The Real Monster
9 Giselle vi Acadria
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The Real Monster
Author :vOnKreigerXXV
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9 Giselle vi Acadria

Clay had to forcefully calm down as to enter a proper conversation with the princess later. The maid introduced them to each other saying,

"Princess pardon the intrusion, this is the "hero" that has been summoned and the Chancellor has tasked you to take care of him in the meantime so that we can prepare for the feast to welcome him. I have done my job; I shall be off now. Please excuse me." Said the maid who was in a hurry to get rid of Clay and be away from them both as soon as possible. It was as if the princess was carrying a disease that she did not want to contract. Thought Clay. If it's like this, then maybe she really has a contagious disease? Clay further thought.

Clay already knew who the princess was even when she had not introduced herself yet with <Observe> he also did have information on everyone he already saw, but they were all small fry except for the Chancellor earlier that Clay did not even bother to memorize the name of. That just shows how negligent he is of unimportant characters.

Looking at the princesses' stats, Clay studied it.

Name: Giselle vi Acadria

Class: Princess

Sub-Class: None

Title: Seventh Princess of Acadria


[STR - 44] | [INT - 87] |

[MGC - 89] | [DEX - 56]


[Management]| [Human Language - Advanced] | [Space Magic – Advanced] |[Etiquette]

Blessing: None

Status: Alarmed

"That's how she is feeling huh, Alarmed. I wonder if I should make her my ally. That would be good for me, but it may be troublesome for her. Let's ask her." Clay did an inner dialogue.

Pausing, Clay continued his speculations, "Of course she'd be alarmed with a maid and the "hero" that she brought without even a simple knock on the door. It was preposterous for a maid to do that.

As the maid left, the princess' wariness left her face as well as if it were just an illusion. She now wore a dignified face, worthy of her standing.

"I see, this is how the situation was and I can clearly see now. Plus, her Status says Normal now. This one's clever huh? Let's look confused for now and face the princess. She's also looking over here without batting an eyelid. Ha-ha. This is the dumb princess they talked about, look just how sharp her eyes are! Those are the eyes of a predator." Clay read the expression on the princesses' face and the information gathered by <Observe> and both added up. He was amused by this moniker of her being a 'dumb' princess.

Without moving around and just staring at her like he's shy, Clay successfully infiltrates the Princesses' room.

[It seems they really succeeded in summoning a Hero of sorts. I wonder how strong you are even as you just arrived?] She spoke and then gasp as if remembering what she forgot. She then slowly came to Clay closer and Clay inched back just as she advanced. That was so until Clay hit a cabinet for books behind him. Even as he was backed, she continued coming for him and their faces drew closer and closer as he could not bend his body more than it had already.

[Why is this guy so afraid? I'm such a beauty that you'd lunge at me given the chance, right? Maybe he's shy? Fufu] Giselle, spoke, thinking Clay could yet to understand her. Showing him how she really was when in private. Oh God! If she comes any closer, I shall forget that I am a man, and descend into the beast that I am. Thought Clay strongly as he held himself back from attacking the princess then and there.
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Before this became a porn-story however, Giselle backed away slowly. Still as slow as she inched forward leaving her cleavage assaulting our hero's mental faculties. The princess was a head and a half shorter than our 5'11" Hero. And the view from up top has heavenly, thought Clay.

"This woman is rightly dangerous. More so than that old geezer, the Chancellor!" Clay was apprehensive but unrepentant. He wanted more instead. Such was the downfall of any great man. However, our hero has yet to climb the stairs of success, so he can yet fall from anything.

[Well then, let's have you granted the language now. They made me into the one to put a leash on you, so that I could become useful huh, just all you wait and see. Even thinking of making me use my body to lure this poor guy.] As she said that, Giselle leaned even more forward, and our foreheads touched then suddenly she muttered something I could not quite get, and warmth entered my body through our foreheads. Then,


[Language Acquisition - Advanced level up]

[Language Acquisition - Master acquired]

My language skill leveled up just like that. Awesome.

[With this, you should be able to understand me, right? Please answer me if you do. Even if it's just basic for now, as you continue to use it, that language skill would level up to master in no time.]

"Of course, I understand princess. But please let me ask you to please discipline your subordinates your highness. Please tell those two to stop staring at my eyes, they have been really rude since the start." Clay told the princess in a joking manner. "I wonder if she'd understand my joke." Clay thought.

Clay was currently unashamedly staring straight at her cleavage. "If I take my eyes off them now, I'd feel that I am not worthy to be called a MAN! This is how a man should act! Straightforward and devoid of pretenses!" Shouted Clay in earnest.

[W-What are you saying you sex offender!] And she sent Clay a crispy slap.


A resounding slap and a hurt hand were the results. Clay's face was stronger than steel, super gene or not! He just doesn't feel shy about his sexual preference and desires. Especially since, no one knew him here.

"Forgive me, but please, explain to me what happened. For me to be able to understand you very suddenly?" Clay took the conversation forward by seriously asking about what just happened. Why was there a need to have their foreheads in contact and why did she assume that I would understand her suddenly? Were all questions in Clay's mind.

[What's with the sudden change of pace? A-Anyway, I just imparted you with the language skill. Although it should still be basic right now and if I ever used terms that have deeper meaning like 'Philanderer' to describe you, then you'd only hear a beep of some kind. See?]

I did not hear a beep at all, plus, my skill is at Master level so I can totally understand what you just said. She holds grudges huh. Clay thought.

[Why don't we sit there for now and talk about things.] She then gestured towards the coffee table she had inside her room. There was also a sofa set, and some more bookshelves at every wall. I wonder if I can read these things and be entertained at least, let's think about that later. Clay continued to have thoughts like that as he followed Giselle into the sofa facing the fireplace. They sat and began to discuss some serious matters.


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