The Real Monster
13 Space Magic
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The Real Monster
Author :vOnKreigerXXV
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13 Space Magic


"Hm? I sure slept well." Clay mumbled. And then looked around wondering where Giselle was after waking up.

"H-Have you woken up? I'm sorry for my earlier display of disgracefulness, I beg for your pardon." Giselle meekly addressed Clay. He found this behavior suspicious. Clay is slightly hurt that Giselle seemed to have changed her way of addressing him, just because he almost killed her. "I mean, I didn't mean it right?" Clay argued in his mind. "There's no need for that. Let's get to the point of why I'm still staying in your room instead of leaving." So, he made their conversation from earlier progress forcefully.

"Y-Yes." Giselle answered and continued, "I agree to your conditions, Hero Clay, so from my side, I would like to request for you to support my plans as long as it does not violate your conditions. Of course, I'd like for your protection as well." She asked humbly already bordering begging for it.

"Hm? Yeah, it's all good, it's a deal then? Now, when does supper arrive? I'm hungry." Clay concluded their agreement with that and asked for food nonchalantly.

"J-Just like that?" Giselle was surprised. She did not think he'd agree to anything any further because of that earlier stunt she did, her disgraceful display. (The provocation)

"I'm hungry right now." Clay muttered as he continued his thought. "I've been stranded in an unknown space where I don't know the flow of time is and how long I have spent there. Now, I want to just start lazing around and relax but that's currently impossible as I still must make a Queen out of Giselle."
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"It should be delivered here at the appropriate time." Giselle answered him with an indefinite.

"That's good. I want to stay here for now and ask you some questions. I don't like to go somewhere else and pretend to be some monkey. Well then, let me ask you Giselle, what do you really want to achieve? Don't misunderstand my query. I only want to know the real reason behind you wanting to be Queen."

"Hero C-Clay, I- "before Giselle could continue, she was stopped by Clay from speaking further.

"Stop right there. Why have you turned so formal in your way of speaking to me? Just call me Clay as you have since earlier and I will call you Giselle okay? I don't like the stiffness around your tone. Now then, please continue." In the back of Clay's head, he was really bothered that Giselle still can't move on from what happened earlier, her disgraceful (her fainting)

Clay was troubled by it as well. Because he really did not want to be called hero. He thinks they are fools who have inflated sense of Justice. Without properly looking at all the angles, they are menace to the world.

"Y-Yes. Uhm. So, C-Clay, my aim is in fact to become Queen and rule the land, however, my motivation is to serve the citizens instead of us getting served. I want to help those who truly are in need and turn this kingdom into something that would be able to rule without young children starving and begging. I know it's not that big of a thing, but currently I'm stuck between a rock and a hard thing. That's why I need your help and power to achieve this. So, Clay, will you lend me your strength?"

Clay did not answer as in his mind it was already agreed upon. So, he asked another question.

"And? Let's say you achieve your goal and become Queen, what then? I'm asking how you'd make the citizens agree to your reforms or even accept your rule? Clearly, nobles in this world have become arrogant to a fault and even the lower class like the maids and servants overtly show their disdain for their princess. I don't see the people supporting you. If you can convince me otherwise, then you'll have my full support and I will even spearhead your projects that need manpower. So, tell me that."

"You see."

A few tens of minutes later.

"It worked too well! Making her talk more is something I should not do again in the future." Clay complained in his mind. She talked about some ideals and conveyed them to Clay while trying to see his reaction, which then she'd use as reference to decide whether she continues the subject or skips it and move to another. When it was time to ask her to convince him how the citizens would see her sitting in the throne, she stood up, extended her hand and told Clay in a confident manner, "Clay, it is time I show you the real Princess Giselle."

Seeing as Giselle has taken his hand, he resigned to her leading and observed her. She extended her free arm towards the other side while whispering some words. After that, the summoning of the gate happened, which connected one place to another. Space Magic called [Rift]. Clay was impressed. It was the long-awaited Magic, he wanted to see and use!

They passed through the portal, and Clay was a bit surprised and felt a little tug in his head as if he was going to get dizzy then it disappeared as fast as it appeared. What surprised Clay more is how green the scenery was. No, not that kind of green but the actual green! The trees, shrubs and even the grass.

Giselle took Clay to a hill away from the castle and close to one of the villages that maintained the food supply of the kingdom. Clay had never been to a rural place even in his province since he stayed in the confines of strong, concrete forests.

Then shortly after they arrived, Clay suddenly heard voices that rang in his ears as if they were shouting directly. Clay covered his ears in a hurry.

"Dammit! The wakening of my abilities, such a bad timing!" Clay couldn't resist the urge to curse as even when he covered his ears the noise still rang loudly. It's such a blessing to Clay that he had the knowledge of reading through comics and simulating what would happen if he were to have powers such as this.

Without further ado, he focused his hearing on the sound of Giselle's heartbeat. It was rapidly beating unlike all the other beating thump of the hearts that were coming over. He used that as point of reference as he focused and refocused his hearing. Learning to control what to hear and turning it on and off. After a struggle of more than a few minutes, Clay finally took control of it and learned how to switch Super hearing off. At that same amount of time as well, the Villagers arrived near them.


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