The Real Monster
8 The “dumb“ Princess
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The Real Monster
Author :vOnKreigerXXV
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8 The “dumb“ Princess

Finally, after a few seconds of contemplation, she found her courage and gestured grandly to Clay with hands pointing towards one of the rooms. As if to tell Clay that the princess' room was right there. And as a good little rabbit that he was, Clay looked towards the direction she pointed at with eyes widened as a show, implying, he understood her intention.

Clay stood up and did not wait for the maid to gesture to him and walked towards that direction. The maid hurried to a run to catch up and take the lead again. With Clay's x-ray turned off, he entered the room that was opened by the maid, without knocking, showing her contempt for the princess as well.

Clay turned it off in anticipation for the beauty of the princess that he is about to meet. Typically, when meeting princesses in another world one would expect them to be a beauty, according to the richness of Clay's knowledge on otherworld adventures. Disappointment or excitement hinges on this surprise after all.
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The room was big enough to put two 1LDK rooms inside.

It was furnished with a canopy bed that takes up most of the space at the center just after turning a corner when you enter. The fabric used for the canopy was dyed in velvet red, the bedposts were polished and varnished elegantly. The headboard and footboard also don the same texture and elegant look. The headboard has an elegant sparrow engraving picking a fruit on a branch, as if a painting that shows the elegance of this bed. The footboard complements the sparrow picking a fruit with its other half of the painting it invokes when looked at a certain angle. On the canopy crown, there lies a nest-like tailoring that seems exquisitely placed there to provoke the mind of the onlooker to peek at its contents like a curious child climbing a tree. The finials are carved with a design that look like the same fruit that the sparrow is picking on the headboard's engraving.

There was a fireplace and a personal lavatory of the princesses' own. The whole room's walls were covered with light red wallpapers having a top view of a flying bird as its printed design. Clearly the princess was fond of sparrows. The fireplace was enclosed in a sofa centered by a coffee table to complete the set. While the lavatory was separated by a door to it. Inside the lavatory is a secret every woman must protect.

And on the floor was a carpet that encompassed the whole room. Making the floor feel like one is walking on clouds upon entering. It was the fur of an unknown beast of this world, however, from the looks of it, it looked to be of a red striped tiger.

Clay's quest was sitting on the bed, brushing her jade green silky hair. Her movement was fluid and her gestures certain, without hesitation. Clay was having these thoughts as if he was looking at a master swordsman playing with his sword. The princess did not disappoint Clay. She was mesmerizing, that was the conclusion. Clay's thoughts were going haywire and no longer fit to narrate no longer safe for work. The princess wore her night gown as it was still early in the morning for her. She typically gets out of bed in the noon time since she does nothing in the morning having siblings that get the attention from everyone, which leaves her neglected. Her face was a well-rounded shape with a sharp chin, just like anime heroines or those chines women who have those petite faces. Plastic surgery works so well for women in Korea and China these days that places like Thailand and Philippines, fellow Asian countries don't want to get left behind. Her lips were pinkish and looked very fresh. Clay imagines her lips to be virgin, unsullied by the filth of men yet. Looking at her long legs resting on the bed made Clay want to become the bed itself. Enjoying the supple feeling that those legs are putting on it. Seeing the princesses' night gown and the perky breasts that bursts from it, gave Clay his biggest hard-on. Her nipples that tease you for the lack of brassieres threatening to come out and peek at you. One would want to say uncontrollably, Pikachu!

"Pikachu~!" Clay was unable to hold it in and really uttered the magic words. His tension was released by at least half and the pressure below his guts eased a bit. He was able to calm down and properly conduct himself like a gentleman whose mind was pure. Yes, pure of filthy thoughts.

The princess stopped what she was doing because she noticed the maid and Clay coming inside without knocking. It was typical of the maid, but she was exasperated that she really dares to show such contempt for her even in the presence of guests. Isn't she afraid of what may become of her if I reported this to the head-maid? Thought the Princess. Clearly offended. However, she had to conduct herself in a manner worthy of a princess in greeting the guest that was brought to her. She bowed slightly after offering her greetings to Clay.

This action of hers disabled Clay's tranquil heart and what was threatening to burst earlier was now upright and unhinged by the laws of this world. He stood proudly and without restraint. He returned the greeting of the princess with a wave of his hands as his scheme is still on going. He still has not forgotten his scheme of course. He may be horny, but Clay is a man of principle. Thus, while the princess was still bowing slightly, Clay, with utter respect and protectiveness towards the princesses' modesty, carefully and without malice, looked at her cleavage with his Kryptonian gene. Zooming in, enough to see a clear picture. He opts out of using his x-ray vision to totally peek on her because that is reserved for when it's he himself who really strips those covers off her.

While that is in progress, another part of Clay thinks seriously and asks, "This, is the 'dumb' princess?"


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