The Real Monster
7 Schemes VS Schemes
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The Real Monster
Author :vOnKreigerXXV
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7 Schemes VS Schemes

After a few seconds of shock, they started to look around and found Clay standing in the corner, observing them.

"Cease your action men! This must be the summoned one. Are you able to understand me?"


[Language Acquisition – Level Up]
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[Language Acquisition – Advanced acquired]

They were doubly alarmed at this spectacle, but typical of the scheming types, the person who commanded Clay to be apprehended earlier stepped forward and slowly spread his hands away from his chest and away from the weapon he had on his waist as well. It was a sign of peace, a harmless person wishing to establish communication. This man was wearing a type of robe with a staff right behind him hanging on his back. He also wore a sword on his waist. His footwear could not be seen. His hair was gray and his eyes almost white with cataract, however, as if to fool anyone into underestimating this old man, his eyes looked to be as lively as an eagle's. He had the look of a hunter. His eyebrows were thick but gray as well. He slowly inched closer to Clay and he then spoke to Clay.

Clay played dumb even when he had Language Acquisition to the advanced level already. This was a schemer facing a schemer. Who scams who? Would be the real winner.

[Oh, you cannot understand us. That's good. We'll have the princess impart to you the language later, but for now, stay puzzled you slave.] Although the geezer was a schemer, his arrogance was in the way of his brilliant mind and still looked down on the "Hero" that they called up and summoned. He said this all the while motioning as if he was wanting Clay to calm down. With his lips moving and his gestures, any other summoned would believe that he was speaking some comforting words. That just shows how a schemer this old man was.

And to answer him, Clay also played his own scheme. Seeing as he was titling his head to the side indicating that he did not understand, the old man got bolder and cursed at him.

"Well then, slave, follow that servant there and take a rest. The dumb little princess shall be the one to enslave you, hehehe" He pointed towards the maid that was by the entrance to the room they were in. The maid did not come inside earlier so he had not noticed even with <Observe> practically always turned on. Unlike his x-ray vision, it wasn't turned off at all. <Observe> became a sustained skill in the hands of Clay. Acting as if he understood that he should follow the maid, Clay made his way towards her and smiled to her when he arrived in front of her. His smile was met with a look of contempt. Clay was puzzled because of this. He was not puzzled at the contempt of the maid, but the unbridled show of emotion towards someone that should be called "hero" and be admired. Instead he got contempt. "It's amazing" Clay thought.

As he was led by the maid towards a direction, Clay thought about how unfortunate it was for the princess they called 'dumb.' This maid was taking him to her and in the process of doing so, she was leading him in circles. Clay thought of reasons as to do this in his spare time.

"A, they don't want me to remember where I came from where the magic circle for the summoning was. B, they want me to be confused and my tension to increase. C. She's taking me to an ambush." Those are the thoughts that ran around in Clay's head as he was led by the maid. He wanted to speak to her, but his speaking to her in their language would result in the jig being up. His scheme would be halted right at that moment. He wanted what they would really do after taking him to the princess. And how the princess would enslave him.

Clay was getting tired of being led around in circles by the maid and so he opted to stand his ground and not move anymore. Besides, he has already seen the figure of presumably the princess earlier while using his x-ray. He knew the way towards her already. However, being unable to speak their language was something that he wanted to keep as an image. He understood that the longer they keep him guessing as to what they were talking about the easier it was to deceive him, but they did not know that Clay had Kryptonian genes and Hyper-Regeneration which helped him get his bearing back in order as soon as the summoning succeeded.

Clay stood his ground and spoke in his original language,

"Hey, hey! If you got orders I understand, so just stay with me until they come for me okay? I'm tired of walking in circles."

Seeing as he stood his ground, the maid went a bit pale. She was cursing at Clay; she also couldn't understand what Clay said.

"You fucking "hero" come here! We must go a couple more rounds before I can show you to the princess. She doesn't expect you to be up and about already. Fuck! Come one!" Was on the maid's mouth. While she was gently gesturing to him to follow her. They moved like veterans in deceiving others. It looks to be that they have done this more than once already.

It seems that when a hero was summoned, the old geezer would subdue them and enslave them then let the 'dumb' princess check on them. That is what's supposed to happen, but Clay got in the way of that seemingly tradition.

"Let's stay on this spot and wait and see." Clay said to the maid in his original language.


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