The Real Monster
19 Laying Low
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The Real Monster
Author :vOnKreigerXXV
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19 Laying Low


I gathered strength in my legs and took a Superman pose for when he makes that awesome initial flight scene. Where pieces of stones and dust gather around me and swirl before I launch myself upwards. Although I don't know if I can pull it off, I'll just have to trust my knowledge and these abilities.

Let's try flying, shall we?


The wind here is a bit turbulent maybe I'm still not high enough for airplanes to stably fly like on earth, right? What's this part of the atmosphere called again, stratosphere? Is that even applicable here? Anyway, this feeling is awesome. I am not falling so this should officially be called flying. Yes, I did not say it wrongly, I AM FLYING!!! Although, man, it sure is cold in here. Good thing I have heat manipulation huh?

"Whoo hoo! With this I can go anywhere I want with ease." This is truly awesome. Let's spend some more time like this up here. I have a feeling that I am forgetting something that I should still be concerned about for some reason. Meh, I'll think about it later.


A few hours went by since I started flying and I am currently sitting at a barstool and drinking a poor excuse for a drink. They call it ale, but this tastes just like water that was mixed with a little fruit juice and rubbing alcohol, yes, it tastes awful.

Where'd I get the money to buy this piss-drink you ask? I got it from selling a monster corpse they called [Salamander] that looked like an overgrown lizard that had long sharp claws and a tongue filled with venom that can kill with a touch or so they say, but with my regeneration it just tickled a little bit before my skin started to look good as new. This is a town called Agera in the far reaches of the northern kingdoms owned by humans. The kingdom is called Igelias and I'm currently a vagrant. The Salamander are famed for being monsters that were hard to deal with even with a force of 200 trained soldiers and so when I sold the whole corpse to the local merchant hub, they bought it with a few bonuses. My, ahem, <Dimensional Storage> that I cast, now has some things inside, although it's mostly coins now. Contemplating about my current predicament and the matter about that magic that the Chancellor used against me. It totally pierced through my skin and so right now I'm very afraid of magic hitting me. I am totally confident about physical attacks not harming me, yet magic is another story. I finally remembered when I was flying around that even Superman can be hurt, badly, by magic. So, I got to be especially careful with it.

That means that right now, I may be impervious to physical attacks but with this world totally relying on magic, I am just another guy with tough skin, meaning that I have no problem with Kryptonite as it doesn't exist here but magic may just kill me. That's why I really let out a heavy breath of relief when I realized just how smart it was for me to choose regeneration and Superman's genes. These two complements each other rather well.

Currently, I am probably very far away from the kingdom of Acadria and so am safe here. However, as I have killed an important person from there, and may also suspect that I killed Giselle, I still must be careful. Give or take, it will be three to four months before they finally find traces of me here, hopefully. They might just send assassins directly and be done with it, so I can't be too careful. With the money I have currently, I can probably rent a room at any inn and stay for a very long time without doing anything. That's the plan for now.

"Hey, hey, we have a new face here today and he says that he will treat everyone tonight and that the drinks are on him isn't he such a nice guy?" A drunk person suddenly grabs my shoulders and tells the whole bar that I will be treating for their drinks just now. I don't really mind but what is he up to? A wait and see approach are appropriate for these situations. Just like a cool pirate once said, you can spill drinks on me, even spit on me. I'll just laugh about it… something like that.

"I wonder have we met, or do you know me?" I had to ask just in case. Being too careful never hurt anyone anyway. I asked the guy, but he suddenly increased the strength of his grip on my shoulder and squeezed it real tight. To think he is exerting so much effort and yet it does not hurt even a little it's thanks to my steel-like skin. I don't feel anything so, let's ignore him.
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"Look at this shit! He's ignoring Janus' grip like it's a baby's, HAHA!" A man from the bar, also drunk, pointed out what was happening and laughed hard.

"Well what do you know; this new guy's not just a pretty face is he?" Soon, everyone from the bar partook in laughing at the spectacle and some even recognize my existence and pretty face. I like that guy, whoever he was.

"Would you look at that? Hey Janus, have you been jerking your meat rod too much and lost strength in your dominant arm?" Asked yet another as that last one provoked Janus, who's been gripping my shoulders like it's the most important thing to do in the world at the moment.


A bout of loud laughter and jeers came down and got poured on the poor Janus, this poor sod who tried to intimidate me. Shall we exercise our Overpower a little?

"Overpower" I whispered, without taking my eyes off my drink. I don't like to be unreasonably disturbed especially by pompous people who don't take people's peace and quiet into consideration. With my Overpower in effect and designating every roughed-up-by-work individual as my enemies temporarily, of course I had to exempt the bar staff and regular people from its effect, Janus and those who were laughing just now all turned quiet as the night. Only the steps of the waitress resounded.

"I like to eat in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. If you become merry on your own and not disturb anyone else, then everything will be A-Okay." I said and then drank the last of my drink, then leaving behind a coin for the drink and going to the inn where I am staying. My mood just got sour, dammit.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring me.


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