The Real Monster
5 The Unfamiliar Ceiling, Not!
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The Real Monster
Author :vOnKreigerXXV
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5 The Unfamiliar Ceiling, Not!


With a start, Clay woke up from the pain that slowly let up. He doesn't remember how many times he'd wake up just to faint again continuously. Time was a mere concept in this place where Imhoteph has taken Clay to. Quite a few million years have already passed in reality, however, to Clay it would only look as if he fainted for a few hours since the start since he did faint and stayed in a coma for more than thousands of years before waking up again just to faint from the extreme pain that he is subjected after waking up, in fact he is woken up by the pain and lose consciousness from the same pain. It was torture of unreasonable proportion.

Power is something that cannot be attained without sacrifice. Even more so when it's freely given. This is something that Clay has yet to learn and will surely learn in the future. As he was now, clearly deceived by the illusion of time not passing, affected by the fact that there is no light in this place but only darkness, he kept on holding on. Until the pain had ended. That time was now.

"You're there right, Imhoteph?" Clay asked. Knowing full well that Imhoteph was right where he was from the start. Not moving. And oddly, he could feel his presence but cannot pinpoint where he was standing exactly.

[Yes. Congratulations on overcoming that stage of your evolution. Now, I have done my part. I will let you go and proceed to your next destination. If nothing else; you'd directly be transported to your otherworld. Might I remind you that your abilities are not to be underestimated, so use them with caution and prudence. Also, never mention me or my name in any way to anyone. That is all. It was nice meeting you...] Answered Imhoteph, clearly also jubilant that Clay had emerged triumphant over the pain. He warned Clay as well while congratulating him and paused his words before waving his hand and releasing Clay's binding.

After that, Imhoteph sent Clay to his original destination and continued his words just as Clay's figure slowly vanished from this realm…

[…Lord Clay.]

With a feeling like he was falling, Clay forcefully opened his eyes only to find that he was in a room where, in contrast to the room he came from, only light existed. A room with nothing inside it except himself. There was nothing in his immediate surroundings and the room seemed to extend from one point into infinity. It was a bizarre feeling to see and imagine the previous room being like this as well.

However, remembering the previous room, Clay became apprehensive. He thought, "Dammit! Don't tell me I'll have to go through that again? That pain! No way!?" With that thought blooming in his mind, he looked around intently as if to guard himself from whoever, or whatever appears before him again.

"Or maybe I died from all the pain I experienced earlier?" Seeing as no one appeared even after looking around and waiting for a bit more than 5 minutes by his estimate, he spoke carelessly.

[Silly, you're not dead. I just intercepted the summoning to grant you your ability, your cheat, so to say. You see, usually, when they summon a hero, he would have power that would be way above the average of that world. So, I will grant you my divine blessing. Of course, you don't know who I am, so let me first introduce myself. I am who they'd call the god of humanity.]

And so, the dialogue between god and Clay started.

[In the otherworld, there would be 5 different other gods. Namely the god of beastmen; god of elves; god of demons; god of dwarves; and god of dragons, while I am as I have introduced, the god of humanity.]

[Together we are the Six Pillars of Faith for Alleucanth. The world where you will be coming to.]

However, as the tune of the god speaking sounded just like how Imhoteph gave an introduction, Clay had to speak.

"Wait, wait. So, to summarize what we'll be discussing, you the god of humanity need someone to be your champion because you are on the losing side of your little game with the other gods is that the gist of it?"
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Clay's vast knowledge of plots and scenarios helped him come up with a suitable setting as if a story in a light novel just from the information that the god of humanity mentioned to him. Because of this, a sharp glint appeared on the eyes of this god of humanity. And as Clay wondered why the god of humanity did not mention his name, he had to ask.

"May I ask, what the name of your eminence, is?" With a tone as if sucking up to the person in front of him, Clay asked. Clay was already scheming in his head as a precaution since he did not want to experience the same pain that he experienced from Imhoteph's Ability Granting Ceremony. The name of the ceremony all to Clay's credit. With that question as impetus, the god of humanity started his monologue.

[You are a sharp human being. I think I really lucked up and fetched the best candidate huh?

I am called Safir. And I would advise you not to utter my name carelessly in the otherworld, because my name has enough power to cause a small-scale mana burst. Just cautioning you.

Anyway, as sharp as you are, you're wrong on one account. I did not summon you because I am on the losing side. In fact it were all going according to plan and the game was going in my direction, however, the other gods claimed that I cheated and gave the humans too much of an advantage and demanded that to be fair, they want to summon heroes for their own advantage. So, I called it unfair instead and I also summoned a hero for myself, which has now become you.

So basically, you will go there and be the champion of I, Safir and make me win this game of war.

For that, you will need abilities aside from your sharp perception. I need your body to be accustomed to the otherworld just as the others would have their own heroes. I will grant your body the ability to <Observe> anything that you set your eyes on. Meaning, nothing will escape your eyes. If you want to know information about anything or anyone, you will just have to look at them.

Furthermore, I will grant you an ability that most summoned people are so enthusiastic about! MAGIC! I will make you able to do any kind of magic and your status will also be above the average! Rejoice my champion!]


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