result of dying isn't it? If I think about it, that also means that my Kryptonian gene is the most awesome gene there is to have with this regeneration." Clay thinks of the endless possibilities of his body achieving invincibility if Clay continues to absorb sunlight.

Deciding to hide himself for a while until he can recuperate Clay decides to fly up into the Sun and absorb as much of the its energy with his body. With heat manipulation as an extra skill, he needn't worry about the Sun's other radiations. And as insurance of this foolish decision he came up with, he left one finger in a cave protected by nothing but an <Isolate> spell.


With Clay recuperating and waiting for his strength to grow again from scratch, news of Clay's whereabouts has already been acquired by the royal family of Acadria. The source was no other than the town he was staying in just recently, Agera. The adventurers' guild there wanted to profit and if the request was for one of their own, they would not have given information away; however, as Clay was neither an adventurer nor a mercenary, they gave him up quite easily.

The Moonwink Inn where Clay was staying in two days after Clay disappeared was put into questioning. The owner answered the guild without any falsehood as she was the last person Clay was in contact with that morning. Not knowing that it was Janus and the rest who had contact with him last. Where were Janus and his companions then?

"Dammit, man! You got us involved with someone dangerous! If the Acadria royal family is hunting for him, he must have done something stupid and terrible. If it weren't for him trying to keep a low profile, would we still be alive today? No matter what, we must hide until the inquisition about him is over, unless we want him to come back and end us all?"

"That's right Janus! Don't be stupid and lose yourself because of the reward. If you get the reward you won't be able to enjoy it if he is free. Instead, you'll live in fear of him every day and you'll never enjoy a wink of sleep. Think about it! As for us, we will stop you from doing something foolish for all our sakes no matter what!"

"Damn you guys! Have you become cowards already? I don't know what kind of tricks he employed to trick you into turning this cowardly, but I will never recognize that he is stronger than me! I only lost consciousness when he grabbed me that time because I was still hung over! If not, I would have trashed his sorry ass. C'mon! Let go of me so we can tell the guild that we know where he was heading off to when we last saw him."

"What are you even talking about man?! We don't know where he was going remember. We only ambushed him here because we saw him going somewhere. He never told us where he was going!"

"W-Well, you know… we'll just make something up to get the reward?" Clearly that was Janus.

"Oh no you don't, we won't allow you!" And then they both ganged up on him and made him unconscious. It was safer for them this way. At least, the Acadria royal family did not know about them. If they finish their investigation without looking for Janus, then that would be peachy. So, they thought.

That was the conversation that the three grown men were having, while in hiding at their hide out. Janus was their leader or spokesperson, but they all had strength equal to each other so not one of them could beat each other one on one, however if they ganged up on Janus, he'd be outnumbered and could only succumb to being beaten black and blue and restrained.

They did not know that even if they did not go into hiding, they would still not have helped the inquisition as the owner of the Inn, Dalia did. She pointed the inquisition towards the right direction after all. Checking the hunting spots just as Clay also did at first, they found traces of a battle that occurred here and most probably was a fight of something big and something small, like a human. It most probably had been Clay, but they were not sure. Then they also found the tree where Clay's arm was. If they had the ability to search the stars and look to the Sun, then maybe they'd be able to find him.

With this, the hunt for Clay continued, even when now the man in question was leading himself towards the deepest part of the Sun's surface, he was basically in plain sight.


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