The Real Monster
14 The Villagers
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The Real Monster
Author :vOnKreigerXXV
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14 The Villagers

It seems the noise earlier was of the people that's coming towards this spot the moment that Clat and Giselle appeared here. A mob of peasants. That's how they call them here right? Clay thought.

"Don't worry about it, Clay, are you okay though? You just clutched your head suddenly." Giselle looked genuinely concerned. And Clay waved his hands to indicate he was alright. "Yeah, I'm okay now, I just had to deal with one of my abilities that awakened without warning." Clay said, almost grumbling about it.
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"Abilities?" Giselle was curious. What other abilities could this man have? She thought.

"No need to be concerned over that. Are these people here to lynch you or to revere you? Let's see right?" I winked at her and she opened her mouth and then smiled. Anyway, I already heard what they think of Giselle, so I don't really need to evaluate her anymore. Clay thought. He was like that. He cared for that his action doesn't involve anybody else especially if its something that could potentially harm them. Now that he gained powers, it was even more imperative for him to become responsible.

Princess! How is it that you are here? Today should not have been our scheduled visit." An old guy with a cane spoke those words towards Giselle. He was the Village Chief. He led this village along with Giselle's support so that they could live in peace and prosper slowly.

"Schedule?" Clay was curious about this term the village chief used.

Giselle looked at him but did not say anything else. Clay understood her gaze. He also would have set up schedules for visits if he were to move covertly to help townspeople in secret. If he were exposed by others who also knew how to use Space Magic, then that would be bad. Assuming traces of magic can be investigated.

"Please pardon my sudden visit. I wanted to show my friend the scenery away from the castle. Please don't worry about us and go about your own business as usual. And please as always keep my presence a secret." Giselle apologized for coming unannounced, unbefitting of a princess. However, this show of humility only increased Clay's impression of her more.

Giselle told them that, and the mob reluctantly left without looking back again. Being told by the princess to not worry, they went and did their daily dealings. Most of them were hunters who hunted just in the forest in the border of the village. So when Clay heard them whispering while getting back, he used his newly awakened hearing ability to eavesdrop on the villagers only to hear their evaluation of him to be like this, "That man with the princess, he felt like a beast that just ate. He was calm, but I could feel real danger coming from him." And another villager – a hunter probably said, "Yeah, and who'd that guy anyway?" Such conversation went on as they went back to the village.

"I wonder if we can visit the other villages?" Clay asked to cut off his eavesdropping and refocus his attention on Giselle.

"Hm? We could but my mana is a bit low from using that <Rift> and that <Isolate> spell earlier. We'll have to wait for a time before I recover enough mana to cast <Rift> again. Usually when I visit, they'd take me with them to the village and shelter me until I recover." Giselle explained. It seems that even with her high INT attribute, she still exhausts her energy reserves after just 2 or 3 casts of space magic. This only means that space magic was a high consumption skill.

"Oh~ This <Rift> you mentioned sure sounds very convenient huh? I wonder if I can use it as well?" Clay said in a hopeful tone. He already had a body that was blessed by Safir to be able to use any magic, so not forgetting that, of course he'd want to try out magic.

"I don't think you could, but it won't hurt to try and if we really want to do this it would be better to do it in a place that offers us protection from prying eyes. This field is not ideal now." Giselle wanted to be realistic with Clay and tell him the truth according to the world. Not everyone can awaken magic in their lifetime. However, Giselle's worries are unfounded on Clay.

"Really? If you had enough mana to cast <Isolate> then can't you just seal the space where we are, and you could make that a safe zone wherever you are. That way, no matter what happens outside you'll be unharmed right?" Clay suggested a method of using the magic that Giselle used earlier in her room. It was an idea that have not come across her mind at all until just now.


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