The Real Monster
22 Battle, Not!
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The Real Monster
Author :vOnKreigerXXV
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22 Battle, Not!

I finally found the reason for the boars going away. That damn frog scared off the predators close to the Salamander's lair. That's why the wolves on the north area of the forest dominated the area where the boars usually were at.

The frog that I've been hearing since earlier roaring loudly was the real culprit. I've been keeping watch over it, but I got the feeling that it was also keeping watch of my movements. I approached it while keeping my self on the ground after I landed near it. Right now, I'm facing the frog and if it's violent, I'll kill it. If not, then I'll just repel it.

"Human! Who are you?! To dare face me, Agamemkeru, Lord of the Swamps, I shall teach you a lesson!" Agamem-wha? He introduced himself and where he came from. I don't know if it's custom for monsters to do this, BUT! What the hell! The frog spoke to me as if it was natural and without even moving its mouth! Is this some high-level frog or something?!


The frog Agamemsomething is slamming his legs to stomp on me. It'd get annoying if it starts something aside from that. At this point, I won't be surprised if this frog can use magic. Something with this kind of intelligence is bound to know magic, strong magic enough to kill me in one shot I bet. First ask him about why he's come and how long he's been moving. Right?
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"Uh, Agamemkappa, why have you come here to the Salamander's Lair? And is it your first time travelling here?" When I asked, it stopped stomping and made his head tilt in interest.

"It's Agamemkeru! You're a human, so I will kill you! Stay still!" It wasn't listening to me. Should I smack it a little?

"Overpower" I released all my intent to kill the frog if it doesn't stop moving around and attacking me. Its humongous body is enough to cover the town of Agera in one jump, so you can imagine just how big this guy is and when he starts moving around and even attacking, the ground ripples as if it's liquid. I think it's cool and all, but I think that's what disturbed the natural order of the ecology here in the first place. So, this frog is the cause for me not getting to eat juicy meat.

When my Overpower activated to the fullest, the frog abruptly stopped moving. And I took the chance to ask again.

"Hey, I will ask again. Why have you come this far?" This time it should start answering me. At least that's how it was supposed to be. However, not all things go according to plan.

"W-Who are you? To have this much killing intent." It lowered its head and spoke again. It did not answer my question again. It's getting annoying now. That was the moment that I failed to realize the implication of the frog being able to still hold his will and talk to me. It wasn't something that can be fazed with my current strength. I understood that too late.

"I'll give you one last chance. Answer me right now and maybe we won't have problems. If you don't, I'll sell your carcass to merchants as well just like that Salamander. Thanks to him I can live the way I like for quite a while." Don't misunderstand, that Salamander was an ant compared to this guy. Its sheer size just can't compare. Plus, that Salamander died when I crash landed last time, it's embarrassing that I defeated a monster by landing incorrectly, but whatever method, I still defeated it so yeah. You know the story.

"You killed my Salamander alone?! Impossible, but no, if you're as strong as your killing intent, then maybe you'd be able to defeat him, but not kill him. To kill my lovely pet, I really liked the scales on that one and to think you killed him, unforgivable, UNFORGIVABLE!" The frog Agamemkeru was trembling and it can be seen all too clearly. Its fat in its belly were jiggling like jelly. His voice also lowered and chilly.


A huge shock wave expanded from the Agamemkeru as the center and reached all the way to Agera and even beyond. What the! I hope the town's okay. They should be on alert after that and see this big-ass frog from afar now. It stood up again and made a motion with its mouth opening.

Oh no. If that is what I think it is, then I better go and escape now. With my current speed, I turned around to escape in a different direction from the town because if I'm right and that thing he's charging up is a beam of concentrated energy and from the size of its mouth the size of that shot would be close to half his body's size. If I don't move away, the town would be no more. I can't let the innocent people get hurt because of me. However, as I made some distance from it through flight,

"WHERE.DO.YOU.THINK.YOU'RE.GOING.BASTARD?!" It yelled and simply jumped ahead of me towards where I was planning on fleeing towards. Dammit, is my current strength not enough to escape this guy? Don't tell me I bit off more than I can chew? Shoot! I might just die from that! The earth trembled as he landed. The air that it caused to move worked as if a wall that I hit as I advanced and made me fall.

"Argh! Shit! Dammit! Dammit! Fuck! It hurts!" Escape Plan is in motion and I don't know if it will work. This gamble is risky, but I must give it a shot. Dammit! Dammit! Dammit! Getting ahead of myself and letting my strength get into my head FUCK!

"For killing my favorite pet, you will die without even ash left behind! I figured you must be the Hero the humans summoned recently, but it's good contribution for the demon kind. I will be promoted after reporting it to them. Kerukerukerukeru take this, <Breath of Nihility>!"

What's up with that cool sounding technique name!? Dammit! No time to notice these things! Escape!

Using all my strength, I even started flying already as soon as I got up, but the frog still redirected the shot towards me as if it was a homing missile with power enough to destroy a city as big as the capital of a kingdom with kilometers of diameter. If I can't survive this then I'm a goner. If my gamble doesn't work, it would truly be my end. Dammit! To think I grew too complacent and underestimated this frog just because I felt I've become stronger. SHIT! If I survive this, I'll keep a low profile! Shit! FUCK!

"AH~!" The frog's beam hit me squarely. My consciousness is fading already. Dammit!

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    《The Real Monster》