The Real Monster
18 The Danger of Ignorance
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The Real Monster
Author :vOnKreigerXXV
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18 The Danger of Ignorance

Just as they were all the way to the door.


"It didn't even last a day and you're already bringing the climax to this scheme of yours Chancellor? I was trying to let your scheme thicken, but is that extent of it? It's very anti-climactic if I just went ahead and destroyed your plan you know. I wanted to see some drama and what not, who would have thought that you're just an extra character not even good enough to get a name!" Clay did not even bother looking at his name. Of course, he knew the Chancellor's name, he just didn't bother to reveal it. He'll die this very moment anyway. Clay thought.

Clay punched the wall next to the door to avoid hurting Giselle with the debris. Unfortunately for the soldiers stationed there, they suffered the full brunt of having debris thrown at them with a force of a ram hitting flesh. The result was broken limbs and armors that bent all the way to hit its own back. One can imagine just how broken the flesh that's wearing that armor. Two of such soldiers suffered from that and died. One such unlucky soldier suffered with his limbs having been separated from his body. His left arm holding his spear and his right leg. He's blonde so if he put some automail for those limbs, maybe he'd make a name for himself. But I doubt it. Thought Clay playfully.


Those that had swords instead of short spears unsheathed them in preparation for combat. However, all preparations were useless in front of Clay. It was because of the overwhelming difference in strength. This world did not have any concept of levels but if it were put into that quantification, Clay was a level 1 who had level 99 stats, while they were on average level 30s, and their stats on average were on the upper 20s. However, strength in this world was not quantified through a leveling system so comparing it to that may not at all be accurate.

Clay, without speaking any further than his entrance, subdued the soldiers one by one, with the speed he used right after he arrived here. The world slowed down to a level where even specks of dust appeared to be suspended in the air. Disturbed ever slightly by Clay's movements. Only showing their full mobility when Clay stopped moving at full speed. However, this slowing of time, is only subject to Clay now. It is to the extent that he can move so fast that nothing seems to be moving as he was, however, the world was still moving according to space-time's dictation in nature.

Clay moved just so and stole a soldier's sword and started separating heads like harvesting wheat. The soldier next to the Chancellor started to move after seeing Clay, but he as well as the others surrounding the Chancellor died with incomplete bodies. Basically, their heads falling off their bodies. There are no merits in trying to act cool and let them gang up on me. Clay thought.

After killing all 10 guards including those close to the door and Giselle, Clay, took Giselle's arm and made her stand up. Giselle was unmoving. She stared at the blood and gore that were scattered on the floor and almost puked. She finally realizes that she had been well protected in this castle from birth and have never really seen what war could bring to the lives of ordinary people. Although, this scene cannot be equated to what really happens in a battlefield as this was done by Clay whose strength far exceeds that of normal foot soldiers, it still had great significance for her.

While holding down her urge to vomit, Giselle stood up and stood beside Clay while turning her head away. She did not even put the Chancellor in her eyes anymore. She knew, this man would die today. And then,

"Can you cast some type of illusion?" Clay asked in whisper.

Unfortunately, Giselle was only good at space magic and not illusion. Illusion was something that water element magic users were adept at. And so, she answered, "No."

Without feeling disappointed, Clay faced the Chancellor who was still in a state of shock. Clay was feeling sick of the smell of blood that permeated the place, so he wanted to end this farce now. And as if on cue, the Chancellor woke up from his stupor and loudly yelled at Clay accusing him of all things and cursing him while spitting out a lot of saliva.

"You, you, you monster! You criminal! You are a murderer and a treacherous bastard! It is I who has summoned you, and you dare to defy me? I am your master you slave! For what you've done you will be beheaded! You will never be able to see the light of day from now on! I will make sure you suffer in hell as you descend there! Suffer my wrath you foul servant!" The Chancellor went on and bombarded Clay with those template-like lines. In fact, the Chancellor was yelling and shouting and cursing Clay to stabilize his nerve and deal with him appropriately. Although, it would take much more than just that to calm down from the fear and panic that he was feeling currently, but one can only respect his small fry aura that's emitting from him now.

The Chancellor chanted a spell right after that not giving Clay the time to retort and make fun of him. He listened to the incantation and memorized it. That was Clay, stealing spells from others. However, as it were too chuunibyou, I'll never be able to use this in public, but I might as well just take it. He thought.

"Be as the heavens halberd, become the blade that culls the enemy in front of me, Excalibur!] The Chancellor chanted the highest-level light magic towards Clay. Seeing him smiling with that disgusting face of his, Clay felt disgusted. He probably intends to include the Princess and Clay; it's a good tactic as a desperate move in a desperate situation. Who would've thought right? That instead of being able to further his plans, he would be faced with an obstacle that not only ended his plans, but also ended his life.


Clay was not having a "reckless" moment, so he moved at full speed and got out of the way. He took Giselle with him and moved away from the Chancellor. And then,

The bright light from the spell <Excalibur> flooded the place and for but a moment blinded Clay as his eyes automatically healed itself and recovered his eyesight. However, that moment decided someone's fate. Clay felt his body being pierced by something. A large gap was made on his left side, while Giselle, whom he was carrying dropped down as well. He noticed his left arm was taken as well. Blood gushing out of it for a second before stopping.


Time flowed back to normal and Giselle grunted. She was unconscious. It seemed that she was hit by the spell as well. Although he can't check right now because his body was also falling. He could hear the Chancellor laughing wildly and triumphantly shouting. Boasting about the spell he just released. It was a spell of the highest grade that he could dish out. It had a homing function to it and Clay did not know this. And so, he failed to get out of its way and even included Giselle to the list of victims. He did not know if Giselle was alive or dead. He was concerned but that was the last of his concerns. He still had to worry about his life ending because of this prick. So, he stood up, ignoring the pain that he was feeling.
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"H-H-How!? How can you still stand you monster! You should already be dead! I killed you already!" Hysteria flooded the mind of the Chancellor. It was to the point that his voice already lost power and only air escaped his mouth.

Clay did not bother to answer. He just wanted to end this man right now. He wanted to get the hell out of here, escaping the crime-scene. He moved with his full strength at this moment and took the head of the Chancellor off his neck. It was an instant. There were no resistances. It was as if picking a piece of pebble on the roadside and tossing it aside uninterestedly. That was how Clay ended the life of the Chancellor as well as his plans and schemes. Without idling, Clay escaped from the balcony of Giselle's room and ran with his full strength. His speed slowed down a little, but it still made the world seem like it slowed down. He escaped towards the north. To the unknown.


On that Hall where Clay just left.

Giselle woke up with pain assaulting her body. It was pain from having a hole in her two legs. If it were lined up together, then one would be able to observe that this hole was made from the same source. The pain was unbearable, but Giselle knew that she had to escape this place. She looked around for Clay but found that he was already gone. The Chancellor was dead, and his head was like a piece of rubble on the sides staring at nothing. Not even able to close his eyes as he died. Giselle remembered what happened before she lost consciousness. The Chancellor had chanted the spell <Excalibur> and aimed at Clay. She knew that this spell was a homing piercer and did not worry for her safety. However, Clay did not know that and took her with him to escape the Chancellor's attack. That was the source of her misfortune. Giselle regretted it, but it was not good to blame Clay for it. She had to worry about those things later, as she knew that if she stayed there, she would only suffer some more as she losses more blood and may even die.

She casted <Rift> below her on the floor and made it connect to the Village Chief's house directly to ask for help. She appeared there by dropping on the floor and she exclaimed "Ah!" as her legs hit the floor a bit too hard. The village chief hearing that scream immediately went inside the room and found her there. She was safe at last and she lost her consciousness again right after, entrusting the village chief with her life.


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