The Real Monster
12 Here Comes Trouble
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The Real Monster
Author :vOnKreigerXXV
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12 Here Comes Trouble

It was the time when Clay and Giselle, slept and was unconscious. Giselle's <Isolation> spell was cancelled as the caster was out cold. The maid that oversaw taking care of Clay entered the room to find the two of them sleeping soundly with Clay's hand swimming over the pudding. He unconsciously reached out to that piece of heaven while he was asleep. The maid as haughty as she was, was still shocked to find that scene.

She ran away as fast as she could and reported to her "superior," the Chancellor.

Now the Chancellor was still contemplating on what to do if the princess failed, that dumb princess. When suddenly the door to his room opened with a BANG and the maid entered. "You goddamn peasant! How dare you disturb my solace at this moment! Guards, grab her and whip her 20 times!" Said the Chancellor as his mood worsened when his peace was disturbed.

"Please wait, lord! I bring you news, good news." She desperately clung to that news she so excitedly brought here only to be punished for it. Such is the fate of underlings and extras.

"Speak!" Shouted the Chancellor, obviously still annoyed.

"I come from Princess Giselle's quarters and I caught the Hero and the princess making love. They were together in bed (Clay beside her bed) and the Hero couldn't keep his hands to himself. I wanted to report this to you, as you may have some use for it lord." She was already sobbing as she finished her report, hoping for something good instead of the lashing.

The Chancellor touched his chin and started to chuckle and that chuckle became a laugh, then an evil laugh finally surfaced, he wasn't satisfied and he even leveled it up to become a diabolical laugh… although in the end he had a fit of coughs. "Certainly, I can use this. Guard! Release her and award her some 20 silvers or something. Not a coin shall be missing. That is her reward." He chuckled.

It was time to scheme, the Chancellor thought.


Hm? Where am I - ah - I fainted or did I die instead?

No, I should be alive if I'm able to think such thoughts. However,

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Clay's monstrous appearance appeared on my mind.

"W-what did they bring into this world?!"

This amount of killing intent is something a human or even demon or dragon can emit. What foolishness did I just do to try to use this person for my own benefit? If I cross him once, not only my life, but the whole country would be in danger!

I thought he was just a normal kind of guy who was summoned. According to previous documents, Heroes summoned would start off as merely a bit better that the average people of our world, but this guy this... this monster, that's not a normal thing to have as a person from a peaceful time in their country isn't it?

It was written, all of it was written in the documents.

People we summon are of the notion that peace is the best and they have not tasted war in their time unlike us. However, are we really any better? We the royalty are involved in the war, but we do not experience it ourselves. We only issue orders and have people get killed for it, and even then, we take credits for it. Now that I think about it, we really are no better than the summoned heroes, right? We are inexperienced in war.

But that's not the issue here! The issue is that's what the documents said. However, this monster is not like any normal human. He emitted so much killing intent that made me want to kill myself in fear of handing my life over to him to toy with.

That's how strong it was. And when I looked into his eyes, it was as if I've seen the depths of hell and even beyond it. As if what I'd be suffering from If I die by his hands is a death more painful than even hell can dish out.

What was I thinking? However, if we form this alliance now, I would benefit greatly from him. I just always must avoid his taboo. Remember Giselle, remember what his conditions were.

First would be that he doesn't want to be unreasonably disturbed. Unless it has a reason good enough to disturb his comfort, then he will permit it. But this kind of person cannot be abused, or his rule be bent and circumvented.

The second one is as if he's saying, innocents are called innocents for a reason. So, I don't need to elaborate further on this, as we both agree with that completely.

The third is the most troublesome, I think. If I try something "funny" as in a joke or something like a prank? No, I cannot be shallow on this. What he means must be that if I try to scheme against him and he finds out, he will kill me.

If that's how he really wants it then really, I could agree with all of it. He even told me he wants me to be Queen as well. It's just that my insides are screaming "runaway right now!" Even as he is right here, sleeping and even snoring... wait, wait. Why is he next to where I woke up? Did he perhaps! No!


Phew! I thought he molested me while I was asleep. I seem to have calmed down considerably, but I just can't get that feeling of fear towards him to go away. As if it has already been ingrained deeply for me to fear him. Makes you question who he really is or even what is he?

I must be very careful around dealing with him.

He was able to deceive everyone including me on looking weak and useless, however, I wonder if he was already able to understand what we have been saying before I granted him the human language?

If that is true, then that would explain how he could say something like that about the Chancellor and the maid.

Next, he was able to see through me with that eye of his that could only mean that he has the eyes of god or something along those lines. Furthermore, he wants to just laze around and be undisturbed by any worldly things as if he was a dragon that wanted to just be left alone instead of being challenged every now and then. If I take all that into consideration, I should be able to form an alliance with him, right? I should properly prepare my arguments to convince him. I must steady my heart.

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    《The Real Monster》