The Real Monster
15 Magic, Magic Everywhere!
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The Real Monster
Author :vOnKreigerXXV
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15 Magic, Magic Everywhere!

Giselle and Clay were still on that hill while Giselle was left with an open mouth from hearing Clay suggest a way to use her magic. And Clay found that this was a good time to try to learn and use magic that he was promised by Safir, the god of Humanity. Giselle wanted both to go somewhere safe from prying eyes to practice magic, but her <Isolate> spell should do the trick suggested Clay.

"I,I've never heard of using that magic for this. What you just suggested may just be a great discovery to use <Isolate> in a new way. I must take note of this. Shall we try it?" With amazement and surprise in her voice, Giselle exclaimed to Clay. She wanted to try it immediately however, her energy did not allow for it. So, they rested for a bit on that hill overlooking the forest to the west, the Castle to the north and the mountain ranges that span the east and south from this location. She's been mumbling on about how the application of this magic had just become so much more useful in many ways. And she's already planning to research on it. It seems.

A few tens of minutes later.

By the time that Giselle had recovered some of her energy to cast another <Isolate> she suddenly took something out of thin air looking like a writing tool and a piece of clean and smooth cloth. Clay was curious, more interested than confused, at how she did that. With Clay's knowledge on magic, although, clearly all, form manga and anime and novels, that there, looked to be some sort of dimensional storage, or in gaming term Inventory. "Awesome. I'll definitely learn how to do that!" Swore Clay as he stared at Giselle.

"Wait, wait! What was that?" Clay asked to let the flow of conversation going.

[What was what?] Giselle was tilting her head not knowing what Clay was asking about.

"You know, you took something out of thin air, is that you know, some space storage?" Clay asked as if he was uneducated in the ways of dimensional storage or whatnot. And Giselle, she was more than happy to explain.

"Space storage? No, no. We call it <Dimensional Storage> and it's very convenient for merchants and nobles to have it. Sadly, not all people are gifted with the talent of using space magic, unlike me and some few others in the kingdom." Giselle confirmed Clay's suspicion about people being able to use space magic.

Giselle puffed her chest up as if it's not puffed up enough. Clay could only shake his head from her boastful appearance. He also did not forget to stare at her breast without taking his eyes off it.

"So then how will we know if one is compatible with this or that kind of magic? Are there affinities to factor that as well?" Clay asked Giselle a question that was foundational.

"Hm. Yes, I had a high affinity with space magic, so I learned it. Humans only have one affinity each. While other species of the world can have 2 to even 4 affinities based on their race. The dragon kind can have 4 to 5 affinities on average. Only the humans have one. However, we make up for the affinities we lack by having a population that far exceeds other species." Giselle explained and continued her monologue. "And to know what affinity we have; it was devised by some sage long ago to recite the basic spells for each of the affinity. Basically, there are 8 affinities namely Fire, Earth, Water, Wind, Light, Dark, Null, and Space. These 8 affinities would determine what magic you can use. So first we have to find out if you are able to use space magic's basic spell." Giselle revealed how to perform the affinity test with Clay and was really pumped up because of it.

The basic spell was basically, "Manifest Space. Bring forth your dominance over the universe and extend thy reach, <Push>! So basically, Giselle took out a few stones in front of Clay and he would use the basic space magic spell on it which was <Push> to move the stone away with a push of space, basic. And the result was that Clay was able to push it. It was good. And a nice ring resounded in Clay's mind after that. Feeling awesome, Clay shouted with joy in his mind. While he unknowingly pumped his fist.


[Space Magic - Basic acquired]

Just like Safir promised him. Clay was ecstatic. He wanted to learn all the magic system of this world. And so, he asked Giselle to teach him all the basic spells. We will also skip the chanting process, as this is too cringy for everyone reading.
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Just like Safir promised him. Clay was ecstatic.

"Uh, hey, Giselle, I want to try the rest of the affinities so would you teach me each of the spells?"

"I don't recommend it, since we already know you are with the space affinity, and you'd only expend mana on a useless task if I allow that, but if you really insist, looking at your face that tells me you won't concede, and then I can only teach you." Giselle conceded after seeing Clay looking so expectant towards her like a lost puppy that found a hooman to fool into taking it in.

After she taught Clay the incantation for each basic spell. He tried all of it out and the result was as expected.


[Fire Magic - Basic acquired]

With growing embarrassment, Clay couldn't wait to learn how to cast chantlessly. All the cringe he felt accumulated quite a bit.


Earth Magic - Basic acquired.

Water Magic - Basic acquired.

Wind Magic - Basic acquired.

Light Magic - Basic acquired.

Dark Magic - Basic acquired.

Null Magic - Basic acquired.

All eight affinities were confirmed and enabled Clay to use magic from every branch of the system. He was now thoroughly convinced that Safir really did bless his body with the ability to use magic of all kinds. It was a refreshing though to have. Clay thought. Giselle also deepened her look of fear and amazement towards Clay through this discovery, however, only her amazement was shown clearly on her face when she faced Clay.


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