The Real Monster
6 Arrival of the Hero
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The Real Monster
Author :vOnKreigerXXV
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6 Arrival of the Hero

"YES! MAGIC!" exclaimed Clay as he genuinely was excited at the prospect of being able to use magic. However, inside Clay's mind he was berating this god calling himself Safir. "Although this god is pissing me off with his speech and this game that they're playing, with us as pieces, magic is romance! I'll let it slide this time."

[…odd.] Safir suddenly spoke afterClay's exclamation of joy and excitement.

"Hmm? What's the matter god?" Clay defensively asked. He was getting wary as Safir was showing a confused expression on his face.

[It's odd that I cannot read your mind.] Stated Safir as if it's a given that he should be able to read the mind of anyone. In response, Clay's honesty reared its head and quipped, "Read my mind? Isn't that a bit rude, even for a god?" To which Safir simply said,

[Rude? I AM A GOD; nothing is rude or too much for me. Anyway, it does not matter whether I am capable or not of reading your thoughts. A mere human champion will not have power to defy me.] It may have been supposed to be a whisper, but his thoughts were leaking out and then he laughed it off like an evil person.
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[No matter, I need to instruct you how to access your status. Only you can see it, so it's not something to worry about. Even gods cannot see it. Look for yourself.] Instructed Safir to Clay.

The status screen showed Clay numbers that quantified his stats and lists his abilities that Safir has granted. In Clay's thought though was, "Overall, it's just a bunch of numbers and it couldn't even show me the abilities that Imhoteph has granted. Sigh. Although that <Observe> ability is very good to have as well, I should be able to make use of that ability well." And seeing as Clay was already looking at his Status, Safir spoke again.

[Have you seen your abilities now? You should be grateful for it. Lastly, I will make your body able to adapt to any class or job that you may have in the otherworld. Meaning, you will learn skills faster that way. For example, to advance swordsmanship, you will have to have 100 mastery points to make it level up, however, with this last blessing, you will only have to get 10 points before it levels up. Isn't it awesome?] Safir seemed to be relishing the thought that his blessing would make Clay ecstatic. Because to his experience, humans were greedy and lazy beings. That's why it was up to him to guide them to prosperity and abundance. That was his arrogance as god. However, Clay, as his scheme answered,

"Wow! It's awesome. You are a very generous god Safir." Bootlicking one-oh-one. It was Clay's way of making Safir lower his guard against Clay. It was working like a charm, so it seems. As Safir's face seemed to become even more smug with every praise that he gets.

[Of course. Now that all of that has been arranged, I will now send you to your original destination. Good luck; my champion!] Safir wished him luck and in turn Clay was,

"Thank you!" With as much gusto as he could muster with fake excitement along with it. In his mind though was, "I still have to thank the god. As pompous as he sounds."

With that, Safir transported Clay to his destination in the world of Alleucanth. Light enveloping his body and feeling as if his body was being washed from imperfection, he disappeared from the room. The next moment he opened his eyes only to see that he was already kneeling. As if that was the proper position to take when being summoned. Steam was rising from the magic circle that enclosed him. Clay used <Observe> to probe his surroundings. Immediately, a game-like chime came to his head and information was directly shown to him in his mind.


[Observe – Level Up]

[Observe – Advanced Acquired]

Ignoring the prompts in his brain, he continued to observe the surroundings. With the <Observe> skill advancing a level, a simple scan of the room gave him the exact information of how many people there were inside, their information, stats, and even state of mind. X-ray vision was basic with Superman's genes, so steam was not a hindrance. A closer look at their status, Clay's <Observe> Skill yet again gained another advance in level. Allowing him to see further information about the target of observation.

While he was scanning each person surrounding him. He heard a person shout in a language he could not understand and immediately, the same chime sounded in his head as he gained another skill.

"Go and incapacitate him at once! We need to make sure we are at an advantage when speaking to him later!"


[Language Acquisition – Basic acquired]

With the skill, he was able to understand the language that this place used. As that same person finished his command, the soldiers – yes, the people inside the room were soldiers – started to move in formation after unsheathing their swords from their waists.

"Damn, it really is just as Imhoteph predicted." He contemplated and was a bit saddened by this turn of events.

Before the steam fully cleared up, Clay moved at the fastest speed he could muster, and he was surprised with what he experienced. His body moved at command and he felt like he was in total control of it. With no hindrances or whatever. He also noticed that the soldiers who started to move towards him in formation seemed to have become statues. This phenomenon is often described in novels when people of incredible speed move, everything freezes. Looking at his stats for a bit he saw,

Name: Clay

Class: Hero «Transcendent»

Sub-Class: None «Alchemy Master»

Title: Hero «Alchemy Master»


[STR - 99 «Unique»] | [INT - 99 «Unique»] |

[MGC - 99 «Unique»] | [DEX - 99 «Unique»]


«Alchemy Master»| «Hyper-Regeneration»| «Kryptonian Gene»

[Observe – Advanced] | [Language Acquisition - Basic] | [Human Language - Basic]


«Guided by the Guide to Souls»| [Safir's Champion]

Status: Normal «Optimal»

"Oh, now I can see my Imhoteph enhanced stats as well? It's descriptive though, not quantitative. With this I can compare properly." Clay had this thought as he peeked at his stats while in the state of freezing the rest of the world.

Clay moved away from the magic circle and stayed at one corner of the room. Totally silent. Observing how the people inside would react. In this frozen state, Clay could simply walk to his destination without a care in the world. And when he arrived at the corner, he unfroze the place by willing to stop moving at full capacity. And everything followed his initial prediction.

His movement speed blew away the steam that was obviously going to clear up already. When the soldiers saw this, they were alarmed. How could it be that there's no one in the circle? As they understood, whenever a person was summoned, he or she should still be in a state where his body is adjusting to the new environment and would be weak. They would not be able to resist arrest and they will turn into slaves properly. However, they did not know that Clay had Hyper-Regeneration from Deadpool. It was unfortunate that this time, their intentions were previously prepared for in advance.


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