The Real Monster
16 The Wheels on Acadria Turn
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The Real Monster
Author :vOnKreigerXXV
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16 The Wheels on Acadria Turn

Giselle was staring at Clay like he was some monster, especially after she just explained that humans strictly had only one affinity to any element. Imagine the surprise she has when Clay just up and chuunibyou-ed all those lines for the basic spells of each element.

"To have all affinity, this is just shocking. I'm sorry for doubting your capabilities." She was stuttering on her first words while keeping her eyes wide open, ears perking up and brows clearly not in its original place in her face. With her convinced that Clay could use every element as he had affinity to all magic elements in the system, Clay had the confidence to learn <Rift>, <Isolate>, and even <Dimensional Storage>.

"So how do I cast <Dimensional Storage>?" because clearly, that's what really got Clay so pumped up. To learn how to make his own personal storage. And forget all about the bat shit crazy things he can do if he learned spells from the other strands in the system.

"The good thing about that magic is, you only must cast it once. However, the size would only grow as your mana capacity grows. It's a really convenient magic and those who can use this are often hired by merchants and nobles alike." She further explains that <Dimensional Storage>'s storage grows and gains preserving properties as the caster's mana energy capacity grows larger, and that the personal dimension it creates for the caster that can also be called a personal sub-space can be opened and closed through the caster's will at any given moment. Such is why this spell is, "convenient," as Giselle says.

"That one only needs a visual of where you want to go in your memories or somewhere you are able to see. Basically, it's magic to go to where you once have visited. The way to cast it is like this..." seeing Clay's current state of mind, Giselle explained the theory behind the spells <Rift> and <Dimensional Storage>

"I see! Thank you for teaching me. Well, then, what about <Rift>?" Clay being as he was – excited – couldn't wait to learn all the incantations from Giselle. And from there, he chuunibyou-ed his way into learning them, resulting in,


[Space Magic – Dimensional Storage acquired]

Clay successfully casted the spell for <Dimensional Storage> and he was ecstatic. And he also tried the one for <Rift> right away, but seemed to have forgotten that casting magic, requires magic energy. And although he had more INT than Giselle, it only differed by a little so his advantage in number, didn't really matter at this point and so Giselle, wanted to stop him… and failed.

"Ah, wait– "

Feeling his head being stabbed by needles Clay grimaced as Giselle failed to stop him from recklessly reciting the incantation. His magic energy almost went down to zero, which Giselle explained would have rendered him unconscious and even in his current state, it was a surprise that he was still awake. Although, it was true that Clay looked like shit right now, he was awake. Probably thanks to his regenerative abilities preventing his mind to shut down physically. The good news is that,


[Space Magic – Rift acquired]

"We should go back to the castle now. I don't want to continue touring anymore. I feel my head splitting." Clay expressed to Giselle after feeling accomplished along with a splitting headache.

"..." Giselle's surprise can be understood. In her mind she's going, "How does he keep his consciousness even when he has practically used up all his Mana?" Giselle's amazement has only just begun.

"Hey, did you hear me, Giselle?" As Giselle was astonished and quite surprised, she seemed to have wandered off to another world for a bit and couldn't properly hear Clay's proposition. Following which, Clay woke her up.

"W-Why are you still conscious, Clay? It should be that your mana has already depleted right? Usually, people who suffer from mana drain lose consciousness and not wake up for at least three days as a side-effect of it, how come you're not unconscious and instead just having a headache? Mostly when this happens people already consider those who suffer from this as a dead man, especially in battle as you would become incapacitated and easy to kill, resulting in higher death tolls in battle."

"What? You're supposed to lose consciousness when you're drained of mana? Then why am I...?" Yep, it's my regeneration. Clay thought. Just as I have narrated earlier. Good job on making me sound like a spoiler Clay.

Clay felt a slight chill on the back of his neck as someone said something sarcastic about them.

"Don't worry about that right now Giselle. I have a splitting headache and I want to take a nap. Let's go. Just think of it as part of my abilities." Clay shrugged it off and told Giselle to not worry about it. He thinks it's a hassle to explain every single detail about his abilities. Plus, that's strategically Superman-like dumb move. Tell your abilities and weaknesses will you, let's see how those villains take advantage of you. Clay protested strongly in his mind.

Giselle shrugged as and went into the portal Clay just created. Is it safe enough I wonder? Was Clay's thought that he did not voice out. It's his secret.

As soon as they both passed through the portal, Clay felt a slight reaction in his body just like he had when they first came out of the portal that Giselle created so he was curious about it.

"Hey Giselle, do you suffer some kind of dizziness when you pass through?"
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"Yes of course. It's a natural thing to occur for those who practice Space Magic and cast that spell." Giselle answered as a matter of fact. It seems that every time any person comes out of the portal, they would have effects of seasickness in varied intensities depending on the person, but it was absolute that they would experience one. It was just one of those things that the magic theorists, did not bother to research more about since the magic was applicable already. A simple side-effect did not bother them at all.

"Yep, more reason not to use magic now. The chanting is bad enough, there are side effects I do not know about, and it's more because of the chanting. Ew. It's enough for me to know I can use it, but to use it is another story altogether." In Clay's mind he seems to have decided just now to lock up magic in this world. Since the chanting was so chuunibyou and he couldn't take that. However, Storage magic is convenient so maybe that's why he was excited in acquiring it.

After that exchange Clay went towards the sofa intending to take a nap. He did.


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