The Real Monster
11 Overpower
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The Real Monster
Author :vOnKreigerXXV
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11 Overpower

"The pleasure is mine Princess." The atmosphere just turned a few degrees lower and chilly. The atmosphere became serious as well. I guess it's not time to fool around now, Clay thought. "As you already know, I am called Clay. It seems this Kingdom of yours has grown a tad bit too unrestrained, even maids look down on their princess. This is a surprise to me." Clay began with that introduction.

"You have observed well, Clay, please call me Giselle and I'll call you Clay, is that alright? Continuing, yes, you are right. The king has been bedridden for a time now and the Chancellor has grown more and more audacious. He began taking command as if he were king and now, he even initiated the hero summoning without father's consent nor anyone else's. Worse, this hero summoning should have been passed down only to the king, yet he knew about it, that to me smells very fishy." Giselle explained to Clay the circumstances of the kingdom in a nutshell.

"He has become a bit too much to just tolerate, so, I need something to make him fall and with you Hero, I would be able to move even more freely and do things to take him down while you distract him with your heroism." She continued this time, her words sounded like a joke, but no one was laughing.

"That is... if you agree." She fished for an answer from Clay and to her who proposed such, "Oh, I only have one principle in life, Giselle. I move only when I need to. So right now, whatever you say to me will only sound as someone else's problem and I would not even care a bit." He also explained his selfishness then continued explaining his circumstance. "At first, I planned to do what I can as a Hero and disappear from the battlefield later when it gets chaotic, however that would have been too much work. However, seeing you and having this encounter, I have changed my mind. I want you to be Queen, Giselle, and you will have me as husband. That way, I can live my life at ease of whatever. What do you think about my wondrous plan, what do you think?"


Giselle stayed quite for a bit and trembled. Did she hear Clay properly? Only she knows. But as if contemplating on what she heard from Clay, she had closed her eyes and kept quiet for quite a while.

"Don't worry, if you agree to my proposal, I will do what you ask of me until you become queen, however, just know that killing innocents and the children is against my policy. That's all I have as a condition. If you want to use me, then use me, but remember, I will want my peaceful unhindered life after everything else." It was such a good proposal from Clay if taken from a political standpoint. And even the practical side of things, this proposal still held so much potential for any who wished to rule the country. A hero had growth potential unlike no other and simply gaining strength to protect her and the interest of her schemes is a heaven sent. So, after thinking even more she opened her eyes and looked at Clay while saying,

"You... are surprisingly very cunning. I was thinking of using you, but you have already grasped even that from the start, so you went straight to negotiating your terms. Alright, I will agree. I will agree to shelter you as Queen, and you will be the symbol of peace in Acadria. How's that?" She agreed to his proposal without batting an eye. His proposal was basically a marriage proposal. Typically, she should have refused until further notice, or at least until she thought everything through. And yet she agreed right away.

"That's not bad at all, then let's first set some ground rules. On my end, I want to live in comfort without being unreasonably disturbed, I will also not move if it's to harm innocents and third, I will kill you if you try something funny with me. That's it from me, anything else, I'm game." Clay took the conversation further after the agreement. Conversation from powerful people need contracts, but for those who are beyond just merely being influential and having real power, a verbal promise is a life sentence already.

"Okay. I will be able to agree with all your terms. However, to threaten someone, one must have an overwhelming advantage over the other, but as you are now, I don't think you're in that position just yet." And Giselle understood this principle as well, thus, he provoked Clay in showing her what he can do for her as the Queen's consort.

She wants to know if she can rely on Clay, use him well. She is very clever indeed. If Clay doesn't show her strength to back up his words, she'll only take it as a bluff, nothing more. "How should I go about this; I don't have anything to show for it currently." Clay was also backed up a corner. He showed in his face that he was hesitant, and Giselle picked up on this. Giselle's position in this negotiation was taking over Clay's in her mind at this moment. However, Clay currently was reliving his pain and suffering as he gained his power, his abilities. He closed his eyes to further see and feel that pain again. Remembering the fear that he had, how many times he pissed himself as he was buried in pain for who knows how long.

After remembering the pain, he started to analyze why he was suffering like this? Because he wanted to have an otherworld adventure? No.

In the first place he would not be subjected to that kind of pain and suffering if not for the summoning. Yes. It was they who affectedly gave him that suffering. All because these pricks wanted to use him as a piece in their wars and in their games.

"The gods and these game of throne wannabes! All of them need to be subjected to a world of pain as well. Enough that they also experience my kind of suffering and pain. Right. That's right." Clay was grinding his teeth as he thought up to this point and he released his unbridled anger and resentment. "You want to use me without looking at how I would suffer for your games? Fuck that! You play games with your god buddies and since you want to play some more, you summoned heroes to your play as a chess piece?! Fuck THAT! I will pay you back for this, just you wait you damn gods. I will find any means I can to visit your realm and I will put you in a frying pan. Kukukuku"

As Clay thought to that point that his anger was boiling inside him and was now physically manifesting in the surroundings. Giselle noticed this change as Clay stayed silent and closed his eyes. Moments later she found herself trembling uncontrollably as if by instinct her body wanted to get out of this place. To run and not look back at all. But she endured it, she wanted to see how Clay would show his hand to her. Now, she would think it was a mistake.

"C-Clay, p-please calm yourself. I was merely- eek!"

Hearing Giselle's voice, Clay opened his eyes and stared straight at her. His state was still unstable, and this caused her to be afraid. "I have to calm down. There's no need to be hung up on things like that. If I'm alive, I don't care what happens to things that are unrelated to me." Clay thought as he tried to calm himself.

Clay's stare did not reach Giselle as she seemed to have fallen off her chair when the intensity of Clay's bloodlust reaches a certain threshold. Looking closer, Giselle had a dagger pointed to her heart as she trembled. Where did she get that dagger from anyway? Clay thought.
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What are you doing? Clay thought.

"What're you doing?" he said.

That's dangerous you know. Clay thought still.

"That's dangerous you know."

You'll never know if you accidentally press on it.

"You'll never know if you accidentally press on it." He said.

"What's going on, my thoughts are leaking. I need to calm down! NOW! Chill Clay. Chill!" Clay admonished himself trying to control the anger and the lust for blood.

*Breathe In*

*Breathe Out*

Thinking of other things to calm himself down while breathing in and out was Clay. Suddenly,


[Overpower acquired]

"What the heck? Did I just get a skill for that?! Anyway, I have to talk to Giselle first." Clay thought to himself as the acquisition of that skill seemed to have dispelled his violent thoughts somehow.

"Princess? It's not that I wanted to show you something nasty right, but since this is a closed space, it's convenient enough. I hope we'll be able to cooperate well, Giselle." Clay ended that speech with a smile just as he planned. However, Giselle seemed to have frozen instead because of that smile. If Clay were to look at the mirror right now, even the most stoic of people would wet themselves from fright. He was wearing a smile that seemed as if he was going to kill you with his next move.

"..." Was the Overpower skill too strong for her to handle? Clay thought as he waved his hands in front of her eyes and erasing the smile on his face, he continued to communicate "Uhm, Hello? Princess Giselle?" After a few moments of spacing out, Giselle seemed to have come to herself and looked at Clay. Immediately,


She shrieked and fainted on the spot. A good thing that the dagger she had, already fell away from her when she fell again. Clay caught her and brought her to the bed as she was unconscious and cannot continue their conversation at all until, she wakes. Deep in thought, Clay pondered, "Is Overpower really so strong?" So, Clay checked.


« [Passive: Intimidation at highest level. Use mana to boost the effect. Use Killing Intent to further enhance the effect] | [Active: Can be used when shouting a battle cry to demoralize and induce heart-bursting fear into enemies. Weaker enemies affected either faint (70% Chance) or die from heart attack (30% Chance); Allies gain morale to the highest peak.] »

"This is too overpowering man! Good thing Giselle did not die of heart attack. She just fainted... right?"

Clay hurriedly checked on her pulse and he heard the thumping of her heart as he put his hands on her chest.


"Phew! That was too damn nerve-wracking! I should let her sleep for now. We won't be able to talk about anything either way anyway." Relieved, Clay also opted to sleep beside her bed.


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