The Real Monster
17 The Chancellor“s Last Supper
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The Real Monster
Author :vOnKreigerXXV
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17 The Chancellor“s Last Supper

***This is from Giselle's Point of View***

Mystery after mystery this man, Clay, has shown me. I was sure he was drained of mana, the energy that is needed for any creature and even some plant-life to continue to function. Yet he still stood without much difficulty and even told me not to worry about it. The only thing he had a problem with was his headache. That's just not normal. Even the most powerful of mages in Acadria and even Alleucanth would lose consciousness the moment their mana hit bottom-tier. And the effect of that would be fatal in battle.

I just can't get a read on him. I should probably go and check on our dinner. If all goes well tomorrow, we'll start my plan. After that, everything will just fall into place. After that disgraceful display earlier, I'm afraid anymore negotiations would fail. Having that deal with him is enough for me to unify Acadria for the rest of my life if he is with me.

That was how it was supposed to be…

but what greeted us when we got back after opening the door was a row of royal guards and the Chancellor. I have a bad feeling about this. Why has he chosen to move now? Weren't they convinced that I had the Hero under my charm? How great of a coincidence is this, that after a few hours away, exactly when we returned, did they finish their preparation and came here?

"Princess! Thank the heavens you are alright! We know what that fiend has done to you. Now, come here and we will escort you to another location so that he can harm you no longer. To think he would be so brazen as to put his hands on the Princess! This offense cannot be pardoned!" The Chancellor said. What is he talking about? Harm me? Have they discovered I can use Space Magic and credited it to him, or more accurately, suspected him to be able to do it and kidnap me? Did they come inside this room earlier when we were away and thought that to be so?

"Chancellor, W-what are you talking about? All that happened since he came here all had consented by me. There's no need to be drastic about such things." The Chancellor showed a face as if he understood what I'm talking about but in the end still,

"Hush now, Princess. No need to defend him. We know he must have threatened you with death. However, do not worry for we shall arrest him now and put him in his place. Guards! Seize him!" The Chancellor ordered the soldiers that were with him to arrest Clay. Oh no! He is sleeping on the couch just now. They'll seize him easily if he doesn't wake up and even if he did, he'd still be powerless in his current state. I must stall for more time and make enough noise to wake him up.

"No! Stop! The Hero is currently sleeping through the effect of the imparting of the language skill. We cannot disturb him right now. Even I was about to go out and get some fresh air. Chancellor!" I must stop them. If they incur that monster's wrath, I don't know what would become of them, the kingdom and even me. "Stop I said!" I grabbed the first soldier that came close to me who's between the door and the Chancellor's forces. I don't have that much strength but still I have enough to rival ordinary soldiers at least. However, I couldn't even hold the soldier for 1 second. Just as I suspected, these soldiers are part of the Chancellor's private forces.

"Men escort the Princess to the top of the second tower. Double the guards and do not let anyone come near. Wait there for further instructions. Now go!" The Chancellor gave another order seeing as I was resisting this move from his quite a bit. He's really starting to move aggressively since he summoned the Hero. This is proof of his avarice towards the throne. I can't stop them without revealing myself. Doing that now, will jeopardize my position and plans. There's only one way to warn the Hero now,


I expended all the air in my lungs just to make that shout. I hope he wakes up after that.
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- - - -

"Kya!" A shrill shout resounded and took the place by surprise. It was Giselle. She shouted with all her might so that Clay would wake up from his sleep, hoping that he had yet to fully fall into a deep sleep. However, Giselle's worry was unfounded. Clay never fell asleep because the moment he closed his eyes, he heard the coming of the people that gathered in front of the room's door. He became alert then. He went outside the balcony. To position himself better for fleeing. Hearing that shout though, Clay snapped his head towards Giselle's direction it was reflexive. It was something that naturally happens especially to people coming from a peaceful era. When there're shouts that sounds like a distress signal, everyone would turn their heads without fail. Clay was also one of those people. He turned around and unconsciously activated his x-ray vision as he intended to look at the situation without opening the door.

He saw, Giselle on the ground sitting like a princess. It was a position that anime girls do when they are performing a gag of being bullied or having a drama.

Giselle, after shouting sat on the ground and cried real tears. She cried not because of being hurt or anything at all. She cried to control the situation as a last resort before her very last resort of revealing herself. However, Clay did not know that. He sprang into action.

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    《The Real Monster》